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The Evolution of Healing

5d akashic records ascension awakening d-codes education fifth dimension healer health & body intuition psychic development purpose Oct 09, 2021

Let’s talk about the paradigm of healing, for a hot minute.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed how compartmentalized in thought, and teaching, healing has become.

What’s really interesting to me is that the way our metaphysical environment has been built is really no different than the allopathic (ie: western or modern) medicine streams anymore.

If you have something wrong with your bones you’re going to have to see a doctor that specializes in bones. If you have something wrong with your heart you’re going to go see a cardiologist.

But lord help you if the problem presenting in your heart is actually coming from something that started in your hip! And what if that hip problem is actually a past-life trauma or cord and contract with another person?

There’s going to be missing information if we are just looking at the loudest symptom and finding a specialist to eradicate that, rather than seeing the entire system of the human body as interlinked and being open to the data that other areas can provide in the healing process.

We do the same with the healing modalities we try on.

We compartmentalize them and either fully plug into them, seeing them as the be-all, end-all to heal everything under the sun, or we think we can only use this one for that problem and that one for the other problem. Again, not weaving everything we know how to do throughout the entire healing process.

We can see this in the healing sessions being offered by so many lightworkers.

How many of you have gone to book an appointment with a healer and they give you, let’s say 4 different session options: 1 being a coaching call, another diving into your akashic records or past life regression, a third option of a reiki treatment, and then maybe something hands on like reflexology or massage?

But what if that muscle tightness is caused by a past life trauma being held in that part of your back, and massage, while feeling great, doesn’t address the root cause?

Or what if you feel you need some reiki run but what will actually move the needle in your life is a life coaching call where you can be seen and heard and given some tangible steps to take, but you didn’t know that going into it?

Will you finally heal, or just get temporary relief?

We have to stop isolating our healing and become open to seeing the entirety of the body and soul who is stepping forward for support. Because our systems are intrinsically interconnected and interlinked.

And our healing tools and modalities ought to be too.

What started over here can manifest over there, and we may need to use a mix of tools and modalities to unwind it for good.

The Disruptor Codes™, or D-Codes for short, is my answer to this. We need to be able to work with all 5 layers of the subtle body. The modern healer needs a full toolbox that can work with all 12 dimensions of the body. We take everything you’ve already learned and everything you already know how to do and expand upon that so you can become the healer you came here to be. Whether that’s just for yourself or on a larger scale for the planet.

Because healing is evolving. What got us here, won’t get us there.

Xo, Caitlin