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When Your Truth Testing is Broken

akashic records intuition walk-ins Aug 10, 2020

Discernment for self is sooooo important. It’s why one of the first things I teach all of my students is a tool I call Truth Testing.

I’ve even made a 3-video Truth Testing training series and put it on Youtube so anyone can learn this for free! Even if all you have is this basic intuitive tool, it can make a big difference in your life.

So today’s blog post is for all of you who are feeling like your truth testing is broken and it just won’t work.

Maybe you’re asking and getting one answer and when you ask again you get a different one. Or your body says one thing and your pendulum says another.

It’s not a sign that you’re not cut out to be a psychic bad-ass or healer or that you should quit. That’s the lie, and believing it will hold you back from accessing and getting really really good at all you can actually do!

I’ve been getting all kinds of messages and seeing so many posts in the Healers Rising Academy group lately from our newest members saying things like, “I truth tested it and I got one answer, and when I truth tested it again and I got another…” or “my body said one thing and my pendulum said something else."

To which I have to ask: Why didn’t you go with your first answer? Why wasn’t the first one the right one? Why did you have to go back and ask again?

Dig into that for a second. Because there is a reason you aren’t trusting yourself here.

I’m going to lovingly suggest that instead of continuing to ask the same question, you either take action from the one you got the first time, or ask a different question to take it further and get more information.

If you’re a parent I’m sure you can relate to this one: Your kid comes up to you and asks if they can have a Popsicle. You say, sure. Then 5 minutes later they come up and ask you for a Popsicle, again. You’re not going to say yes again. You’re going to change the answer. Our intuition works kind of like that.

Part of becoming a really good healer and intuitive is learning to ask epic questions.

I really want to encourage you guys, don’t ask the same damn question over and over! Ask once and if you are still unsure then ask some clarifying questions.

Getting good at asking the right questions is a skill. It’s a muscle that we need to work. So if you’re finding it challenging to come up with really good questions to ask, it’s time to ask for what you really want. Here are a couple that I use when I get stuck:

“What would it take to know the next right question to ask that would get me to a place of clarity on this subject?”
“If I weren’t feeling stuck right now, what question would I ask to get to the next piece of information?”

And then release it. Let it go and be willing to receive the answer. A good question might pop into your head. Someone may ask it out loud. The person who can help might pop into your awareness or send you a text. Or maybe you’ll get the urge to go into the kitchen to grab a snack and along the way the info will just drop in. That’s intuition too.

A slightly different yet similar reason I see truth testing not working: You already have a point of view or idea of what the outcome “should” be.

If you’re holding a particular viewpoint, belief, idea or expectation, your truth testing is either going to give you the answer that you “think” is right, or it will give you mixed up answers. So clear all the expectations and projections you are holding and try again.

Now, what if none of the above is your exact situation and you genuinely aren’t getting anywhere with your truth testing?

Here are some possibilities to dig into:

>The tool you’re using needs to be in sync with your energy field right in this moment. So if your pendulum hops and shakes around when you pick it up or doesn’t move at all that’s a good sign it’s not synced up to work with you. You can see if you can program it to work, or look for another tool. It should start circling around or moving back and forth when you pick it up as if to say, “I’m ready to get to work.” Test your tools every time. It will help you.

>Are you practicing with inconsequential things all day every day? Because if you aren’t practicing with the things that really don’t make that big of a difference to you in the grand scheme of things and are just waiting to use it on the big scary life changing decisions, you’re not going to trust what you get anyway. So we have to start following our intuition in the most mundane moments.

>Another thing I see often, and I've totally been guilty of this too, is my clients and students stopping themselves or going into a control drama when they're not instantly getting the answer they want or aren't the best at it at first. How easily do you just give up when you get one thing wrong or get to that place of feeling stuck? Do you play into the negative self talk or expect someone to give you all the answers? If this is something you’re dealing with, it’s time to dig into why you aren’t allowed to be the student or to make mistakes. And use your clearing tools here too.

>After all of that if you’re still getting wonky answers, it could be outside interference. Walk-ins, entity attachments, cords and contracts, implants and transponders, and curses and psychic attacks can all influence our internal radar systems and our ability to get the messages. If you're not equipped to deal with these then it's time to book a session with an experienced healer who knows how to find and clear these. I also teach all of these concepts throughout the D-Codes™ practitioner training program.

I don’t care if you are a brand new beginner or think you suck at all of this. Truly you don’t. All it is is you don’t know what question to ask and in what order to layer the tools and how to track what’s going on in your body yet. And that’s perfectly normal. But if you don’t give yourself the space and grace to be the student, you’re gonna quit on yourself before you get the work done or to the place of understanding.

So here’s your homework: “Where am I not allowing myself to be the student here? Where am I stopping myself before I even get started? Where does that come from? And what else could I ask to get clarity on this subject?” And then use some clearing statements and emotional release to give yourself some space. And if you’re able to, hop into those Akashic Records to collapse it for good.