"Humans have spent thousands of years learning to adapt to their external environment.

Now it's time to evolve."

- Caitlin Dianna

D-Codes Level I

There is ONE thing that has united all great healers: They have become intimate with the intricate and interlaced systems of the human body.

This is the key to unlocking magic beyond that which we ever dreamt possible. And now, you can master these healing arts, as well. D-Codes™ is an invitation to re-open the star-gates of the body, activate the 12-strand DNA, and eliminate all of the karmic strongholds that have reigned for lifetimes.

We ground our ancient wisdom of energy with the science of anatomy & physiology to truly bring healing to the body on all layers, and all levels. Welcome to what it truly means to heal: mind, body, and soul.

You have lived many lifetimes on other planets, in other realms and timelines as a Star Seed or Multidimensional Being. With all these lifetimes you’ve gained an untapped wealth of knowledge and experience in the healing arts. That’s why you chose to be here on Earth at this time: to help liberate the beings of this planet from the karmic and ancestral bindings holding them stuck in place, repeating stories and cycles that are no longer serving them and contributing to discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction.

But let’s be real: you’re a human this lifetime, too. And with that comes your own set of Ancestral junk, karmic patterns, and emotional trauma you must clear in order to step up and take part in humanity’s evolution.

It's time to remember who you are

D-Codes™ Level 1 is the foundational program in the D-Codes Practitioner Pathway. Where you reconnect to everything you once were, before everyone told you that you can't be that. Because in order to be the light this world needs, that you know you were meant to be, we need to address everywhere you have turned off or dialed down your awareness in favour of a more "normal" human experience.

It's time to start living like the Infinite Beings we truly be!

What are the D-Codes?

What are the D-Codes?
  • Our human body is physically programmed to be able to read, emit and thrive on the first 12 Dimensions of Consciousness. The quickening hum of the earth; our ability to feel, explore, and have a physical experience; receiving intuitive messages and having those gut knowings... they all work because of our 12 Dimensional Being.
  • When all 12 Dimensions are able to fire together, in sync, and have equal ability to both receive and emit their unique vibrations, we feel healthy, creative, in flow and able to take on the world.
  • Our Starseed and Multi-dimensional lineage begins to download and integrate; allowing us to access the ancient knowledge coursing through our soul.
  • When any one dimension is unable to operate, it creates something we call a Cascade Effect that creates blocks, resistance, disease, immune system issues, allergies, mental health concerns and the myriad of symptoms that come with them.
  • The D-Codes™ allow us to reunite the rhythms of the body, clear the old programming and energy that was creating the blocks, and restore health and harmony to the client. They can feel like electrical impulses, buzzing, waves of energy, temperature shifts, and even a flow of fluids moving below the skin depending on the frequency we are working with.

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

Where Everything already resides within you...

...your soul story, your Starseed lineage, knowledge of who you are and what you're truly capable of as a multi-dimensional soul.

It is time to remember all of who you are, and bring that wisdom and  truth forward, back into consciousness.

As you carry your soul story forward, you pave the way for the rest of humanity.

The new paradigm of Healing and Healers is here and we are re-writing the language of human consciousness.

“D-Codes™ is THE modality for StarSeed and Multi-Dimensional healers.”

- Caitlin Dianna

Here's how this works...

  • 16 Online Classes: Taught live, and recorded for your playback convenience.
  • 8 Review & Expansion Pods: You'll be assigned a mentor who will be there to help you deepen the learning, track into your own healing, and go farther with the information.
  • Access to an Online Library/ App with your class replays, resources & review topics.
  • Complete your practicum for certification and directory listing as a D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner.
  • A forum where you can post questions, get support, find resource materials & build community.
  • And BONUS: a personal healing session with Caitlin, and one with your Mentor! 


Do I get Certified as a practitioner?

Mid-way through the course, you will be able to begin your practicum. The practicum will consist of test sessions that you complete, have your volunteer fill in a review form and go over with your mentor.

Upon successful completion of your practicum, a D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner will be able to provide healing sessions covering: Akashic Readings, Mediumship, Emotional Release, and Basic Cord & Contract Removal.

What happens when I complete D-Codes Level 1?

You'll be able to complete your practicum and receive your Certification.

Upon successful certification, you can now call yourself a D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner AND be listed on our locational directory.

Begin or expand your energy healing practice with your new skills.

Continue into Level 2 where we begin to learn cranio-sacral adjustments, how to reverse disease, working with walk-ins, bridging contact with further exo-species, and more!

Where did the D-Codes come from?

The D-Codes were partially channeled to Caitlin as she was working with a number of clients in early 2018. In this channeling, she was shown how to take all of her previous training and layer it together to create a holistic approach to what it really means to heal the body, mind and soul. New pathways were opened up and understandings of how the body operates in the 12 Dimensions of current reality. 

