The Confidence Lie That Stops You From Making Progress

akashic records intuition magic manifesting | Posted Aug 26, 2020

Are you feeling behind in your spiritual journey? Like everyone else is so much further along than you? Like you are lacking the confidence to make headway in your psychic and intuitive development?

You're not alone. I hear it every day.

When we don't feel confident in our abilities, when we feel like we are not the best at something, we tend to quit. This is a human complex that happens in so many different instances within our life. We do this in relationships, jobs, school, crafting and hobbies, everywhere.

When we start feeling that piece of “I'm not good enough and I don't think I'm getting it,” Well, of course not! You just started or didn't have the codes yet!

When you are having those thoughts of “I feel like I don’t belong here,” or “I feel like I can’t keep up,” or I’m so far behind”... You're not. That's your Akashics showing.

What you are doing is you’re playing a comparison game. And you can’t...

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{Walk-ins} Original Occupant: Do I Know You?

This is part 2 of a series of blog posts that were inspired by one of my clients' amazing questions after her session.

You can catch up on Part 1 here.

For this blog post, I think it will be best served as a Q&A format to give context, and perhaps ignite further inquiry from our community. I will share one question and answer per post over the next few days, so be sure to check back for more.


MM: If you are the Walk-in, does that mean you have a soul bond and share DNA coding with the Original Occupant? Do you have history and past-lifetimes together? What would your Akashic & Galactic Records say about your relationship to one another?


My Response: To answer these questions we may need to understand that there are a couple of possibilities (that I've seen thus far) of the dance between the Walk-in and Original Occupant.

When we refer to someone as "The Walk-in", what we are really saying is that either within the Akashic, Telluric or Galactic Realm,...

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{Walk-ins} Who Stays and Who Goes?

We have noticed a drastic increase in the number of Walk-in souls coming forward over the last couple of months, which I have no doubt is in part due to the catalyst of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic that all of humanity is experiencing in 2020.

To catch up on the Walk-in conversation, you can check out my blog post "Are You the Walk-In?" from October 26, 2019 and my Youtube video "The 5 Types of Walk-ins" from June 16, 2020.

To dive deeper into the Walk-in phenomena, I'd like to share one of my clients' amazing questions after her session as I have a feeling that many of you share the same wonders.

For this blog post, I think it will be best served as a Q&A format to give context, and perhaps ignite further inquiry from our community. I will share one question and answer per post over the next few days, so be sure to check back for more.


MM: If I came in at birth, why am I the walk in and not the original occupant? Was this designation (who would be which) something...

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When Your Truth Testing is Broken

akashic records intuition walk-ins | Posted Aug 11, 2020

Discernment for self is sooooo important. It’s why one of the first things I teach all of my students is a tool I call Truth Testing.

I’ve even made a 3-video Truth Testing training series and put it on Youtube so anyone can learn this for free! Even if all you have is this basic intuitive tool, it can make a big difference in your life.

So today’s blog post is for all of you who are feeling like your truth testing is broken and it just won’t work.

Maybe you’re asking and getting one answer and when you ask again you get a different one. Or your body says one thing and your pendulum says another.

It’s not a sign that you’re not cut out to be a psychic bad-ass or healer or that you should quit. That’s the lie, and believing it will hold you back from accessing and getting really really good at all you can actually do!

I’ve been getting all kinds of messages and seeing so many posts in the Healers Rising Academy group lately...

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health & body resonance fields | Posted Jul 27, 2020

If any of you are remotely close to where I began on this journey not so long ago, you may be experiencing a myriad of issues within your body that can leave you feeling broken, hopeless and unfixable.

Mainstream meta and healing told us that we could just learn and use Reiki to eliminate the pain, the mental strain or the disease within our self.

If we just found the right deck of cards with the perfect message, we could infer what the issue was and clear it from the core.

If we fixed the diet, the movement and the happiness factor, finding our joy - we would be whole.

If we found our passion and purpose, that was the ticket out.

The search for our Guides to hopefully heal us came up short, with cryptic messages one could only dream of understanding.

Leaving us alone.

But your body has never abandoned you. Nor was it ever working against you. It was SHOWING you everything you've ever wanted to know.

There is a map that has been available to you the entire time. One that is so accurate...

