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You have lived many lifetimes on other planets, in other realms and timelines as a Star Seed or Multidimensional Being. With all these lifetimes you’ve gained an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience in the healing arts. That’s why you chose to be here on Earth at this time: to help liberate the beings of this planet from the karmic and ancestral bindings holding them stuck in place, repeating stories and cycles that are no longer serving them and contributing to discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction.

But let’s be real: you’re a human this lifetime, too. And with that comes your own set of Ancestral junk, karmic patterns, and emotional trauma you must clear in order to step up and take part in humanity’s evolution.

It's time to remember who you are

D-Codes™ Level 1 is the foundational program in the D-Codes Practitioner Pathway. Where you reconnect to everything you once were, before everyone told you that you can't be that. Because in order to be the light this world needs, that you know you were meant to be, we need to address everywhere you have turned off or dialed down your awareness in favour of a more "normal" human experience.

It's time to start living like the Infinite Beings we truly be!

Where everything already resides within you...

...your soul story, your Starseed lineage, knowledge of who you are and what you're truly capable of as a multi-dimensional soul. It is time to remember all of who you are, and bring that wisdom and  truth forward, back into consciousness. As you carry your soul story forward, you pave the way for the rest of humanity.

The new paradigm of Healing is here, and we are re-writing the language of human consciousness.

"Humans have spent thousands of years learning to adapt to their external environment.

Now it's time to evolve."

- Caitlin Dianna

I can see my mission now.

“I see so much more in myself than I ever thought possible. All the little things I wished I could do or be when I was young aren’t these wild pipe dreams I had … they’re part of my mission.”

It’s not about finding who you are…

...it’s about discovering everything you are holding onto that you are not.

It’s time to let that go.

There is ONE thing that has united all great healers: They have become intimate with the intricate and interlaced systems of the human body. This is the key to unlocking magic beyond that which we ever dreamt possible. And now, you can master these healing arts, as well.
D-Codes™ is an invitation to re-open the star-gates of the body, activate the 12-strand DNA, and eliminate all of the karmic strongholds that have reigned for lifetimes. We ground our ancient wisdom of energy with the science of anatomy & physiology to truly bring healing to the body on all layers, and all levels. Welcome to what it truly means to heal: mind, body, and soul.

What are the D-Codes?

The D-Codes are the gateway between our 3D existence and our morphogenetic field. This field connects us to our source, our original blueprint, and our perfectly whole and healed version of self.

Our human body is physically programmed to be able to read, emit and thrive on the first 12 Dimensions of Consciousness. The quickening hum of the earth; our ability to feel, explore, and have a physical experience; receiving intuitive messages and having those gut knowings... they all work because of our 12 Dimensional Being.

When all 12 Dimensions are able to fire together, in sync, and have equal ability to both receive and emit their unique vibrations, we feel healthy, creative, in flow and able to take on the world.

Our Starseed and Multi-dimensional lineage begins to download and integrate; allowing us to access the ancient knowledge coursing through our soul.

When any one dimension is unable to operate, it creates something we call a Cascade Effect that creates blocks, resistance, disease, immune system issues, allergies, mental health concerns and the myriad of symptoms that come with them.

The D-Codes™ allow us to reunite the rhythms of the body, clear the old programming and energy that was creating the blocks, and restore health and harmony to the client. They can feel like electrical impulses, buzzing, waves of energy, temperature shifts, and even a flow of fluids moving below the skin depending on the frequency we are working with.

“D-Codes™ is THE modality for StarSeed and Multi-Dimensional healers.”

- Caitlin Dianna

You get to bring everything you are into this modality and truly make it your own.

"When Caitlin gives us the information and tools, she doesn’t do so, so we change who we are as healers. She shares with us so we can expand who we are as healers. She teaches us to clear our fields and step into our own power, not the power of others.

Working with Caitlin and learning D-Codes has been such a massive expansion in my self and the work I was already doing, it has truly been life changing, and I wish I would have jumped into this opportunity so much earlier."

Once you've completed D-Codes level 1, you'll be able to...



What you're about to uncover...

D-Codes isn't just a system; it's a bridge between you and your full consciousness. You're about to accelerate into realms you didn't even know were possible.

