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Finding Your Way Out of the Fog

akashic records ascension awakening health & body manifesting mission purpose resonance fields soul recall starseed Apr 09, 2021

This spring is stirring up some very uncomfortable feelings for a lot of us. 

It’s like the things that were giving us those purposeful highs, the pieces that were giving people the ability to feel like they were part of a movement or something bigger, it's like all of those realities are crumbling right now and leaving us really raw and feeling isolated.

Have you noticed this in others? Are you experiencing this too?

There’s a spiritual disconnection taking place.

Some of us are walking around very human right now. It’s like our intuition is turned off and we’re just going through the motions. We're going to work, running errands, dealing with spouses and kids but there's not really any intuitive information coming in.

At the same time, there's a level of apathy to what's going on in the world. As a society we're  disconnected from everything and it might also have something to do with this virus that has been going on for about a year and people are just kind of getting tired of it.

Maybe you feel really alone and like you don’t have the support you need to move forward. Feeling isolated and depressed or just melancholy are all common right now. it's almost that victim energy of, this is happening to me and I don't have what it takes to deal with it.

My Integrator, Violet, has been hit especially hard with this lately, and in the last 2 weeks especially, the pressure container has been ramping up.

Normally on a friend level I really check in with what do they need right now? Do they need me to go into “Coach Caitlin” mode? Do they need me to just be their friend? Do they need a steel toe boot in the ass? What does this person require?

It was super interesting in Vi’s situation, and I don't know if this is relatable for you, but when I got down to the core root of what was going on with her, it was her human reality that wasn't being taken care of, not her spiritual. And because that had kind of been taken out at the knees—everything from her eating schedule to her sleep schedule to spending quality time with her spouse—she was overriding and false targeting onto her spiritual and connected levels.

If you ask her she will tell you she’s had a really hard time bringing any intuitive hits and awareness through during this process.

What we don’t always realize is, when our human level isn't taken care of we can't easily access those bigger wider information frequencies and realms.

It becomes really challenging. Either nothing comes through at all, or you have to work really hard for it, which tells us that something’s off.

So many times people ask me, there's got to be something else to clean up here, some spiritual reason why this is happening to me, something else I can clear. What am I missing here? What am I not seeing?

And so often I have to be like, how are you sleeping? How are you being held? How are you looking after your body? How are you moving? And when they can't fill in all those gaps confidently and with ease I'm like, okay, we can't do anything else until we look after your human first because this Avatar, this body, I can't get to those other dimensional lenses of information with you—for you, yes but with you, no—until we look after this Temple right here.

The Awakening process leaves no part of the human behind.

Not the physical body. Not the emotional body. Not your mental processing ego thinking body. Not the spiritual body. It all has to go together.

And if it all isn't working together, something falls apart. And the part that usually goes first is our mental body, because we start attaching meaning and stories and false realities and false targeting to the experience we're having because we can't necessarily sort through all of the different aspects going on around us that we’re spinning in.

And then we start tracking from this foggy place and into things that aren't even the reality. It's like an emotional-mental tornado. You’re looking for the root cause, but in the process you’re just blaming and justifying your current experience, and it's not actually getting to the root. It’s not fixing the problem.

And so Violet told me the other day that she feels like she doesn’t have anybody to talk to about this with right now.

When she said “I feel like I have nobody,” what I heard her say was there's nobody physically around me outside of this little work family that sees me, knows me, loves me, can hold me, and is able to hold space like a boss while I unravel this without adding their s*** to my pile. That's what I heard her say in that moment.

She confirmed this in our chat and then went on to share that if she brought what she’s been dealing with to the few of us that work with her that she can talk to, it would be too much and it would be overwhelming and it would be unfair to us for her to expect that kind of support, so she had created the situation where it felt like she had no options other than to just internally process, and that wasn't getting her anywhere.

So let's talk about the internal processing.

That's what creates the mental and emotional fog in the first place! Where we are trying to fill in all of these gaps, and we’re trying to make sense of the thoughts we’re thinking, and the emotions we’re feeling, but then the emotions override the thoughts and start to layer on a whole new level of different emotions, and then the different layer of emotions build on another false reality of thoughts...

Can you guys see the problem here?

A lot of us are not in situations where our partners can handle this or even our best friends or anybody else in our families, and so we start to go, where can I turn?

Because a lot of times we feel like we can't go to the Healer or the Counsellor until we figure out the source on our own.

But I will tell you, the majority of the sessions I do are life coaching. And anybody who comes to a session with me, they get annoyed with me a lot because they want to know what kind of Starseed they are or how to start channeling, and I'm like “Soooooo, are you sleeping?”

Because anything you're trying to access outside of what's not already working here in this body is irrelevant.

And I know that. It’s just going to frustrate you further when you feel like you're trying to reach for something that you can't grasp on your own, and I think it's an absolute disservice that healers do to people by going beyond what that person can hold or even just do a slight stretch to read themselves. It drives them into a further depression of not being able to do it on their own.

We always have to think relatable, achievable and relevant to what they're going through in order to get them from here to there.

When you're in that state there are a couple of really important things that you want to be doing:

  1. Check in and go okay, clearly my story and my emotions have changed so many times at this point this is all a false reality now. That's the first thing we have to do, when we’ve been stewing and spinning in our thoughts and emotions, is look at it like it's all a bunch of bulls**t and tear it down and start again.
  2. And then go for a walk, have a bath, listen to a meditation, eat some chocolate, move your body…. whatever it is. Do something to change the energy. And then go back to it, because if you keep chasing you’re going to build further and further false realities and really cement yourself into that fog.

This is the skill I wish everybody would install right now.

The instant you catch yourself say the words I feel depressed, I feel anxious, I'm spiraling, I'm tired, I'm cranky, I’m overwhelmed, I'm alone, I’m disconnected... 

By the time you say those words you've already had so many thoughts and feelings go through your mind that you've already messed up the point of origin.

Now you don’t need to have a pity party because you did this to yourself and didn’t see the point of origin. Stop right now and run some clearing statements, do some emotional release!

It’s completely normal not to be able to see your way out of the fog you’re in.

This is where you call in a helper. You ask for a pod, you ask for a perspective change, you book a session with a healer, you reach out to a friend who can hold space like a boss.

Because we don’t see our own stuff clearly. We don't. We have so many subtle bodies trying to work together that we often end up fighting self.

So if you’ve been feeling like you’re in a pressure cooker, stuck in a fog, depressed and isolated or just apathetic and disconnected, you’re not the only one. What this April is bringing up for us is the invitation to recognize all the areas our human level foundations are not stable. And to clean those up.

The 4 main areas I want you to look at whenever you feel overwhelmed or out of balance are your sleep, food, water, and movement. Make sure those are taken care of. Make sure you are taking care of your body, so your body can support you in your mission going forward.

xo, C