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The Sacred Art of Reciprocity: Your Guide to Healing This Core Wound

core wounds healer manifesting Sep 26, 2023

Reciprocity is the dance of giving, receiving, and being in absolute flow.

It can be physical giving and receiving as acts of service for our loved ones, but it can also show up in the form of: compliments, opportunities, insights and information, and of course, money. It's about finding that perfect balance where you're receiving just as much as you put in, creating a harmonious flow in your life.

Unfortunately when our reciprocity flows are out of balance, it can impact every aspect of our lives, from our relationships to our self worth, as well as our career and financial well-being.



Let’s dive into the signs of a reciprocity core wound and how healing it can bring harmony and abundance into your life. 


Recognizing the Reciprocity Core Wound:

Ever felt like you're constantly doing everything that is expected of you, but the Universe isn't returning the favor? Here are some signs that you might have a reciprocity core wound:

  1. Over-giving, under-receiving and people pleasing in your relationships, often to the point of bitterness and resentment.
  2. Staying in jobs, marriages, or other situations WAY past their expiry date.
  3. Receiving constant judgment and criticism from others around your choices.
  4. Being the chaser in relationships: always initiating plans in your friend circle, repeating unrequited love scenarios, or being attracted to unavailable people.
  5. Workaholism, burnout, over-delivering and/or undercharging or being underpaid: has that promotion or raise been forever out of reach?
  6. Idea Hoarding: Constantly learning new things and having a million ideas without putting any of it to action, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.
  7. Struggling financially: being unable to bring in enough money consistently, chronic overspending, or both.


 Physical symptoms of a Reciprocity wound:    

The reciprocity wound isn't just an emotional battle; it can manifest physically too. Here are some common physical symptoms:

  1. Weight Struggles: Difficulty gaining or losing weight can be a sign of this unhealed wound.
  2. Mental Fog and Pain: Brain fog, inflammation, and joint pain can creep in when reciprocity is out of balance.
  3. Skin rashes, rosacea, or acne: These skin issues and flare ups are often a physical manifestation of this core wound.
  4.  Libido Challenges: Your sex drive might be either nonexistent or uncontrollable, depending on the state of your reciprocity wound.


Remember, reciprocity is a dance, an artform of flowing with what you bring in and what you put out.

The enemy of reciprocity is stagnation, so like Dory said in Finding Nemo: “Just keep swimming.”

The good news: When you've healed the Reciprocity wound, you will no longer feel bogged down or like things are a struggle! Your desires will flow to you at the exact right time and feel effortless, like you’re finally swimming along with the currents of the universe instead of fighting to get upstream. And most importantly you will feel sustainable in the world.

A word of caution to the wise: your personal relationships will likely change too. Be warned some relationships with people who are simply unable to give might fall away in order to make space for those who will. You will no longer allow yourself into situations where you're being taken advantage of, underappreciated, or left feeling bitter and resentful. 


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