The Confidence Lie That Stops You From Making Progress

akashic records intuition magic manifesting | Posted Aug 26, 2020

Are you feeling behind in your spiritual journey? Like everyone else is so much further along than you? Like you are lacking the confidence to make headway in your psychic and intuitive development?

You're not alone. I hear it every day.

When we don't feel confident in our abilities, when we feel like we are not the best at something, we tend to quit. This is a human complex that happens in so many different instances within our life. We do this in relationships, jobs, school, crafting and hobbies, everywhere.

When we start feeling that piece of “I'm not good enough and I don't think I'm getting it,” Well, of course not! You just started or didn't have the codes yet!

When you are having those thoughts of “I feel like I don’t belong here,” or “I feel like I can’t keep up,” or I’m so far behind”... You're not. That's your Akashics showing.

What you are doing is you’re playing a comparison game. And you can’t...

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Abundance in 5D: Everything is Changing

2020 5d manifesting | Posted May 04, 2020

Globally, we are seeing one of the fastest human accelerations since Atlantis. 

2020 isn't the first time we've had access to the whole frequency of the fifth dimension as a collective. Full of possibilities, we find ourselves entranced with the multiple directions we could go with the newfound expansion of the fifth dimension, the beliefs we could align with, and the speed of the connections we begin to create. 

We will be finding ourselves creating and manifesting beyond our wildest imaginations; in whatever direction our attention and intention are focused. 

In plain English: the saying that the energy flows where your attention goes is about to go into super drive. And, you're going to need to know how to choose and design your reality consciously. That's what's coming. 

Something has changed, though. I mean, look at all of the success cases before this time on the planet where people have worked with the law of attraction, affirmations, or other...

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