  • We’re going to turn your intuition on and into high gear! We’ll show you how to trust yourself, trust the energy you’re reading and really start creating the life you want to live.
  • We'll help you unwind all of the constructs, bindings, and limitations that have been holding you back from your full potential.
  • You'll become unfuckwithable: rise above the control dramas, energy vampires, psychic attacks, hijackings, and distortions.
  • It's all about asking the right question. You'll learn how to question outside the box to find the answers you seek.
  • As if by magic, without you even having to do anything extra for it, this work will automatically set you up and prepare you to channel, work with your Guides, Invisi-team and those of your future clients.
  • You'll find out how all of the dimensions work together to create the harmonics in the body, and which tools to use in which dimensions to create the healing required.
  • Dancing through Dimensions: you'll learn how to navigate the most common issues in yourself and others by becoming familiar with the first 7 dimensions.
  • Learn how to read the resonance fields of the body: you'll integrate the art form of understanding the multiple layers to each emotion, story, pain or disease that a human body can create.
  • The Energetic Laws of Healing: Mirrors, Refraction, Resistance, Timing & Free Will must all be considered in every interaction - we'll show you how!
  • You'll be able to sort through what's intuition versus a limited response from trauma and conditioning and know exactly how to clear it so you can make decisions from a place of empowerment.
  • We'll familiarize ourselves with Anatomy & Physiology and why it's so important to know in order to be a kick-ass healer!
  • The Body Never Lies: you'll learn how to see the signs a body displays that can tell you everything you need to know in order to track to the source and clear it for good!
  • You'll learn how to weave your skills together to create an amazing healing session for yourself and others.
  • Bring the body into balance: you'll discover how to recalibrate the physical, emotional & spiritual subtle energies of the human body and bring them back into harmony!
  • Accelerate! You'll see how D-Codes move you so much faster through your own healing, as well as those around you! We're diving into the Quantum world and bridging you back to your source point, where the original songs of your soul start and where anything is possible!

I'm finally trusting my intuition.

"I’m questioning everything now. I have way more awareness of how I talk to myself and really learning to discern what is mine and what is not. I have also realized how much of an emotional sponge I used to be! Started listening and trusting my intuition more.  These are huge for me!”

There is a palpable energy that arises when a circle gathers and the soul of each person present is acknowledged, given space to heal, and space to reveal everything they are.

The Disruptor Codes is a sacred pathway that uncovers the truth of who you are, by casting off everything you are not.

This is the time when you learn how to work magic, move energy, and truly heal from the inside out.

It's the foundation that every human on this planet should be equipped with so that they can live a life free of trauma, Akashic baggage and truly find their wings.

This is the spark from which healers are born. For it is in our own transformation that we begin to light the way for others still to come.

Welcome to the D-Codes.

xo, Caitlin

I'm no longer sick.

"The biggest shift for me though was healing my physical body.  Realizing that my list of physical diagnoses were connected to the emotions I was holding in my body not just from my experiences in this life time, but from family history and past lives."

Here's how this works...

  • 20 Online Classes: Taught live, and recorded for your playback convenience
  • 10 Review & Expansion Pods: You'll be grouped with other students into smaller break-out pods of up to 12 and matched with a mentor who will be there to help you deepen the learning, track into your own healing, and go further with the information
  • Access to an Online Library/ App with your class replays, resources & review topics
  • A forum where you can post questions, get support, find resource materials & build community
  • Opportunity to complete your practicum and receive a D-Codes Level 1 certificate of completion
  • And BONUS: 4 personal healing sessions with your mentor!

And SUPER-DUPER BONUS: Get a free Astrological chart reading with Colbe Barret of Sloth Soul Astrology when you choose the Pay in Full option!

I am creating my dream life!

“I went from living a life of chaos every single day to creating a life that is beginning to flow with ease and grace. I used to only see the limitations of my life and now look for what else is possible.  Other people are not affecting my field anymore. I am staying true to myself. I’m now the creator of my life!”

Frequently Asked Questions

All the A's to your Q's about the D-Codes Level 1 program logistics can be found below!

What is the schedule and time commitment?

Classes are on Wednesdays at 5pm PDT (Los Angeles; Vancouver) weekly starting on October 20, 2021.

Time Zone Conversions:

  • Wednesdays at 8pm EDT (Toronto; New York)
  • Thursdays at 1am BST (London; Liverpool)
  • Thursdays at 10am AEST (Sydney; Melbourne)

Classes run over zoom and last about 60-90 minutes once a week for 20 weeks.

10 Pods at 2 hours each will be spread out over the 20 weeks as well. You won’t have a pod every week, but some weeks might have some back to back.

On top of that, you will have homework, quizzes, and practice sessions with your peers. The time allotment for that will be up to you, but most students spend on average an additional 30-120 minutes on these per week.

The more you immerse yourself in this work, the faster you’ll pick up the codes! But how much time you spend practicing is really up to you.


What’s included in D-Codes Level 1?

- 20 Online Classes: Taught live, and recorded for your playback convenience.

- 10 Review & Expansion Pods: You'll be grouped with other students into smaller break-out pods of up to 12 and matched with a mentor who will be there to help you deepen the learning, track into your own healing, and go further with the information.

- Access to an Online Library/ App with your class replays, resources & review topics.

- A forum where you can post questions, get support, find resource materials & build community.

