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5D Multidimensional Human Awakening

3D to 5D: What Does That Truly Mean?

2020 5d ascension awakening fifth dimension multidimensional purpose starseed Dec 18, 2020

Spirituality and our Super-Conscious is not separate from Quantum Physics, nor is it separate from physicality.

Everywhere you look these days, there is conversation about how humanity is shifting from the "3D" to the "5D" (uh, where's 4?). Theories about how there are now two Earths - the new and old. The woke folk - and the sleepers. And yet something seems to be amiss. We're all still here. We're all still experiencing a world-wide trigger event. We're all still having to use money to pay for our lodging, food and requirements. So what gives?

Well, there appears to be a fundamental key missing from most of the mainstream meta communities at this time and that key is: Quantum Physics.

Imagine if you will that the human body is like a nesting doll. Did you ever have one as a kid? There was a large outer shell, then a slightly smaller, then smaller, then smaller... all the way down to the tiniest little baby. They looked like this: 

In order to understand exactly what is happening in this awakening process, and this full immersion into the Age of Aquarius, we need to look at how the dimensions build upon one another, creating a whole. A dimension cannot fully exist by itself without the foundation of the one that came before.

So, let's start at the beginning...
>Zero Point: absolute nothingness, the seat of all creation to emerge.

>First Dimension (1D): the horizontal plane upon which everything else begins to build. 

>Second Dimension (2D): length and height, the atoms, ions, basic elements etc. 

>Third Dimension (3D): length x width x height, matter forms as 2 dimensional elements converge to create 3 dimensional molecules. Material now takes up space, has a weight, can be alchemized, moved, manipulated and changed.

>Fourth Dimension (4D): the mental body, frequency of dualities, beliefs, power over power dynamics, some of the emotional possibilities, structures, control and the formation of an individual identity. The sense of egoic self and definition of my being from your being.

>Fifth Dimension (5D): the gateway or bridge between self and the idea of the divine. Ability to see ones meaning or contribution to a community or collective. Visible spectrum of light and color. Seeing levels of truth: self, community, collective. Knowing of something bigger than self.

>Sixth Dimension (6D): Audible and beginnings of inaudible sound waves (clairaudience), sacred geometry, inspiration of ideas and creativity, UVA & UVB light spectrums.

... and these keep building, dimension upon dimension, to give us a fully embodied 12th dimensional human organism. How amazing is that?!

Maybe it's semantics, maybe it's misunderstanding, but one thing is for certain; with evolution surely upon us and new light waves coming in, we aren't leaving one dimension behind in pursuit of another. Oh no, this is not the dream for this Earth plane and never has been.

The original seeding and dream for this Earth was a playground where StarSeeds of all races could incarnate into a similar body (vehicle) to share information, adventure and experiences. To enrich each other's lives, cultures and understandings of the vast Universe we live within. 

What we're seeing now, is we are once again converging with the dream. We aren't leaving one dimension. We are opening to ALL of the 12 Dimensions that the human body is physically programmed to hold, emit and read. 

The sleeping are being awoken to their connection to the community and the rich lives they are born to lead when one is in sync and in communion with their neighbor. The current virus programming is helping many to wake up as such.

Our heads-in-the-sand lives where we do not know the magic of our friends down the road is no longer a life we can sustain on this planet. The energy tanks are low when we become entranced and hypnotized by the distractions readily available within the vast sea of information in the 4th dimension.

The programming to keep humans as such is a topic for another day, but know this: a fully accelerated human is the goal, not the entrapment of the singular dimension distraction.

To take this conversation further, I took questions about the December 21, 2020 event and what that means for us to the Interstellium Alliance. You can watch me share the full channeled transmission on my Youtube Channel.