Caitlin has been studying energy work, anatomy, and physiology for as long as she can remember. After taking over 13 different healing courses and equine, canine & human osteopathic courses, she is now working towards completing her Doctor of Natural Medicine Degree to bring even more of her knowledge to the program!

Cancellation & refund policy

Course cancellations may be received up to 30 days after your initial sign up.

You may request a refund of funds paid up to 30 days after your initial sign up, no questions asked.

No refunds will be issued after the 31st day from your sign up date.

Please note, any 1-on-1 sessions completed during this time period will be deducted from the refund amount in the total of $185 CAD, as well as cost of any mailed materials. 

The new paradigm of Healers is here

We have awoken, and now we rise to usher in a new global consciousness. As D-Coders we throw open the door to the 5th Dimension for all of Humanity. As D-Coders we walk along this path and through the door together, with purpose, with love, and with complete confidence in our soul's sovereignty. As D-Coders we are the teachers, leaders, story-tellers, and the Wayshowers for those who choose to walk beside us. And for those who choose to follow in our footsteps as we heal our way into the new world.

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I started the D-Codes Practitioner Course as an RMT and Reiki Master. I wanted to expand what I was doing with my current energy work and bodywork sessions. This course was perfect!  

D-Codes allowed me to use my knowledge of the body and body systems and go even deeper. Our in-person workshops were great. We were able to apply our learnings and test the outcomes on each other before we worked with clients.

D-Codes weaves the knowledge about the body systems with the knowledge of energy and resonance fields. In D-Codes you learn where the body is actually holding onto emotion and blocking the flow within. You learn how the lack of flow is affecting the client’s physical body too. You can visually see a difference in their bodies with before and after photos. It was amazing!

My clients are seeing better results and results that are lasting longer.  

I recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to learn how the body works in a physical and energetic way. Caitlin's teaching technique is very unique. You get to play and discover first, then crack the books.

Samantha Ross

D-Codes is the bomb.com. It was the missing puzzle piece I had been searching for, for oh so long. It allowed me to combine intuition, science, homeopathy, sound healing and more in a way that super-charged my healing journey so I could guide others with theirs. Did I mention it allowed me to cure shingles in my own body in days with no antibiotics or chemicals? If you get your yes, run straight into this learning. It’s such a powerful knowing.

Denise Ruddick

Working with clients for a few years now I have always had a disconnect of why and how the body stored emotions. When practicing Reiki on people and animals, it quickly became readily apparent that there was a strong correlation of our past woundings being held onto in the physical body. In sessions we would work on one area of discomfort, the client would begin to shift, but soon I found that they would not remain shifted or healed.


But why was this? How was it returning to the body in physical forms of ailments so repeatedly after we already targeted that area? Why were people not able to fully heal things? I had to know.


By opening myself up to learning about D-Codes I was able to bridge that gap and grasp the full scope of my dearly sought answers. Not only does the mind and body connect directly via cellular memory, neural pathways, nerves, hormones, and so much more physically but also the energy stored within the cells themselves. I discovered in the D-Codes teaching that in my previous sessions, I was not getting to the true root of the issue(s). And much like a tree, if you don’t extract the roots of it all, it will grow back! 


D-Codes taught me to follow the client’s body map, much like on a treasure hunt of sorts, until we can locate, then unlock the main point of the held memory or trauma. Once we discover the origin, we can then unlock the roots of it to set them and the client free, once and for all, thus resulting in the ailment simply dissipating. Whether it be physical, emotional or mental - once you get the roots out, the clients have significant shifts that actually last! As you can imagine, the ripple affects simple ease forward in a variety of ways, creating space for them to yet again, be happy, inspired and feeling weightlessly free! 


D-Codes has truly allowed me a deeper understanding of my clients’ bodies, minds, dis-ease, and of them as a whole. With each client booking I am always excited to see what new pathway I can travel alongside them on to assist them to finally free themselves into a new way of living!

Benita Wallis

The best way I can describe D-Codes and the effect it has brought into my life is it’s magical. 

Having it run on my body has brought back feeling into my jaw, teeth, and lips, from surgery I had about 5 years prior. It has gotten rid of sciatic nerve pain that was affecting me and my ability to walk at the end of each day during pregnancy.

However, the best thing it’s done is bring me clarity, and helped me balance my emotions, to communicate with my body in ways I have never been able to do. It helped me bypass my mind and allowed my body to heal and release. In turn I can determine what it requires with food, movement, and personal healing work. 

Being more in tune with self has helped me tenfold in healing sessions with others. Creating a wonderful balance of self awareness and trust that helps me guide and facilitate healing with others, helping them unfold and heal in ways they didn’t know to be possible.

