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Het Heru. Hathor Mother Goddess Channelled Message to the Starseeds

Dear Starchild, You're Ready To Begin Your Mission

5d ascension awakening channeling fifth dimension healer intuition magic mission multidimensional purpose starseed walk-ins Jan 08, 2021

A Gift From the Drivers

Dear Starchild,

Today you wake from a haze that has enslaved your mind and slowed your body.  In your hands, we place this hologram filled with all you need to know about your magic, and ours, so that you may help to usher in the better tomorrows. You must remember how to access your full self in this human form. To allow the full tones of your song to carry out into the universe and how to work together in harmony with the others who are here with this task. 

You will have memories of who you are and where you've come from, as well as glimpses into other times, and other places which carry the magic you seek. You will have access to all that is my wisdom and embodiment should you choose. All you must do is bring this gift into your heart and allow your sacred blood to carry it through your veins as simply and naturally as your heart does beat. 

For it is not me you have been waiting for, it is you. You asked for a mission to bring the Earth people back into harmonics. To remember why they are here too and find that harmonic space within themselves to let Earth become the space she was meant to be. 

Through this activation, this remembering, you are imbued with the songs of the universe and are ready to share the wisdom of your trainings with others who are ready to rise out of the haze too. 

It will not always be easy. There will be moments of doubt where you may falter or succumb to the judgements of others who are not yet ready to see the truth of who they are. It will never be judged upon your soul how far you fall, we will watch how you rise and take your lessons forward with the strength of a lion into your work in the coming days. 

You are loved, dear friend. You have trained for eons for this. All you must do now, is begin.

With gratitude and so much love,