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When The Manifestation Doesn't Match the Vision You Had

magic manifesting Feb 18, 2022

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and probably done your fair share of playing with manifesting anything you can think of.

There are endless articles, videos, and ritual ideas across the interwebs offering up tips and tricks to attracting something tangible into your life simply through the desire for it to arrive and the belief that it already exists.

You know that being specific about what you want is important in effectively calling it in. Otherwise, how will you know when it arrives?

Being clear in what you are asking for, the things that you want and are in alignment with your path are important to consider, but like all things balance is key.

One of the traps we can sometimes get into with our manifesting magic is that we get so specific about what we want that what we actually need, or what will support us best, doesn't even have the space to show up. We pigeon-hole it and stop the flow.

In being so specific, we can be unintentionally limiting ourselves and our ability to manifest beyond our wildest dreams.

So, what if we got very clear on the general structure of what we were looking for, but didn’t get so caught up in the teeny tiny details of it? What could that create? And alternatively, what could we have missed out on that would have been exactly what our soul desired because when it showed up it looked a bit different than we initially expected?

What if our manifestations are actually arriving but we are failing to notice them because they're showing up in packages we haven’t considered?

When we step out of the box we have placed our manifestations in and become open to the idea that they can come in ways we didn’t consider but are more supportive we just may find they have been arriving all along!

But that’s just step one in the process.

The next step is a curious one to navigate. It’s dealing with the action required when you suddenly notice, ‘Holy crap! My manifestations finally arrived, and now I have to do something about it!’

So often we manifest the things we want and then we look for all the reasons and proof we can’t have it.

So frequently the arrival of those big leaps can put a pressure on us, and we feel the need to retreat instead of it feeling easy and expansive like we assumed it would. Exit strategies and death programming like ‘Am I good enough?’ ‘What if I fail and it doesn’t work out?’ ‘This seems too big too soon.’ can surface the moment the opportunity is presented. It can feel like we’re being asked to take a giant leap that we’re not sure if we can stick the landing for.

The reality of it can be an unexpected trigger, and often instead of diving deeper and exploring and clearing the layers no longer needed as they come up, we pull away and reject it.

We convince ourselves that this feeling of dishevelment or unease is based on the manifestation itself not being right for us and instead of tracking into that and asking questions, we push it aside and double-down on the overly narrow vision we had once more to be even more specific and create even less space for it to find us.

Self sabotage on a grander scale.

So, what do we do? Where do we go next when we receive what we asked for but it’s different than we expected, and our body is physically or emotionally resisting?

The first thing I do when this comes up for me is to nourish my physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Ground, take a bath, go for a walk, rearrange my furniture. Do the things that help me get back on my axis and relax.

Then when I have the capacity to hold space for myself, I get curious about the triggers and set to work collapsing them AND all the old ideas I had about what this was supposed to look like. Dig deep into that cocoon space and start generating the energy that this new vision requires and shift out all the things that don’t match its frequency.

By looking closely at the fears you have and the doubts that ride in, and one-by-one asking the questions needed so you can clear any resistance to what is asking to be brought to fruition, you'll quickly build a life that you never even imagined was possible.

And the last and most important part is taking the action step forward to truly lean into it and move with it. A dream and a wish can find you as if by magic, but it's what you do with it when it shows up that counts.

It’s the follow through that is key, because that’s what opens us up to what we’re actually wanting.

If you have something you have been wanting, asking for, or working towards, it’s time to open up to the possibility that it will find you, and it may not be exactly how you pictured it at first. In fact, it could be better than you even knew possible and was just waiting for you to create space for it to arrive.

And when it comes, notice the places you are resistant. The more you resist something that is right for you and in line with your own desires, goals and aspirations, the more uncomfortable it will get. Clear out those fears and collapse the areas of the vision that are not needed, and step into something you willed into fruition and can make real now.

Open the package when it arrives, try it on, embrace it, celebrate its arrival and enjoy all that is possible because you had the courage to ask for it and follow through.