Kristy Miller

I have been so honored to participate in the course and learn about the D-Codes. The first in-person class was beyond words. When I arrived, I was dealing with a green bean allergy, and some pretty severe back pain. I had been going to a chiropractor multiple times a week to manage what was happening in my body. Within being in the energy of the codes, my back was already starting to reset itself. By the first time we were running the codes I was almost completely straight and my back was back into alignment. I had also reversed my green bean allergy. This healing modality is so amazing. I'm so excited to use it to help people and continue to use it to help myself. 

Caitlin is an amazing teacher and showed me how important these codes are for healing, not just others, but also yourself. It's been a gift that I really cannot put a price on (plus being able to eat green beans again is freaking amazing).

Kelly Lorraine

I began working with Caitlin in 2019. I entered WayShowers 1, then signed up for WayShowers 2, and now D-Codes. What you learn from her is damn near unexplainable. She has a way of digging into experiences that no one has any idea how much they have rocked your world, pulling them forward and allowing you the space to let the emotions out of them, so you can move forward. She allows you to see her whole being, if you're willing, and take you on a journey of self discovery and finding a new discernment. She gives you tools to find the hidden truths within oneself, and within ours and the world around us. What can I say, always learning, always moving forward and finding ways to move my stuff out of the way to help others. Thank you, Caitlin, for giving me the opportunity to come into everything that has been waiting for me to recognize it, and know and own it.

Claudette Carlson

My journey with D-Codes has been nothing short of amazing! I have been able to use this modality to transform the work I do with people and for myself. I have clients come in for a session, loaded down with worries and anxiety and ailments, and watch them leave standing taller, straighter, more aligned and light; a full body, mind and soul connection. I consistently hear stories from people about how good they feel after a session, how deep they could feel the energetic changes within them, and how empowered they feel to be able to continue in this flow.

What has been most eye-opening about D-Codes to me has not been just the effect on my clients but also the effects it has had on me. I don’t have the words to describe the level of awareness at which I now function in every aspect of my life. I’ve eliminated allergies and bad habits that have made me sick. I no longer suffer from anxiety, depression and fear. I work with my body now, not against it. I truly feel like I can do ANYTHING.

To be honest, this isn’t some energy healing class where you show up for a day, receive an activation, and then you’re ready to channel healing into people’s bodies. This is work, digging deep, facing your truths and lies and moving forward anyway. It requires a firm commitment to yourself. If you are ready to invest in yourself -body, mind and soul- then you need to learn D-Codes. Your life will never be the same again…in a fabulous way!

Krystee Sager

I didn’t know how badly I needed D-Codes in my life until my first training session as a practitioner. I was curious about what it could do for me because I had been on a quest for answers to reverse my autoimmune diagnosis. For years I had seen what other modalities had done for me in terms of clarity of healing I needed to do emotionally, but never what my body needed to return back to a state of thriving and not just existing. Through D-Codes, my body has awakened and turned on aspects of itself that had been shut down for years due to neglect, medication, and doubt. It’s given me access to belief again, that not only can I go back to being the person I was before this diagnosis, but the whole and complete version I was supposed to be when I came to this life. It’s given me freedom, connection with myself that I didn’t think possible, and a sense of redemption that I can help others through their medical journeys too.

Shannon Smith

I am both a student and a client of Caitlin’s. I started as a student first, which allowed me to see I needed to be a client to continue my growth. 

D-Codes has given me balance in my life and a beautiful ability to realize when that balance is off. When I look back at where I started from and see where I am now I don’t even recognize the person I used to be.. I am now able to start living my best life. That being said, deciding to learn how to run D-Codes is opening up a world to me that I can share with others and help them to start living their best lives. 

D-Codes is an amazing mix of science, energy, and spirituality. Having this amazing trifecta included in the process, it makes the healing session relatable to all different beliefs.

Laurel Galloway

What is this? How can it help me? I have had the privilege of being the receiver and the giver in this modality. As a receiver it opened the doors for me to fully remember who I am. It healed so many things that I was holding in various parts of my body thinking “Oh, my weight is there because of my surgery.” Well no that isn’t why it was there. What feelings and emotions was I holding there? More than I cared to look at. By looking at these emotions and healing them I was able to process them better and at the same time see the physical changes in my body. It works!

As a healer I now have the ability to assist others in healing things that I never dreamed possible. I can better connect with my clients by speaking a language we all understand: “ I feel some tension in your right shoulder.” It allows us to connect at a simple level and bring up so much more that is deep inside.  Does D-Codes work? Absolutely! Are you ready to heal not just your soul but your physical body as well? I know I am.

Angie Readd