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Intuition and Manifesting: The Inner World War

intuition magic manifesting mission purpose Dec 12, 2021

I've been watching my students go through this interesting battle with themselves about their intuition and manifesting abilities. They all do it.

Maybe you're doing it too.

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Here's the thing, it's totally normal. But you are not required to ride the struggle bus to your dream life.

You are already so intuitive and magical, and you just don't know it or let yourself acknowledge it because you're overriding what your nature and natural abilities are for what you think is supposed to come in this other fancy weird package that doesn't even make sense.

And one of the things that I think people struggle with the most as they're starting to grow their abilities, is that growing your intuition actually isn't this separate skill outside of self. It's getting to know yourself on a better level.

Your psychic senses are YOU.

Everybody wants to know about their clairs. I don't give two banana farts about clairs. I don't! It's irrelevant.

Your psychic senses are your physical senses. They’re one and the same. And you either have a wide range of perception through each of them, or you don't.

And so our job is to start opening that range up, expanding it, going further with our sight or hearing, our touch, our knowingness—those little heebie jeebies—all of the different ways our intuition shows up without having to make it complicated.

And this is the part where most people want to mess this up.

Most people want to override all of the stuff that just comes easy for them or just seems like it's intrinsically a part of them because they think the psychic thoughts, visions or things they're supposed to hear or feelings are going to be different than how you naturally are.

But why would they be? Your body is already designed to be intuitive and psychic.

Let me repeat that: Human bodies are designed to be psychic. If we let them be.

And so that fight that people have been on is literally a fight against self. It's like a war against your own inner world and the intrinsic connections to it.

I'm going to talk a little bit about what I mean by Inner Worlds so we're all kind of on a baseline understanding and we have something to go off of in this conversation.

Our Inner World is the space where we hold thoughts, beliefs, dreams, any of those kinds of internal intrinsic factors that build together to create some kind of vision, understanding or navigation system that we take outward into this world.

And that’s what your intuition is really for, anyway. Creating in the world.

A lot of us have very vivid imaginations or dreamscapes internally, but we very rarely bring it and express it into the external environment. That is actually a form of self-sabotage.

It’s a form of self-sabotage because we're building, building, building all of this energy within self, within this energy field. We have this limited container of our body into an unlimited stratosphere of energy, but we're never letting it out of our body. And that can lead to stagnancy, overwhelm, physical ailments, and anxiety. Not to mention the fallout of our failed attempts at manifesting our dream lives.

One of the things that I've become very cognizant of in how I'm working towards manifesting my dreams is I really am making sure that my inner world and the inner dialog that I'm building in the visions that I'm seeing have an equal output into this environment.

I'll give you an example.

For the past year or so, I have been fighting internally about a particular program that I wanted to put out but couldn’t figure out how to. I have been internally dialoguing, dreaming, destroying it all, re-creating it, putting it back together, tearing it down again, leaving it alone, pouring energy into figuring it out, and generally beating my head against a brick wall with it.

It's been driving me absolutely nuts!

And what I realized was that I had let myself get into a new level, new devil of self-sabotage. Same shit, different day, right? And I wasn't actually putting those hypothetical pieces and initial ideas i had into action to test them, to try them, to actually follow the trajectory of them, to see if I wanted to actually do it that way or not.

And really, the only way we're going to ever figure out what we want, or how to do things, or how to move our whole world forward along our path is to take a step closer towards it.

As soon as I was willing to take a step closer towards it and express that inner idea externally to somebody else and say, “Hey, I need to verbalize this and start rebounding it and see where the tones are,” all of a sudden this new information starts trickling in as if by magic, and all the pieces start sequencing for me to see to put it together. It ended up taking me a week to sort out once I got the ball rolling, and we’re starting right away in January.

Now, prior to that, though, I was doing what many of us do and going, well, I don't have it all figured out, so I can't do anything about it yet. I can't see the who, what, where, when, why and how. And so therefore, I can't start expressing it or bringing it into my outer reality.

