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Nordic Pleiadian Perspective on the 5D Shifts

5d channeling fifth dimension pleiadian Jun 03, 2020

Saeilla-Tu, Nordic Pleiadian
Channeled Transmission: June 1, 2020

Caitlin: On the matter of the idea that we are moving from a 3 or 4D experience, depending on who you ask, can you shed some light on what we may need to consider here? Is it really an individual's job to accelerate the collective? There are very many opinions on this. 

Saiella-Tu: Humans do not do a very good job of understanding frequency, yes? The limited perception is what makes the conversation here a little tricky, but let us try to give you a different point to consider here.

If we were to look from the sky down, rather than the earth up, we might see that long beams of light go from such fast, focused and direct lines into wavier, more discernible light colors, that eventually bounce down into sound, which eventually bounce down into matter. This is called possibility collapse in your quantum sciences. At each stage, your sciences have created a measurable frequency of each possibility collapse. And it should be noted that a collapse is just a possibility manifest. Consciousness chooses. 

The 3rd collapse is matter, it is where molecules and atoms bind together to create a form of varying texture and weight. The 4th collapse is where your frequencies of emotions and stories lie. The 5th collapse is where we begin to explore beyond the mental mind itself. 

And so the shift you are speaking of in terms of spiritual growth or expansion of the collective is not about love or connections, but it is about reading the first 5 collapses of possibility at all times to inform the first 5 layers of the body. 

You have the physical body, the one you know as your person. You have the vital body which is the electromagnetic field that emanates and changes as you do. You have the emotional body which houses your beliefs and stories. You then have the mental body that thinks and translates linear concepts, and then of course the Conscious body which combines all of these that came before and brings the bigger picture into focus.

What we are seeing is the misfire (again) of yet another revolution fighting for the wrong thing. 

What would be helpful is to really truly identify whether or not you yourself have an open mind and heart, and if you are going beyond your senses into the conscious field to identify larger perspectives and frequency at play. 

As you do that within the self,  your open-mindedness becomes a bit contagious you see.

Humans do love to come back to creativity when they are allowed: by their surroundings. And so to inspire the shift into a more flow state collective here on earth it is not about separating timelines or new world old world at all, but rather opening the flow state of exploration and creativity when the first 5 layers of collapse.

Caitlin: Thank you for that perspective. I agree. I see the fastest accelerations when one remembers to create and steps back into play/ fluidity. So much gratitude for what you were willing to share today, thank you.

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