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Can Healers Make Money? What You Need to Know About Abundance in The New Earth Timelines

business healer manifesting mission purpose May 21, 2021

There's this utopian idea that has circulated spiritual communities for quite some time of societies that use energetic exchanges to move goods or services from one person to another.

We are still a ways off from this, it likely won’t be seen in my human lifetime, but we are seeing the scales tip and the abundance frequency is being elevated to the helpers. And it's not because of crypto, folks! 

What this means for you is that there is massive opportunity to be a part of that shift, allowing yourself to experience wealth, flow and ease with money.

But you might not get to keep doing what you’ve been doing to get it!

A new wave of Healers, Light workers, Shamans, Grid Weavers and Starseeds are being called forth at this time, from the depths of their soul, to answer to the mission they designed for this lifetime. Perhaps you're already in training for this! (Hint, read the last blog post here on that very subject!

In 2020 especially, we saw a huge wave of people bring their teachings, coaching and courses online. The Rise of the Digital CEO as my buddy, James Wedmore, dubs it! And even in the midst of a global pandemic, they prospered! Why? Because people want to learn and develop alongside real people. They want to support the smaller businesses, the person whose heart and mission they can see and connect to. Not the big Corps. Yes, Amazon is convenient, but it doesn't mean people love lining that CEO's pockets. They are literally waiting for YOU!

Which means that if you've had the call to rise up into your magic and start building a community or audience on social media or YouTube, you're totally on track with the energy wave and how we are all being asked to rise up and help with the shift at this time.

In order to get there, though, one must be willing to lay down all of their wounding, trauma and out-dated beliefs about what money is.

Money is just energy, and energy is a gateway into other layers of information, understanding and frequencies.

The exchange of money opens us up to a wider range of what we can experience. This is the current lesson on the planet that cannot move until we all make peace and come into flow with it.

Oh man, I felt a few of you cringe there.

It's no different than an Akashic cycle that just repeats because someone didn't get the life lesson and return to neutrality and flow.

So listen up, Healers! One of the most massive things you can do to assist in this shift is rise up and get into flow with the energy exchange of money. Experience abundance in ALL ways, not only SOME ways.

(Oh and PS, I'm hosting a FREE Seminar to help you step into abundance and make a bigger impact doing what you do best. Sign up for The Future of Healing: Aligning Your Business for Success in the New Earth Timelines)

So Healers, now's the time. If you have a solution to someone's problem, if you're the bee's knees at card reading, a kick-ass quantum healer or a phenomenal D-Coder... you're being asked to rise and make yourself known!

Whether you want to build a digital course, be a spiritual life coach, take your healing practice online, or help other purposeful businesses to make a greater impact, there is room for you. In fact, you're needed! The people you are corded and contracted to help aren't the same people that are searching for me. They are ready for YOU!

It's time to get your magic out into the digital world so people can find you and wealth can flow to you! There's an awesome workshop coming up in June hosted by my business mentor, James Wedmore, that I'd love to share with you when the deets are released.

If you're thinking about getting your work online and don't know where to start, this is definitely going to be for you. Just click here to get added to my list and I'll let you know how to get in as soon as it's open!

To your wealth, your love, your support and your magic,

xo, Caitlin