Hi, I'm Caitlin.

I help people find the answers they need to restore their bodies, relationships, bank accounts and businesses by looking in the most unexpected places. 


Registration is now open for the Wayshowers Journey

Welcome to our fall session of exploring the world of intuition, magic, healing and manifesting beyond our wildest imaginations! Check out the levels below and grab your spot before they fill - they always do!

Wayshowers 1

Ignite your curiosity and amp up your intuition by playing with the tools of the trade!

Wayshowers 2

Learn to heal yourself and others with simple, straight forward and no-fluff D-code method.

Wayshowers 3

Expand your capacities into the Galactic levels, advanced healing techniques and get ready for certification.

"I love Caitlin's energy and classes! My motive when I signed up for her classes was to learn how I could help my children. I grew more than I ever thought I could. She taught me the tools I needed to tap into what I already had. She is very talented in what she does, she has great energy, her classes are even more than I even imagined and the amount of knowledge I have gained from Caitlin, and still am learning, is priceless. I would, and have, recommend her to anyone. "

Barb White

"Caitlin has such a unique teaching style. She invites you to learn alongside her. She walks the walk and clears her own sh*t along the way with the rest of us. I have taken mini classes, mentorships and gone on retreats that she has hosted and I always walk away with more tools in my toolbox and a better version of ME! Thank you Caitlin for being YOU!"

Samantha Frisk
RMT & Reiki Master

"I so enjoyed Caitlin. It can be intimidating to talk to intuitives and psychics, but her mannerisms and verbiage made the experience awesome. Better still the insights I gained through her recommendations put me on a path of breaking through some very old patterns- which caused manifestations of epoch proportions! So happy to have done that work, and look forward to more!"

Kelly Hoten
Be Well Services

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