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Abundance in 5D: Everything is Changing

2020 5d manifesting May 04, 2020

Globally, we are seeing one of the fastest human accelerations since Atlantis. 

2020 isn't the first time we've had access to the whole frequency of the fifth dimension as a collective. Full of possibilities, we find ourselves entranced with the multiple directions we could go with the newfound expansion of the fifth dimension, the beliefs we could align with, and the speed of the connections we begin to create. 

We will be finding ourselves creating and manifesting beyond our wildest imaginations; in whatever direction our attention and intention are focused. 

In plain English: the saying that the energy flows where your attention goes is about to go into super drive. And, you're going to need to know how to choose and design your reality consciously. That's what's coming. 

Something has changed, though. I mean, look at all of the success cases before this time on the planet where people have worked with the law of attraction, affirmations, or other rituals, energy work or otherwise to manifest their desires. It worked. I used to teach it! 

But it's not enough now. 

It's not going to work because, in a way, it's a form of spiritual bypassing. We would skip over the discomfort to get ourselves forward - push away the frequencies of the 4th dimension to step into the magic of manifesting. And honestly, it's still a great way to show someone they can create this kind of momentum in their life. 

But we can only go so far this way.

You cannot bypass your way into a full 5D frequency. We need to be ready to shift on all points of we hold as true to make room for further education. Or to realize our right may be someone's wrong and vis versa. We must be ready to see that beliefs are fluid, meant to evolve as we do. 

As the global conscious begins to open en masse to the frequency of the 5D, we have to up our game and start living the way our human body is supposed to function, where all dimensions work together. Where the 1st provides the connection for the 2nd, the 2nd gives structure to the 3rd, the 4th dances with system and control, the 5th opens to possibilities past form and structure and so it goes on and on...

To create lasting change, we're going to need to learn to manifest using the full spectrum of energy. To dig deep and allow the feelings and experiences to inspire, but not drive our forward choices. To dream bigger and beyond just the experience of "I" and into weaving the new collective dream. This is where we will see abundance come to us in all forms; the connections we make, the people we meet, the way we serve, and the magic we can weave. 

What does this mean for jobs, building wealth, and changing our lives? It means we need to learn to manifest from our internal power source, rather than the old currents of what we thought we wanted. We can be debt-free, financially fluid, and creating the life we dream of living. All intentions, on all dimensions, must match the goal you wish to manifest. Inside

Healers Rising in June, we're going on this journey. It's time to learn to manifest from the depths of our soul story, to create the world we want to see on the other side of this shift. Are you in? Ready to be part of the change? Time to level up!

xo, C.

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