The Magic of Retreats

banff d-codes magic retreats women's circles | Posted Dec 12, 2019

Have you ever wanted to escape the everyday mundanity of life and get out into a new, beautiful locale; into the sun-soaked beachy heat or the fresh snow-capped mountains, a sprawling vista or bustling city?

Have you dreamt of spending an extra-long weekend away, cared for, and meeting and becoming life-long friends with your soul tribe in person while you hunt ghosts, learn new energy healing modalities and bring on new intuitive abilities, explore the area, shop and socialize, eat yummy food, and generally make magic?

Have you even ever imagined something like that for yourself? Really given yourself permission to want it?

Go ahead. Do it now.

Ask yourself, "Truth: would it create more for me to go on an intuitive development retreat with my soul tribe and come home a clearer, more magical version of myself?"

No? Then this post might not be for you!

If you got a big ole “Yes!” (like I did) read on, my friend. There’s something here for you.

A week ago, we got...

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Our Body's Boundaries

Uncategorized | Posted Nov 19, 2019

Listening to my body has become less than an afterthought in the cycle of busy in which I've found myself. What I was eating, how I was moving, resting or recalibrating was not even on my radar. 

Ironically enough, the theme this month in 'Rise of the Universal Freelancer', our online community for deepening into this work, is Boundaries

When you hear the word "boundaries", what are the first thoughts that pop in?

You may have let your mind wander to your relationships with people; totally normal, this is how most people relate to this word. 

We tend to set boundaries around:
- How we let others speak to us or treat us.
- What we're willing to do for work or to be paid for.
- How far we're willing to help for free.
- Our expectations about reciprocation.
- What we're willing to say yes and no to.

Often we set the rules with others first before a single thought ever turns to our own self-sabotaging behaviors, thoughts or movements. 

But what about the...

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Uncategorized | Posted Oct 26, 2019

The answer is inside you. You've known it all along!
Has someone ever said these two extra obnoxious things to you?

Or how about:
- just meditate on it
- go into nature you'll receive your answers
- ask your Guides, they know what's best
- have you prayed about it?
- trust your instincts


If you are like the majority of the people I know, you've been at the ass-end of the disempowerment plague that haunts the journey into activating your intuition. Well-meaning or not, these statements are of no help to someone who is already feeling lost, disconnected, and has no idea which way to turn.

Likely, this person is also in the same category of not hearing or being able to connect to their Spirit Guides (yet). In that same breath, meditation is likely a struggle, and a busy brain doesn't afford much stillness or insight to drop in.

So what are we doing when we say to people, "I can't tell you (that), only you know the answer." Or, "We shouldn't be looking for guidance outside of our...

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Are you the Walk-in?

akashic records starseed walk-ins | Posted Oct 26, 2019

Recently, I was discussing the concept of Walk-in's in my Facebook community (Magic Beyond Boundaries) as so many of the people I'm coming across lately are coming into this Earth plane as Multi-dimensional or Star-seed Walk-ins. This can be an extremely confusing position to be in for such a Being, as the amount of conditioning, trauma and human systems we have been asked to plug into from the time we are born can absolutely lead us astray from our knowing of who we are.

2020 UPDATE: Watch my Youtube video "The 5 Types of Walk-Ins" here!

These terms may seem like a foreign language, so before we go too far, let me explain what each of them means.

This is where we have more than one soul in a physical body. You could be the walk-in, or you could have one with you. There are a couple of different scenarios of HOW this can happen that I will outline in another piece down the road.

Having lived many lives exclusively (or almost exclusively) as a being from one...

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How to Read Tarot & Oracle Cards

oracle cards tarot cards | Posted Oct 26, 2019

All of the basics you need to know to confidently rock your journey of beginning to read Tarot & Oracle Cards!

xo C.

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