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The Forgotten Inner Voice

5d intuition May 08, 2020

You cannot logic your way through this one. 

Research, conviction from the actors in this scene, the voices of reason, and even those claiming experience cannot get you through this. 

They too are missing vital links, only accessing a few slices of information the same as each of us. 

So where do we turn? How do we move through this war of ideologies? How do we discern right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie? 

You must come back to your inner voice. That soft whisper that triggers your gut instincts, turns your stomach when you know bad news is coming, wrinkles your lips at the hint of a lie, brings the butterflies at the thought of expansion. That space that no one can truly put words to because it's truly indescribable. 

Each fragment of information coming our way at this time is a sliver of truth, bathed in a sea of projections and presumptions. It is a singular (or sometimes small community) perspective relative to the viewpoint of the messenger. 

You cannot use logic to pull this together. Instead, we go back to the system that never fails and discern the elements of truth using our inner voice. We begin to understand that no one truly on this planet sees the whole picture. No channeler, psychic, medium, government official or Great Aunt Betty has it all put together. Why? Because we are all fragments of truth, weaving the story together. 

Today, take a breath. Go back to your basics. Truth test. Trust your gut. Mind your wrinkles. Breathe deeply passing each social media post and remember, we all only have a sliver of the story. We don't need to align and agree anywhere, or disagree and defend our positions. For once, the whole "we're all in this together", actually applies. 

Stay centered, my friends.

xo C.