We coach the next generation of Energy Healers into their full potential so that they can build their soul-led business and help the beautiful people on this planet, heal. 

Over the past decade, Caitlin has dedicated her life to merging the worlds of Naturopathic Health and Quantum Energy Healing to finally bring a healing system out to the world that truly encompasses the whole human. The world is hungry for change, for grounding the truth in science and the innate intelligence of our intuitive senses. Caitlin has a reputation for "fixing the unfixable", solving complex health cases from cancers to mental health disorders, and everything in between. She's made it her life mission to share what she knows with as many practitioners as she can, so more people can heal, and the world can stop suffering at the hands of a fragmented "healthcare" system.

She has brought back apprenticeship into the healing arts to give her students a solid foundation to confidently spread their wings and build their soul-led energy healing practice. 



There are 5 Core Wounds  That are Responsible for Every Issue in Humanity...

These wounds manifest in many different ways. Once you see them, you can heal them. 

During my 15-year journey, I started noticing some similarities between stories and wounding across the people I was serving. 

I ended up having a download that showed me there were FIVE major wounds that humanity grapples with - wounds that must be healed to pave the way to full freedom and autonomy. 

Now, it's my time to share them with you! Are you ready!? 

Follow the link below to discover your core wound and grab the 5 Core Wounds eBook!

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Starseeds Guide to the Galaxy eBook!

There are 42 Key Codes all Staseeds NEED to download.... 

In this guide I go DEEP into the inner workings of the Universe to bring forward the key data streams that have been distorted or forgotten back into the hands of every searching Starseed, Including: 

🔓 There isn’t ONLY one Source point…

🔓 Love is NOT the highest frequency…

🔓 The point IS NOT to ascend…

🔓 The TRUTH about Plant Medicine…

🔓…and 38 more Starseed truths!

If you're not yet thriving or feeling like you're living in that 5D State of Mind, you may be missing one or more of these activations. Grab the Starseed's Guide to Unlock the datasets you brought with you to Earth so you can remember who you are and step into your Mission.

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What people are saying about the "Starseed's Guide to the Galaxy" eBook

I can't believe this info is FREE!

"Omg, this is free!!! I was astounded by the amount of information provided and its depth.

I thought I need to print this to take time to read all the information in depth and keep referring to going forward.

Finally the answers I’ve been seeking and ‘uh huh’ I felt like I was nodding in agreeance as I read the information.

‘Finally someone understands me,’ was the energy and feeling I received."

This E-Book is for the people who feel lost in the world.

"People looking for more info on starseeds and meta stuff. People who have always felt like the outcasts or oddballs, "empaths" and those with a bent toward wanting to work as "healers". Everyone questioning reality in todays world!!

It made me feel good, comfortable, like maybe there is a place of "belonging" for me out there somewhere.

I would love to share this book with others."

I wish I had this guide at the start of my journey!

"WOW! This book made me feel empowered, motivated and inspired!

Having all this key information condensed into one easy to follow guideline was AMAZING! I think the entire world needs to read this eBook, especially empaths, people who are still playing small, and anyone on their healing journey.

I absolutely loved this book, thank you so much for sharing this with the world."


Healer, Clear the Way.

An 8-Week course to help you uncover the keys you've been looking for to unlock the movement and momentum you've been desiring in your life. 

What you'll be unlocking: 

🔓 The 4D Grid, what it is, and how to say GOODBYE to the competition for energy

🔓 Akashic Records: how to open them, what are they, how we read them, why we need to access them, and how to clear them

🔓 Access the details of what is a cord, what is holding your cords, contracts and agreements in place, so we can move forward into freedom and sovereignty

🔓 How to weave all that you've learned together so you can run an effective session for yourself to clear the Akashics, cords, contracts, and emotions all at the same time!

🔓 plus, SO MUCH MORE! 

This course allows you to step back into the magic you once knew by learning how to access, work with, and clear your Akashic Records. By the end, you will know how to easily remove cords, contracts, and energetic bindings that have been keeping you stuck - likely for multiple lifetimes. 

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What people are saying...

I learned more in 4 months working with Caitlin than I did in 6 years with other healers!

Caitlin is an amazing soul, with such conviction and radiant confidence! When she teaches she lights up and I can feel my energy shifting and growing! I have been studying different kinds of energy work for about 6 years, in the first 4 months I’ve spent working with Caitlin I have come further in my intuition than I did in the 6 years working with other healers!

Caitlin walks beside you, not ahead.

Caitlin has such a unique teaching style. She invites you to learn alongside her.

I have taken mini classes, mentorships and gone on retreats that she has hosted, and I always walk away with more tools in my toolbox and a better version of ME! Thank you Caitlin for being YOU!

She just knew things about me and my path.

Caitlin was spot on with regard to what she told me I needed to do for next steps in business and in life, all without knowing me.
She is so relatable, down to earth, and GREAT at what she does and says to move you in the right direction.

I have learned so much from her in the short span of time that I have been in contact with her. Speak to hershe will amaze you too.

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