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How to Find Your Galactic Soul & Guide Team


In the Starseed Accelerator facebook group, some of our members asked the following questions:

"How do I find my galactic soul? And what galaxy am I from? Why is our true self hidden from us to relearn as a human? Why do we not automatically keep our past memories in the next life? Do we keep choosing this?"

"I too would like to know about the dimensional beings and easier ways to communicate with them. How can we do this and am I ready if I am seeking it out? I want to see my guides and communicate with them through a more concrete way."

I took the questions to the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) to have a roundtable discussion on these concepts. The channeled transmission follows.


Galactic Federation of Light

Channeled Transmission: June 22, 2020


Reydinah:  Greetings from Sirius B. The question you have put out today here at council has intrigued me greatly and I wish to lend some perspective here if I may. The inquiry for how does an Earthling find her...

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Supporting Starseed Children on Earth

Saeilla-Tu, Nordic (Taygeten) Pleiadian

Channeled Transmission: June 22, 2020


Saeilla-Tu: Greetings from Taygeta. I see we have many new beings joining our channels now and that is a beautiful thing that so many are opening to the frequencies. I am Saeilla-Tu, an Ambassador for the Nordic Pleiadians or what some refer as the Taygeten, which we prefer as it is clearer as to the location of this communication.

Your young star children are the focus this week of my encounter with you here today and I wish to share some insight on their development into multidimensional human form. First, we must remember they are not that much different than you because to get such a high vibrational and intelligent soul to Earth, a vessel of at minimum a close vibrational match is required. This was not the case some years ago where we first started seeding the planet again through human vessels and Walk-ins. But for these particular children coming in with very intact memory, it is indeed the...

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Nordic Pleiadian Perspective on the 5D Shifts

5d channeling fifth dimension pleiadian | Posted Jun 03, 2020

Saeilla-Tu, Nordic Pleiadian
Channeled Transmission: June 1, 2020

Caitlin: On the matter of the idea that we are moving from a 3 or 4D experience, depending on who you ask, can you shed some light on what we may need to consider here? Is it really an individual's job to accelerate the collective? There are very many opinions on this. 

Saiella-Tu: Humans do not do a very good job of understanding frequency, yes? The limited perception is what makes the conversation here a little tricky, but let us try to give you a different point to consider here.

If we were to look from the sky down, rather than the earth up, we might see that long beams of light go from such fast, focused and direct lines into wavier, more discernible light colors, that eventually bounce down into sound, which eventually bounce down into matter. This is called possibility collapse in your quantum sciences. At each stage, your sciences have created a measurable frequency of each possibility collapse. And it should...

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The Nordic Pleiadian Perspective on the Education System

Channeled June 1st, 2020

Seialla-Tu, Nordic Pleiadian: Ah, Greetings! It has been a time since we have been together, yes? Thrilled to see how far you have come since we spoke last.

Caitlin: I'm happy to be reconnecting. I remember the first time we met and I was so surprised at being able to SEE you. 

I am here today to get some further perspective for members of our community on the happenings on the Earth plane and what you may be seeing from a different lens.

What is happening with our education system is that we are taking children out of the classrooms and into the online digital spaces. I know in my own family, this has not been positive and we have pulled our children from having to do any formal school work at all.  We are instead focusing on enjoy nature, building forts, and spending time as a family. 

What, if anything, would be a better way to step these kids back into school that would aid in the current shifts on this planet?

Saiella-Tu: That is likely the...

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The Forgotten Inner Voice

5d intuition | Posted May 08, 2020

You cannot logic your way through this one. 

Research, conviction from the actors in this scene, the voices of reason, and even those claiming experience cannot get you through this. 

They too are missing vital links, only accessing a few slices of information the same as each of us. 

So where do we turn? How do we move through this war of ideologies? How do we discern right or wrong, good or bad, truth or lie? 

You must come back to your inner voice. That soft whisper that triggers your gut instincts, turns your stomach when you know bad news is coming, wrinkles your lips at the hint of a lie, brings the butterflies at the thought of expansion. That space that no one can truly put words to because it's truly indescribable. 

Each fragment of information coming our way at this time is a sliver of truth, bathed in a sea of projections and presumptions. It is a singular (or sometimes small community) perspective relative to the viewpoint of the messenger. 


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