How To Read Tarot & Oracle Cards

oracle cards tarot cards Aug 10, 2019

All of the basics you need to know to confidently rock your journey of beginning to read Tarot & Oracle Cards!

Continue the ride in the Wayshowers Journey Levels 1 & 2.

xo C.

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Curiosity & The Unlocking of the Kingdom

intuition wayshower Aug 09, 2019

After teaching for five years in the realm of metaphysics and intuition, there is only one mindset that one needs to possess: one of curiosity.

I come across a lot of people who have been sold to poorly in the realm of self-improvement. They've been promised transformations if they take this pill, course, healing session or whatever it is the salesperson is peddling. The problem is no one can change you, except for you. Totally cliche, I know.

So what does this have to do with curiosity?

How many times have you stopped yourself from learning as an adult because it wasn't going to make you more money, add to your career toolbox or be the EXACT fix you might require?

In my live video in Magic Beyond Boundaries, I shared how the ideas I held the most desire to play with, ended up being my most significant catalysts for healing! An example was wanting to learn how the psychic-medium I saw was able to read me like a book. So I took a beginner's course in learning how to develop your...

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The Disempowerment Plague of Spirituality

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019

The answer is inside you. You've known it all along!
Has someone ever said these two extra obnoxious things to you?

Or how about:
- just meditate on it
- go into nature you'll receive your answers
- ask your Guides, they know what's best
- have you prayed about it?
- trust your instincts


If you are like the majority of the people I know, you've been at the ass-end of the disempowerment plague that haunts the journey into activating your intuition. Well-meaning or not, these statements are of no help to someone who is already feeling lost, disconnected, and has no idea which way to turn.

Likely, this person is also in the same category of not hearing or being able to connect to their Spirit Guides (yet). In that same breath, meditation is likely a struggle, and a busy brain doesn't afford much stillness or insight to drop in.

So what are we doing when we say to people, "I can't tell you (that), only you know the answer." Or, "We shouldn't be looking for guidance outside of our...

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Her Judgements Are Her Story

Uncategorized Jun 28, 2019

I think we have all been a part of someone else's unraveling. That time when they are going through rock-bottom, can't see the light and everything around looks dark kind of moments. When blame lays outside the self, only others have done wrong and cannot see their own contribution to the situation at hand. We remain patient, if not a little apprehensive in the waiting game to see what the next layer of actions and words will be.

What happens though, when the pained words and actions are directed back at you? When their judgments are laced with words and projections that cut like a knife? How long can you stand vigil then? When the words are said with malice and studded with jabs intended to create an emotional reaction or investment in their story. Then what?

Do you stand by and wait for the storm to pass? Are you compromising what you would typically tolerate because of this person's relationship with you? Are you allowing your sacred body to be used as a punching bag?

For a...

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The Dark Night of the Soul

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2019

Often unrecognized and misdiagnosed, the Dark Night of the Soul is one of the massive awakenings that a Being walks through to begin to coming back to their full multi-dimensional, self.

Meaningless. Empty. Without purpose or passion. These are the lies we begin to believe if we do not recognize the beautiful gift of the darkness.

Often labeled as Depression, sufferers can become very lost in this transitional period of their lives. If we look around within our family or friend circles, we are almost guaranteed to find a person or two who are in their dark night, with no end in sight.

I have gone through short-lived windows where I thought I might be in my darkest hour, but none were as impactful or transformative as the one that asked me to lay down all of the false stories I had made true about myself.

Spiraling down, peeling back and unwinding. It felt as though it would never end - that life would never have clarity or meaning. One foot in front of the other. Just focus. Just...

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Are you the Walk-in?

Recently, I was discussing the concept of Walk-in's in my Facebook community ( Magic Beyond Boundaries ) as so many of the people I'm coming across lately are coming into this Earth plane as Multi-dimensional or Star-seed Walk-ins. This can be an extremely confusing position to be in for such a Being, as the amount of conditioning, trauma and human systems we have been asked to plug into from the time we are born can absolutely lead us astray from our knowing of who we are.

These terms may seem like a foreign language, so before we go too far, let me explain what each of them means.

This is where we have more than one soul in a physical body. You could be the walk-in, or you could have one with you. There are a couple of different scenarios of HOW this can happen that I will outline in another piece down the road.

Having lived many lives exclusively (or almost exclusively) as a being from one particular collective such as: Plaiedian, Arcturian, Angelic etc,...

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