But my friends, that's not how energy works. Energy has all of these different magnetic charges to it that need an attraction factor.

And so when I was able to tone out, meaning speak it out loud and share that first level of what I was seeing with someone else, all of a sudden another piece could magnetize and go, Pop! And there's the next idea and then move that forward and then, Pop! There’s another piece to move it forward.

But until I moved it from my Inner World to partially out into the external world, the next element and level of understanding couldn't arrive.

Most of us default to keeping the pieces close to our hearts and not allowing them to come out into the world when we don't have all the answers yet. We go, ‘I can't quite see it all, so I'm just going to wait.’

And I see this with my D-Codes students in their energetic tracking, too. They’ll be like, “Oh, I'm onto something, but I can't talk to you about it yet because I haven't got it all figured out.”

Dude! That’s not how it works!

You have to start to bounce, to rebound, and then the next thing can come in. Otherwise we’re halting the momentum. We’re building a brick wall between us and our dreams. We're limiting ourselves by keeping it in our own inner space.

I think there's a couple main reasons why we do this, at least in my own experience.

Sometimes it's that we don't necessarily have the receiver we need. What I mean by this is I might have a big dream or idea. And in order to get the next piece out, I might be looking for somebody I can talk to about it that just wants to listen or is able to just help me sort out my own thoughts. But that person might not have appeared yet.

For some of you guys, you might be trying to use your spouse or a friend or someone in your household as your receiver, but when you share it with them, you get shut down.

Well, that isn't really a receiver that allows the next magnetic piece to come in for you. It's actually somebody who's mirroring and holding it back in your face to keep it internal. And so sometimes it's that we are not yet linked up with the receivers we need to be, and we're a little too isolated in our circles.

I find it fascinating how people tend to isolate and put themselves into that space of, “I'm all alone, I have to do this by myself.”

People hold our bridges. A lot of your next keys and concepts come through the bridging that we do and conversations that happen between you and another person. Not sitting all by yourself.

Another possibility is I think we are all used to a certain level of patterning and conditioning from how we were raised, how we went to school. The way we were taught to use our brains in school was to memorize information, spit out the correct response. Like you were meant to be a calculator or a computer.

And so a lot of people, when they don't have the exact right formula with the exact right answer beforehand, won't open their mouths to even start the process because algebra in energetic alchemy is not their best subject yet.

Sometimes we are anticipating the judgment or we assume that we're always going to get shut down. And we believe that if we get shut down, we're not going to be able to move it ahead. And there is a layer of judgment that comes with that, but there also is that layer of self-responsibility to really check in and go, well, just because this person said they don't really like it, I need to check in with my own moral compass and my internal radar, and if it makes sense for me, this is the direction I need to go.

A perfect example of this is how when I started working with Violet as her coach, she would sign up for the different retreats because she got a big YES that coming was going to create more for her, but she was so afraid that her partner was going to talk her out of it that she wouldn’t tell him about it until right before she was supposed to leave. She doesn’t do that anymore, because she took the time to dig into her fear of his potential judgment and clear it. But at the time, she was anticipating so much push back that she shut down any possibility for him to actually support her dreams.

There are a lot of us that don't actually believe that we are worthy of our hopes, dreams, desires or visions of coming true.

Or we are afraid of the judgement others may place upon us once we have that thing and they don't have that thing, right? Many people are actually more afraid of success than they are of failure because they're used to failing. They know how to sit at the rock bottom. They know how to sit in the tough stuff. What they don't know how to do is sit in the major uncomfortable growth.

I find people are less afraid of failure than they are of success.

When we're still letting other people's judgments dictate what we do or do not do in our lives, it can really hold us back from moving things forward that actually needs to shift to give us the results we're looking for.

Can you start to see where you’ve been overriding your magic and putting up blocks along your intuitive journey and life path?

What would it take to see the next right step that once you took it would sequence through all the pieces you need to move this dream forward? What if you could easily and effortlessly connect with your next bridge and receiver to tone out the ideas that are swirling around in your head? And what if all of this could be fun?

Body, energy field, be that.