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Twin Flames & Desire - a Channeled Perspective

andromedan blue avian channeling intuition manifesting mintakan orion mission orion pleiadian purpose Aug 08, 2021

Today we're sharing channeled messages from some awesome questions that were asked inside the Starseed Accelerator community!

We dove into some BIG topics that we get asked about all. The. Time.

Twin Flames and soulmates. What are they? Are they all the same or are there different types of these relationships?

And Desire. Is it soul expansion or ego? At what point does it stop being supportive and become harmful?

We loved bringing your questions to our channels this week! And the beings who came forward had very strong perspectives to share. As always, make sure you are using your discernment and being open to the full range of possibilities that their points of view can offer.

Watch the video of Caitlin and Violet talking out this channeling on our Youtube channel!

Question: Twin flames, soulmates... I have seen so much varying information literally everywhere, on numerous sites, over the years about these aspects and it’s been difficult to get an absolute definition for these.

Scylaric (Blue Avian): This debate has long been distracting your people. The confusion comes from a misunderstanding of the term, for some refer to the ones they are in a romantic relationship currently with as their soulmate or twin flame, when in reality, they are just walking a path together for a time.

And although you may feel ecstatic feelings of lust that are signaled by your body's production of hormones and perhaps you even have a soul contract with this other party to be together in this lifetime in a romantic-type relationship, that does not make it so that they are your "one and only". That is an oversimplification of the soul contracts and star families and connections that you have with other beings.

It's important to remember that many of you have been incarnating for centuries with these same beings as a variety of relationship dynamics, not just of romantic love. For in one life they may be a parent of yours or you of theirs, and in another an enemy that you despise, and then in this lifetime they are your lover. So it's a good idea to not assign a forever label to a person that you are simply acting out a role with in this experience.

The other side of the twin flame conversation is one of intense growth and spiritual conflict with another, again as a form of contract, to help you to awaken out of the fog of your human existence and finally break free of the prison that Earth can be when walking through your experience as if you have no choice and there is nothing more. For that is the lie that so many of your kind get trapped in, and often it can take a large-scale event to truly shake you and wake you up, and this kind of soul contract is often an effective one, if you can follow through with your side of the contract. Which is not to learn to be with them forever but to learn to stand on your own two feet and complete the contract and leave this toxic situation for once and for all.

You have many soul mates, you do not only have one. And many of you do not only have one partner meant for this lifetime. If that were true you would not be in a situation to date or meet others. Your friends are your soul mates, your teachers, your family, strangers who impact you so without you planning for it, and of course your lovers too. And don't forget the team members you have in various dimensions of reality at this time.

My advice to you humans is to stop distracting yourself with this storyline. It is not supporting your soul growth.

Saiella-Tu (Taygetan Pleiadian): We must first acknowledge that the application of the word twin flame has multiple tiers of meaning built into its grid within the earth languages and intonations. And for this reason, we will need to get specific about the point of origin of this experience.

And so, let us start here, with the experience of finding someone in your reality that feels so alike, knows you, gets you, and sees you that the platonic experience within you both begins to block out the rest of the world.

As above, so below. As within, so without. You are reflecting the shadows of yourself through the eyes of another. A better term for twin flame is mirror soul. They refract your love and compassion and yet they carry your deepest darkness not yet reconciled within the self.

They have the ability to trigger within you eruptions of pure joy and ecstasy, but to the same degree, pure rage and anguish. Why? You have programmed each other on a matrix level to refract back that which the other has not yet reconciled and must set themselves free from in order to collapse all that is binding one to the karmic loops of planet Earth.

You have left your darkness within them to be reconciled, to be healed, acknowledged and explored. And yet, most feel it is not their own darkness to deal with, but instead the darkness within the other that is the other’s responsibility. This is not how the mirror soul relationship works.

The mirror soul, once they have reflected the cataclysm of a dark night, or perhaps an emotional eruption, is programmed to stand down, to lose interest, to step back. They are programmed to leave you standing on your own, to face your shadows and set yourself free. The feelings the eruption caused are for you to follow deep into your soul to uncover the parts of you that you have buried or attempted to step away from. You may be so many lifetimes away from the original time of this trauma, but the work is just the same, as it is playing out in repeat every time you incarnate, even though your mind has forgotten the detail.

You must surge in to integrate, forgive, to release, and let go to collapse the contract of the mirror soul.

Caitlin: This makes sense to me, but why do the relationships start out so euphoric for most?

