Nordic Pleiadian Perspective on the 5D Shifts

5d channeling fifth dimension pleiadian | Posted Jun 03, 2020

Saeilla-Tu, Nordic Pleiadian
Channeled Transmission: June 1, 2020

Caitlin: On the matter of the idea that we are moving from a 3 or 4D experience, depending on who you ask, can you shed some light on what we may need to consider here? Is it really an individual's job to accelerate the collective? There are very many opinions on this. 

Saiella-Tu: Humans do not do a very good job of understanding frequency, yes? The limited perception is what makes the conversation here a little tricky, but let us try to give you a different point to consider here.

If we were to look from the sky down, rather than the earth up, we might see that long beams of light go from such fast, focused and direct lines into wavier, more discernible light colors, that eventually bounce down into sound, which eventually bounce down into matter. This is called possibility collapse in your quantum sciences. At each stage, your sciences have created a measurable frequency of each possibility collapse. And it should...

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The Forgotten Inner Voice

5d intuition | Posted May 08, 2020

You cannot logic your way through this one. 

Research, conviction from the actors in this scene, the voices of reason, and even those claiming experience cannot get you through this. 

They too are missing vital links, only accessing a few slices of information the same as each of us. 

So where do we turn? How do we move through this war of ideologies? How do we discern right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie? 

You must come back to your inner voice. That soft whisper that triggers your gut instincts, turns your stomach when you know bad news is coming, wrinkles your lips at the hint of a lie, brings the butterflies at the thought of expansion. That space that no one can truly put words to because it's truly indescribable. 

Each fragment of information coming our way at this time is a sliver of truth, bathed in a sea of projections and presumptions. It is a singular (or sometimes small community) perspective relative to the viewpoint of the messenger. 


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Abundance in 5D: Everything is Changing

2020 5d manifesting | Posted May 04, 2020

Globally, we are seeing one of the fastest human accelerations since Atlantis. 

2020 isn't the first time we've had access to the whole frequency of the fifth dimension as a collective. Full of possibilities, we find ourselves entranced with the multiple directions we could go with the newfound expansion of the fifth dimension, the beliefs we could align with, and the speed of the connections we begin to create. 

We will be finding ourselves creating and manifesting beyond our wildest imaginations; in whatever direction our attention and intention are focused. 

In plain English: the saying that the energy flows where your attention goes is about to go into super drive. And, you're going to need to know how to choose and design your reality consciously. That's what's coming. 

Something has changed, though. I mean, look at all of the success cases before this time on the planet where people have worked with the law of attraction, affirmations, or other...

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