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Channeled Answers to Your Questions on UFOs, Light Language, and More!

arcturian ascension awakening blue avian channeling climate fifth dimension galactic federation of light guides healer health & body mission multidimensional orion purpose starseed technology Jun 11, 2021

The students in the Healers Rising Academy were asking some fantastic questions last week, and our Galactic friends had fascinating (and in some cases, strongly worded) perspectives to share with us.

The majority of the channeled messages below are from various representatives of councils within the Interstellium Alliance (IA).

I’ve had many people ask me what the difference is between the Interstellium Alliance and the Galactic Federation of Light, and here’s my answer:

The Galactic Federation of Light is a name that’s been used for a really long time, since before I was born, to explain this group of beings. But what’s happening now is we have this Ashtar Command that people are starting to track and channel into, but there’s a thread of distortions and misrepresentations that comes through it. You will notice it because the messages will have very black and white thinking and responses to questions like “you must” and “we have to”; it’s very army-like.

But that’s not what the council is or feels like. And so when people buy into this they get into a very divided state from others, feeling almost like their way of ascending is the only right way. So we use the Interstellium Alliance because it keeps the stream clear and tight, because people don’t have preconceived ideas of what they are with that name, yet. And if that changes, they will give us a new name to refer to them as to keep it clear.


Q: What do you think about all the UFO stuff in the news?

Greetings, yes it appears as though the focus has now changed into a galactic one, does it not? Your people are fascinated with the skies and the goings on… but nothing has really changed, people are just once again looking up. There are many of us visiting or on our scans/orbits here in your earth plane, but not so low most of the time. The army intelligence factors have many different craft, drones and technologies that have not been released to your masses yet at this time that are in trial phases in your skies. One may be thinking they are waving at their Pleiadian friends, but really are waving at AI [artificial intelligence]. 


Q: What is the maximum time a human can live as nowadays?

Through your earth sciences you are now at the space of being able to extend lifetimes to approximately 120 Earth years, if one wanted. One would need to learn to work with more of the rays of light photons to achieve this level of health and vitality, but it is possible.


Q: I would love to hear an alternate perspective on how we can know when we're on the right path/lining up with our purpose and when something is right for us... truth testing is so helpful for this but some of our members still struggle with trusting their body radar system and knowing which choices are most in alignment with their soul and their mission.

Pleiadian answer: When one does not want to clean up and face what is directly in front of one's eyes, it can be incredibly difficult to see the greater impact of the work ahead. The helpers at this time on your planet are in a tri-fold sequencing of pods, so to speak. A disruptor or someone who is there to shake the paradigm, a healer who converges the information and closes out the old, and a writer who begins to move the new timelines ahead in sequence with the timeline of Earth.

There is certainly a lag time and some space between since the installation of the containment system of Earth. The fog has held back the shifts and that is why it feels so disruptive at this time to catapult forward into anything that feels like a mission. The missions your people are now thinking they must complete were written some thousands of years ago. And yet to unlock the timelines of what must be completed now, one must complete the old data to reconcile.

Look at what is right in front of you. That is your work. To clean it, to lighten it, to heal it, and to move forward. Your soul knows the way. Trust it.


Q: Do you mean to say that there are 3 individual people as the healer, writer and disruptor? Or do you mean that there are 3 main soul groups or assigned missions at this time to move the timelines forward?

Yes, you are aligned in your thinking that these are soul groups of missions in a way that a being has been assigned or has taken. They will have joined a group of information that allows for the disruption, or for the healing, or for marking the way forward. And within these three containers you will find most helpers taking a role.

It does not mean to say that an individual will be partnered specifically with the 2 other posts, for the individual emerging could have met the others or still have yet to meet, through their family, choice of work, or being, or perhaps it is still to come in a future timeline.

It is important not to fixate here to understand that the nature of a person will help indicate what is aligned with the soul to complete their mission and feel on task or fulfilled on this planet.


Q: Light language: When do you know you’re channeling it and when you’re just talking gibberish and wanting it to be Light Language?

Your language and your essence will arrive with a hum and a feeling. It will be embodied, and rich in tones, reverberating throughout the system. It will be undeniable that it is a frequency, unlike the hollowness you often experience in your day-to-day interactions. You will be able to be with the language and the song, in a deeply thoughtful and moving way. Your heart will feel expanded, your cells alive, and as though you are expanding beyond measure. Follow the currents and ripples of the tones, they will tell you the truth each time.


Q: Do you have a perspective to share on why so many people are starting to bring their Light Language on at this time?

Yes, your human population is in another upgrade zone where the upper dimensional fields are beginning to fire. You have the first twelve physically within your body - you know this. But you have also the next extensions of all dimensions as a framework, if you will, extending from outside the body. At this time, the first waves of people will begin to understand the thirteenth and fourteenth dimensions.

Inside the 13th you will find a matrix that suspends and connects all individuals within a sequencing web to allow for individuality within a communicative network. Think about your communication systems of the internet web. It is like that, but instead with the mind, bypassing AI. The scientists are experimenting with what they can measure with the web, that they forget that there is much that cannot be measured by their elementary instruments at this time. For this reason, an amplification of psychic type abilities, telepathy and telekinesis phenomena if you will, is activating.

