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Timeline Jumping (And Why You Might Be Struggling to Make the Leap)

5d ascension awakening energy update fifth dimension purpose Jul 13, 2022

“I’ve already healed this ten bajillion times, why is it still coming up?”

I’ve been hearing this and similar statements from my clients and students a lot lately.

We’ve hit a new level, new devil in our spiral of healing where the actions we were getting looped into 5+ years ago are resurfacing with a slight plot twist.

Maybe you’ve noticed other people falling back into old habits. Recycling old narratives. Making the same or similar mistakes. Undoing progress. Or, maybe that’s your experience.

All you have to do is look at the news to see perfect examples of this backslide on a larger scale.

The way we’re looking at the root cause may have shifted since back then. Our actions may look different. We have grown and matured, healed and expanded in a lot of ways since then, after all. And yet, the end result appears the same.

If we bring it back to individual reality, we can see that many Starseeds are recycling old patterns. Reaching for false pleasures, losing interest in what previously lit them up, staying in isolation, defaulting to only seeing limited options, and experiencing a general lack of forward momentum. The thought patterns about it may have changed slightly with new perspectives and awareness gained over the years, and some of us are choosing to take a different approach from what we would have back then, but it’s not enough of a shift from our historical MO to actually create a new reality.

A perfect example is the fiercely independent person who historically would do it all themselves and fall into perfection, never asking for help that led to a burnout situation. This time around they’re not making that mistake. They’re getting people involved, delegating, and yet the people they’re working with aren’t showing up to pull their weight. So they end up getting frustrated and having to do it all themselves again anyway, leading them dangerously close to burnout again.

Different action, same result.

Or the person who has done the mother line or father line healing again and again to the point where there really isn’t any emotional charge there. And yet they still are seeking that validation from others in their lives and living their life in a way for certain people to see their worth. Even though they aren’t triggered by the mom or dad convo, their actions are still motivated by seeking behavior.

And what about the healer who has done the wounded witch healing and is no longer afraid to put themselves out there and use their voice to share their message, they’re posting on social media daily and sending all the emails and are totally ready for clients and yet, crickets.

What is that about?

I have an interesting perspective on this that I want you to consider: unmet needs.

The foundations upon which so many of us have built our goals and dreams and desires aren’t actually the right construction method we need to thrive.

And so when we try so hard to reach for the expanded version of us, we’re missing the mark because we don’t have that stable structure that gives us the support we need to get there.

We can’t shift timelines to a more expansive and supportive experience when we’re just chasing dopamine hits and then trying to self soothe when we don’t get it or when that hormone surge inevitably wears off.

It’s a form of spiritual bypassing that many Starseeds are choosing–mostly unconsciously–right now. When we up-level, our comfort zone shifts to fit the new state we’ve reached, after all.

Ready to make the shift to your new thriving timeline?

To get you started with some tracking as to where you can start meeting your physiological needs, here’s a list of the commonly unmet needs of human beings on the planet today:

  • safety
  • money
  • air
  • food
  • water
  • sleep
  • shelter
  • connections
  • self-appreciation
  • social acceptance
  • purpose & intent
  • physical touch

Consider what each of those categories means to you and start looking at where you feel that you’ve got this, and which categories might be a little sparse. This is a great way to start building intentional focus and creating new ways to fill that cup back up!

If the life you want is not taking shape, take a look at the foundation you're trying to build upon. And where you are trying to stay comfortable and in resistance.

It’s time to get behind the desires and ask some potent questions about where that motivation is coming from. Zero point it and start fresh for this new state you’ve landed at.

Minor adjustments could be required to allow your head, heart and hands to all align in one direction. We perceive these shifts as big, when really it's a tiny epiphany that adjusts how we see the road before us.

It isn't complicated, but it does require flow.