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A woman is using her hands to do energy healing on her client who lies relaxed on a message table.

What Kind of Healer Are You?

awakening healer health & body intuition magic mission purpose May 14, 2021

Being a healer seems to be the new craze; everyone and their mom is starting a healing business these days! So how do you know if you are truly a healer or just getting swept up in the current trend?

Well, in my 5 years teaching healers how to step into their magic and start their own healing practices, I’ve seen these unmistakable signs in the ones who truly have being a healer programmed into their fields as part of their mission.

These are some of the main signs that being a healer is your mission:

  • It starts with an intrinsic love of humanity. These are the people who we instinctually lean on for support and guidance. They almost can’t stop themselves from getting involved and trying to make things better in every situation. Even when human behaviour perplexes and frustrates them, they truly want the best for humanity.
  • They are alchemists and detectives, finding motivation in solving puzzles and finding solutions to chaos. They’re always learning and striving for more, never complacent, and not satisfied with the status quo. They can see the bigger picture of what is possible in the world and are ready to roll up their sleeves and be a contribution in making that happen.
  • True healers are nurturing helpers at their core. Now, nurturing doesn’t always mean soft and light and cuddly, or being a pushover, it can sometimes mean holding someone accountable in a tough yet loving way. Healers focus on how they can help first and walk beside others through some of their darkest times. They’re responsive to the needs of the person they are interacting with, rather than reactive or trying to bulldoze to get things done.
  • They uphold strong morals and values, abiding by a strict code of conduct for themselves that is always being adjusted and strengthened. Healers look first to where they can be better humans because they know how much of an impact they truly have on everyone around them. Which is part of the reason the discordance within humanity can be so painful and triggering for them.
  • They are getting a call from deep within to be a healer and a helper. They don't know where it's coming from, and they might not know exactly how to answer it yet, but the more they resist the more painful it becomes. This call is an activation, a signal that it's time to get to work and step into the purpose they designed for themselves.

One of the things that seems to stop healers from really stepping into their mission is not knowing where to start. So we’ve created this super fun and supportive quiz to help you figure out what kind of healer you are and to give you some clues as to where to take your business next.

Click here to take the quiz and find out what kind of healer you are!