When one remembers, all remember. And for this reason, you will see the populations paying attention to this phenomena accelerate at an unprecedented rate if they choose to keep rolling.


Thank you for that explanation. Will this have any ill effects on the body? And what about those who are not yet looking at their intrinsic starseed connections or intuition?

Interesting question indeed. The biome of the human body is a fascinating multiplex of realms within realms, and organisms working together to allow Soul to fire an impulse into a moving being. The being moves in response to the multiplex and the multiplex responds to the will of the being. And so, one must be aligned on all levels of self to move forward with ease.

Dis-ease will indicate that there may be a resistance field in play that requires some type of clean up, if you will. It will become increasingly important for one to look at the role in which their earthly nutrition plays and the indulgences one allows, but more importantly, it will become increasingly important to not be “lazy” with one's choices. What do we mean by that - your habits in choosing a certain substance are behavioral programs. It is just as easy to choose another substance, but you must override a brain programming telling you that you normally do it the old way. It is no different in physical effort - but the emotional and mental toll will be to a higher degree until the better or more desirable habit is formed.

One must not succumb to the old habits or complacency at this time of rapid shift. Keeping the body in rapid shift will allow the acceleration to move forward with great ease.


Q: What is up with the magnetic poles here, and how is this going to affect Earth in the long term? There are scientists who believe the poles are splitting into two... meaning what!???

Your poles are no different than those of any other planet, it is used in a manner to hold all of the building blocks of that particular space in place.

To date, your Earth poles have been in what science tells you is a North-South relation, but what you do not know yet from your vantage point is that there is also a horizontal pole - but you currently call it the Equator.

The North-South ring is the same divide, but science there does not yet see that. You have energetic divides holding the earth particles in place using the same dimensions your body’s hold. It is no different. Science is just catching up. This is nothing to fear.


Q: Do we all have the ability to connect with you?

This is indeed an interesting question, and while the answer is no, it is indirect.

One who is here as a Starseed will be a part of a circle in a circle. Each circle is like a ripple out chain of information to bring data through to each being who is connected to the same. So there is a first circle who is the rotational immediate council. Then a circle of ambassadors and advisories for each of the represented collectives, and then delivery councils who bring the data out to their respective spaces. Within this way, the circles rotate up and in like a torus field so the information is always direct, but indirect. It is done in this way to avoid misconception and distortion of any information or directions of council.

One is most likely a representation of self and so when receiving or translating information in the Earth form, one is traversing through the body of their original separator.


Q: What do you see for the future of everyone within the [HRA] group (as well as those who will still join, not to mention the separate groups across the world) and our ability to make kick-ass fucking ripples that literally change the timeline to one more… how do I say... favorable for all involved? Can we amplify it even more so on an individual- and then as a whole-collective-level?

Undetermined. Groups of beings are always fluid and allowing for choice of expression and movement. And while all of our members within the IA have a code of conduct, one can choose to step out of that for a time to experience a different vantage point, and that is no different than what you experience within your groups on Earth - although there seems to be more emotionality involved there for the most part.

In this way, there will be some who have chosen and aligned to their mission, and others who bow out or cannot handle the intensity and rigor required. There will be those who choose to only observe and never action their abilities, and there will be those who fall back into habitual Earth-bound behaviors.

Ultimately, the choice and destiny of the individual is always up to the individual themselves. It is much stronger to amplify as a group to stay on track than to be the lonely individual, so in a group is always the favourable way when moving forward. However, one must be mindful to address the underlying motives and to remove the old traumas that may be driving their movements rather than understanding and moving from inspiration and knowing.


Q: I’m interested in hearing about ascension and our teenage children. I have a 13-year-old son that is at the age of “knowing everything” and thinking I’m a whacko. He was an incredibly enlightened child (he is on the spectrum but very high functioning) and now seems very closed off spiritually. How will the Event and ascension look for the stubborn teens?

Your teen is not stubborn. He is dormant until it is his time.

You must learn to witness the soul rather than the shell you see. We understand this can be hard as a pressured elder in your society who thinks they own the youth. You must remember they are soul embodied, and you were but a vessel to bring and deliver them here.

Clear your ideas of what they are or are not doing - that is your conditioning speaking and not your enlightenment.


Q: How can we best help those who are labelled with mental health and prescribed things that can actually make things worse... so many young people seem to be 'suffering'..?

In general, majority of your world does not yet know what is driving up the mental health crisis you experience. This is an Earthly phenomena that rarely is encountered elsewhere and an unfortunate part of the way the body has been designed in your realm. Medicine must catch up to energy - which is some time off yet.

What will shift is when the dream weavers and culture bringers bring more and more of their shift stories to the public eye, gently—timing is not yet here—to begin teaching a new way, a new art. But that time is not now, it is still a ways off in your timeline and would not yet be used for good by the ruling bodies.

For now, it is teaching the tired caregiver how to see Soul, and lift Soul to the surface. Teaching how to lay down the heaviness and allowing the trauma not to be the driving force on planet Earth.

One person and one circle at a time.