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The New Earth Timelines

2021 5d ascension awakening energy update fifth dimension health & body mission multidimensional purpose starseed Oct 31, 2021

Feeling tired? This could be why.

Many of us are now straddling two timelines: the old that includes everything up until now and the New Earth timelines that are starting to unfold in real time and into the future.

Let me be clear: the "New Earth" is not on a different planet or in another dimension.

It won't be 5D, and it's not this utopian place where no duality or negative aspects exist. Rather, it's the evolution of humanity on this 3D planet.

How the New Earth timelines and templates are beginning to download into people's fields is through a secondary axis point--a secondary timeline that's running concurrently. And so you may notice it's not as easy to stay "grounded" or on your center axis, that it might feel as though one part of you wants to remain centered, while another is going slightly off to the side.

You can imagine it the way the Earth itself is changing its axis point by a few degrees. As within, so without.

This New Earth timeline and the evolution of humanity that I'm talking about includes an acceleration of how our bodies read the magnetosphere and the faster frequencies of energy that up until now most of us haven't been physically able to. We’re getting into Quantum fields of light here, folks.

Up until now, most human bodies have been designed to read and emit the first 12 dimensions of perspective. Recently many of us are starting to build the framework to be able to read the 13-15th dimensions, up to the 21st and beyond! We are doing this so that when the information we need in order to carry out the next leg of our missions comes, our bodies are able to read and understand it. This is a way of “priming” ourselves in preparation for what’s to come.

I've released an in-depth video about this that you can find on my Youtube channel. In the meantime, what you need to know is:

  • Do not rush this process. Accelerating too fast in a way that is not safe for your body can lead to dangerous hormonal surges, mental and emotional dissociation, extrasensory overwhelm, and checking out from reality.
  • We need to have all of our lower dimensions (ie: 1-12) on and firing if we are going to reach these higher dimensional frequencies without harming ourselves.
  • I actually don't recommend any kind of sensory deprivation, astral traveling or meditations, or spending too much time channeling. We need to balance out our higher frequency explorations with our physical foundations.

Being "human" is vital through this acceleration process. So find ways to really work this vessel you’ve got. Turn off the phones and technology. Build something. Create something. Connect with your Circle.

Find wholistic ways to move through this acceleration and you’ll do just fine!

xo , C.