Welcome Starseeds & Multidimensional Friends!

Welcome Starseeds & Multidimensional Friends!

I'm Caitlin, the founder and visionary behind Healers Rising. My mission is to create a space for you to be able to find out who you are, fall in love with your magic, gifts and talents, and to bring your light out into the world!

Whether you are brand new to the awakening process or you already know who you are as a StarSeed, I'm here to meet you where you are at!

Welcome Starseeds & Multidimensional Friends!

"Humans have spent thousands of years learning to adapt to their environment. Now it's time to evolve." 

- Caitlin Dianna

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The Gateways To Your Magic, Beyond Boundaries

Our courses and products focus on taking you not just to the the next level in your journey, but all the way through the 12 Dimensions of humanity's energetic evolution. Whether it's healing your own mind/body/spirit and learning how to help others do the same, leading gatherings and building your clientele, or providing community for the question askers and truth seekers on this big beautiful planet, we have something for everyone.

Heal, Expand, Grow

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Healers Rising Academy


Have you been searching for a place to deepen your connections to self, and meet more of the StarSeeds & Multi-dimensionals awakening at this time?

In our Collective, we explore all types of healing modalities, introduce and bridge connections to new-to-you Guides & Galactic friends, have a safe space to explore our expansion, and stay in tune with the energy shifts of the planet!

Whether you are brand new, or an experienced healer, you are welcome here.

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"Everything in your body is hidden in plain sight if you're willing to look at it." 

- Caitlin Dianna

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