Saiella-Tu: If they didn’t they wouldn’t stay or even have the inkling that they may have work to do to fix things. They would run from the red flags and feel much too triggered. Rather, the mirror soul ignites a deep compassion, love and safety net at first, which is an invitation for you to create your own network of feeling this way, rather than seeking externally. And then, when you have that feeling of being held, it is time for the trigger and to begin the deep work.

Caitlin: Thank you for that explanation. So are there any instances of a twin flame or mirror soul scenario where the trigger never comes or they aren’t meant to split?

Saiella-Tu: Not in the original formatting of the plan, no. There are some souls who have become accustomed to what could be called “abuse” or confusion though, and rather than taking the invitation to step back and do the shadow work, they create a whole new set of information and Akashic level trauma of being in cycles of depression, to joy, to narcissism, to empathic energy draws, to the word I believe you say is gaslighting - and they call it the give and take of relationships.

Caitlin: And what about where people are using the word twin flame to describe their partner?

Saiella-Tu: Two fires coming together burn each other out. Rather, the partners or loves of your life that you choose to walk beside in this incarnation are your soul family, and closest allies to completing Mission Earth. They are not your mirror, and they are not programmed to fully combust or trigger a dark night within you. They may have self work to do, too. Do not mistake self work for what we discussed a moment ago. But the partner you choose, the love who gets you, is not you, or the mirror soul.


Question: I have a question about desire and the spiritual ego. I know that desire is productive but it can also be the source of suffering and unsatisfaction. I catch my spiritual ego all the time desiring to be "better" or to be doing more for others. It's almost comical how my spiritual ego believes something must be added to me to advance. It wants to be wiser, more knowledgeable, more peaceful, etc. What's the galactic perspective on desire other than a creative force? There seems to be such a fine line between it being creative vs harmful.

Vassir (Andromedan): Desire, in its truest form, is the echo of the soul from within the ethers calling you forward to your soul's mission and understanding of energetic growth, evolution and change.

You are not meant for stagnancy or to only make do with what you’ve got. The whole point of being human is the great playground of exchange that may happen in real time on your beloved planet. And in this way, it is denial of greater forces when one holds oneself back from growth, seeking, knowledge, putting into action and going on to exchange once more with the next being around them.

Desire in its purest form is not greedy, it is expressive and curious and it is most definitely a gateway or a portal if you will into the expansion possible for the soul’s advancement and growth. When one forgets to dream, to ask, to seek, to know, one often stifles the evolutionary pathway and the great exchanges we all have signed up for on Earth. There is a missed opportunity.

But with everything, as you have well become to know, there is a shadow or a dark draw to desire when it comes from a place of one-upping or competition, or having the edge. One must be aware of the motive to one's own desires. If it is bridled with envy or jealousy, or the need to prove, this is where we have crossed the line into the realms of shadow and stepped out of our alignment with soul.

Reeyho (Mintakan Orion): You are correct, there is great creative power in your desire. But believing it comes from a place of ego is your downfall. That is not the true source of it. You are not meant to simply stay still and not reach for more. The Universe is ever expanding and you along with it.

But I think you might be asking about the "desires" that come from lack. Those that we grab onto in order to fill a hole or yearning within us that is not interpreted by your human form correctly. Not that you are wrong to want whatever you do, for in everything there is value and ability to learn and grow and have experiences that do so, whether you perceive them to be positive or negative.

But that you are misinterpreting the signals your body gives by also assigning meaning to your cravings that is not necessarily true. For instance, one might feel they desire cake or sweets when the actual source of said desire is fun and adventure, or love and being held. But you have assigned a meaning of either fun or love to the sweets and so your body shows you them as a symbol of what you are craving. But in reality you desire connection, adventure, and expansion in your learnings.

Do not make it a wrongness to want. Desire is your compass. It shows you where you want to go and what you are meant to do here on planet Earth. In fact, it is not just a humanly experience. But you distort it so when you assign false meaning to the signals from your humanly body. Which is not so abnormal, afterall your body is a machine that you are just learning to work with, many of you for the first time, and many of you have been denying your connection to this body for eons. If you can start being curious about where the ping that comes with the desire, the craving, comes from and not assume that it is something bad for you, then you can find the true source of your desire and line up with it.

And I will leave you with this: Do not make yourself wrong for your desires. Others do that enough to you. Your true desires are connected to your soul path and that is where you ought to be aligned.

We love you, dear Starseeds. Follow your desires, for they point your way home.

What resonated and felt true and good in these messages for you? What hit a cord or felt untrue to you? What emotions or beliefs came up to be looked at? How can you use the catalyst of these messages to gain clarity along your own path?