- Opportunity to complete your practicum and receive a D-Codes Level 1 certificate of completion

- And BONUS: 4 personal healing sessions with your mentor!

- And SUPER-DUPER BONUS: Get a free Astrological chart reading with Colbe Barret of Sloth Soul Astrology when you choose the Pay in Full option!


What are the Review & Expansion Pods About?

We know that having someone to walk beside you as you unwind the tough stuff is super important.

That's why you'll be matched with a Mentor who has been through this program before and into a smaller break-out group of your peers (up to 12 total students max) to personalize your D-Codes journey!

You'll stick with your pod group and mentor throughout the entire Level 1 program, giving you that continuity that is so needed when learning something new and making big changes in our lives.

Each pod group will meet together 10 times to practice the tracking skills and deepen into the knowledge you're learning in class in a small group setting.

As a bonus, because we know that getting one-on-one support can make all the difference in this work, you will receive four (4) individual healing sessions with your mentor!

That's a TON of extra support!


Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, there are 2 prerequisites required to sign up for D-Codes Level 1:

1. An active membership in the Healers Rising Academy.
HRA teaches all the foundational skills needed to be successful in starting your D-Codes training, and our students use the lessons and resources inside their Healers Rising membership library for their D-Codes work all the time. In the past we have allowed non-members to join D-Codes and found the students were not able to keep up with the lessons and would get behind very quickly.

You can find out about Healers Rising here: caitlindianna.com/academy

2. Access to the Healer, Clear the Way Akashic Records course
You don't have to be done the entire course before you sign up for Level 1. Many of our students take in the HCW lessons alongside their D-Codes Level 1 studies. The goal is to be able to demonstrate proficiency in your ability to access, read, and collapse Akashic Records, cords, and contracts by the time D-Codes Level 1 is complete. So in that way it's not a prerequisite but it is a requirement to have. Just make sure you have purchased the Healer, Clear the Way course by the 4th week of D-Codes Level 1 class, if you haven't already. You will maintain access to Healer, Clear the Way for the lifetime of the product.

You can find out about it here: caitlindianna.com/akashic


What happens when I complete D-Codes Level 1? Do I get certified as a Practitioner?

Once you’ve completed all your classes and submitted all your assignments, you will be able to decide if you wish to complete your practicum to receive a certificate of completion.

If you decide that is the right next step for you, you will be offered the opportunity to complete a practicum, which consists of 10 case studies.

We will make sure all students who have completed the D-Codes course are given the complete details on the practicum requirements so that you can make an informed decision.

Upon successful completion of the practicum, you will receive a certificate of completion and can use the skills you've picked up along the way in building your own healing practice, if you choose!

D-Codes Level 1 healing sessions cover: Akashic Readings, Mediumship, Emotional Release, and Basic Cord & Contract Removal.

Those who complete D-Codes level 1 are then invited to continue on to Level 2 for the next stage of practitioner training.


Do I have to want to be a professional healer?

No, not in Level 1. In this level, the teachings are first focused inwards as we can not reflect into our clients that which we do not understand ourselves. Level 1 is fantastic for healing yourself, your ancestral line, and your body! It also beautifully sets the foundation for you to build or deepen your healing practice if that is your pathway.

Completing the practicum is only required if you wish to continue on to Level 2.


What if I don't have people to practice on or with?

In the early learning phase, we're going to work with our peers to practice all of the new skills! You’ve got built-in practice buddies in your classmates!


Where did the D-Codes come from?

The D-Codes were partially channeled to Caitlin as she was working with a number of clients in early 2018. In this channeling, she was shown how to take all of her previous training and layer it together to create a holistic approach to what it really means to heal the body, mind and soul. New pathways were opened up and understandings of how the body operates in the 12 Dimensions of current reality. 

Caitlin has been studying energy work, anatomy, and physiology for as long as she can remember. After taking over 13 different healing courses and equine, canine & human osteopathic courses, she is now working towards completing her Doctor of Natural Medicine Degree to bring even more of her knowledge to the program!


How long do I have access to the training?

The class materials will be available to you until the end of the respective certificate period. At that time, the teaching library will be revoked. You are able to keep and reference any of your printed materials.

If you quit the program at any point and do not complete the payments in full, your library access will be revoked.


Cancellation & refund policy

Course cancellation and refund requests may be received by email to [email protected] up to 10 days after your initial sign up. No refunds will be issued on or after the 11th day from your original sign-up date.

Please note, any 1-on-1 sessions completed during this time period will be deducted from the refund amount in the total of $185 CAD each, as well as the cost of any mailed materials.



Magic is part of my everyday life.

“I don’t think I have a day now that I don’t Truth Test or think about open trajectories, checking in with my body, really listening to any change.  When I have an ache or pain, I automatically start to check in on an energetic level, doing some emotional release and clearing statements.”