Healer, Clear the Way

Let's get behind the energy fields holding you back from achieving your goals, dreams and purpose. Through the Akashic Records we can get to the root, the point of origin, and break the cycles holding you hostage.

Hey, There's an easier way forward. Are you coming?

You've been living your Akashic Records your entire life. Every relationship, cycle and synchronicity is part of a story you're already written.

Similarly, every drama, trauma, belief and duality is also part of this story's fabric.

What if all of your medical diagnoses are just an energetic key unlocking your personal diary; a window into where you’re still carrying drama, trauma and duality?

What if the things you struggle with, both inside and out, are actually showing you the portal in; to the place where the healing begins?

Would you venture in to the places and spaces you've forgotten to uncover the secrets that will set you free?

The Origin

The Akashic Records are not the peak of the Healer's ascension ladder. They are just the beginning. For inside the Records are the keys, understanding, lessons and information you've guarded for centuries that unlock your body, your energy field and your mind.

The secrets of your existence. 
The magic that you be.
The gifts you possess.

Right in plain sight.

Cleverly stored and ready for access at any time, nestled within the beautifully complex organism of your body. Ready to be rediscovered, integrated and woven into the next chapter of our soul's purpose.

The wise don't stop at the Akashic Records. They know they've only just begun.

- Caitlin Dianna

have you ever wondered

have you ever wondered
  • Why the same types of things keep happening to and around you?
  • Why no matter what you do with your body, it doesn’t want to change? Weight? Allergies? Chronic Illness? Ugh.
  • What your purpose here on this planet is?
  • Why you get triggered and distracted so easily?
  • What's holding you back from achieving "balance" and flow in your life?
  • Why you feel like you're chasing your tail and living in perpetual Groundhog Day?

We can change all of it... once we see the way in.

I'm going to show you how to use the Gateway of the Akashic Records to start re-writing your story. How to begin the process of eliminating pain, trauma, low energy, endlessly annoying cycles and more! How to take those big life lessons and begin weaving the new path you desire to be on. Say hello to your new friend, Freedom.

Inside This Course

You're uncovering 8 modules that will walk you through:
  • What the Akashic Records are.
  • What Resonance Fields are and why they are the key.
  • How to access and read your own records.
  • What the 4D grid is and how to transcend the drama and trauma.
  • How to clear, rewrite, and consciously create new paths using the Akashic Records.
  • Clearing Cords and Contracts - the right way.
  • Accessing records in your dream state and analyzing and remembering your dreams.
  • How to integrate the lessons and boldly move forward into your desired way of being.

How does this work?


Watch your private online library grow as you unlock new lessons and learnings every week! Each lesson will be broken down into mini-lessons, with between 2-4 companion videos for you to watch at your leisure.


In addition to each week's lessons, there will be exercises and homework for you to download so you may begin journaling, experimenting, and integrating your learnings into your daily life.


For those desiring more hands-on support, community, and mentorship, we have a private community for Healers just like you! Be sure to sign up for Healers Rising, the Facebook community led live by Caitlin Dianna!

Course Outline

A snapshot of what we'll cover in each lesson. Each module contains 2 to 4 lessons to explore each topic, apply the skills and make learning the Akashic Records easy!

There's a consciousness going on behind every single thing you're experiencing, and you can clear it.

- Caitlin Dianna

Step into your Akashics, unlock your potential

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After all those years of searching and seeking.. this is where I am glad to have landed. Right here. Right now. In these classes. Doing this ‘work’. Expanding, healing, loving and inspired living once again!

- Benita W.

I have been studying different kinds of energy work for about 6 years, in the 4 months I’ve spent working with Caitlin I have come further in my intuition than I did in the 6 years working with other healers! I now feel confident and my intuition is so on point.

- Kristy M.

There are no gimmick or tricks or hidden agendas with Caitlin. Take one of her classes or mentorships and you will NEVER look at life the same way again. My mind has been blown so many times and each time, it only gets better.

- Krystee Sager

Caitlin has helped me with so many changes in my past and current situations. She is MAF. (magicial as f**k) I highly recommend taking any of the courses she has to offer. if you got this far it must be a sign to help yourself and others.

- Cindy Goldstone

I love Caitlin's energy and classes! My motive when I signed up for her classes was to learn how I could help my children. I grew more than I ever thought I could. She taught me the tools I needed to tap into what I already had. She is very talented in what she does, she has great energy, her classes are even more than I even imagined and the amount of knowledge I have gained from Caitlin, and still am learning, is priceless. I would, and have, recommend her to anyone.

- Barb White