Healers Rising

A community for stepping into your mission and who you came here to be.

We were never meant to go through the Awakening process alone. In Ancient times, and when new souls are born in other galaxies, a Mentor would step forward to nurture, support and ignite the innate curiosity of the becoming Being. 

Awakening & rising into who we came here to be isn’t always easy. The false promises of ascension we’ve been provided and the checklists of bodily symptoms that could mean one thousand other things keep us in the sleep-walking state. We’ve been made to believe that awakening is accompanied by fluffy ideals that don’t include the reality we are in. And, it keeps us in a bypass dance. Leaving us feeling lost, overwhelmed, and not sure where to turn.

That stops now.

Healers Rising is here for you to unfold and step into the Light Worker and Grid Weaver you came here to be. To let you open up to your innate abilities that are required to shift the consciousness forward. To give you a space to be held, supported & nurtured as you answer the call. 

The world may be holding its breath, but you don’t have to. You’ve seen the whole timeline. You know who wins. Now it’s time to align and live it with absolute integrity each and every day. 

I’m here to help you cut through the mainstream meta-fluff holding the whole collective back. We’re ditching the airy-fairy, got you nowhere, just “go-within” guidance, for the real and tangible ways that we move this mission forward. 

The world isn't changed by pointing out what everyone else is doing wrong. Rather, it's changed by each of us following our own true north and being the example.

This is the movement we have created in Healers Rising.

Healers Rising is for you if you are...

  • a Starseed, Elemental or Lightworker here to shift Gaia forward
  • just starting to awaken and to explore who you might be
  • a Healer helping people move from hurt to healed
  • a seeker of truth, invoker of curiosity or existentialist ready to break free of the meta-molds
  • here to disrupt the status quo and help write the new one
  • a Teacher who is rising up to inspire the people to know and live in magic & possibility
  • here to break the chains and clear out the trauma cycles locking us in on this Earth plane
  • a Messenger bringing the channels, the truths, the data from the other side to share those streams of consciousness
  • feeling the call to stand up in your authentic truth and own your magic

    Whether you're just starting to awaken, or have been unraveling and exploring for years, you're welcome here. 
 done by people acting as a group.

We're creating the world we want to see here in the Healers Rising Academy. We're bringing back mentorship, a safe place to land, the invitations and the play to waking up to your infinite potential.

We're here to help you step into who you came here to be.

Each month's topic centers around these key principles...

Your evolution guides everything we do inside the academy.


Step into the knowing of who you are and how your individual path moves forward. We may be exploring a topic together, but how it weaves into your life is unique to your story.


Conclusions are the killers of all consciousness. Learn how to live in wonder, only temporarily pausing at an answer until the next wave of understanding opens. Fluidity. Open. In sync.

You're Human

Real, practical ways to take the magic into your day-to-day life to make everything flow, as if by magic! Learn how to ground the existential truths of the universe into your 12 Dimensional being.


This isn't just a group, it's a soul tribe. The friends people have made within our circle are lifers. Be seen and loved for who you really are. Have a safe space to express, explore, and have fun!


We have Earth-Keepers & Elementals in our circle, too! Each realm has wisdom to share with the others. Be a friend and helper for all who walk this plane, no matter where they are from.


Ditch the conditioning of control dramas and energy pulls. We're here to help you hold yourself accountable as you rediscover your truth before the world tried to shape you.


 Learn how to bridge relationships with the thousands of species within the multi-verse, build authentic communication pathways, and find the levels of your Starseed history.


We show you how to shatter the old paradigm you've been living in, so that you can step forth into the timeline you came here to create. Old programming falls away as you master the art of soul.

As a Healers Rising Member you're gaining access to...

Live Training

Step into circle with Caitlin & the community every month to ground the existential wisdom of the Universe into your everyday life. New themes, Collectives & Archetypes are brought forth to enrich your experience. Plus, join our featured Teachers in special segments throughout the year!

Online Digital Library

Full of trainings, resources & replays from all previous HRA classes. From foundational work to advanced skill building, there's everything you need to excel. Meditations, inspired oracle & tarot spreads, seasonal magic & much more!

Featured Teachers

For a robust metaphysical experience, we bring in talented Mentors, Healers & Teachers to share their craft with you! It takes a village, and we have a beautiful one. Astrology, Beyond Reiki, Light Language & Healing Through Art are just some of the extra curriculars you will be able to access.

How does HRA work?

  • HRA is a monthly (or yearly) membership community
  • Each month I bring forth a new theme with Archetypes, Collectives, Galactic history or current world energy to explore
  • Live trainings occur 2-4 times per month within the zoom circle
  • Accelerations, group journeys, meditations & deepening exercises are created to help you integrate the information
  • All the new content is added to your Online Digital Library (which already houses a ton of training! Just wait 'til you see it!)
  • Oh, and there's an app for that! Access everything from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • You get support from myself & the entire HRA community inside the private Facebook group where you can ask your questions, share experiences and connect with your soul fam!
"For a long time I felt like things were never going to be different. I do not feel like I’m drowning anymore. Emotionally, mentally, physically or financially. I can say I have been lifted out of the proverbial “mud.” {..}
Thanks for holding my hand a little bit while I really learned to love myself! I’m so excited for the next steps in my path. That is something I never thought I would feel again. 
I would recommend joining this soul fam to anyone and everyone, it saved my life."
~ Sara K.

We've been waiting for you. It's your time to rise.

We no longer have to tread through the awakening process alone. Inside the circle, you're being welcomed into a community where others have been where you are, or have already come through. The mentors, the teachers, the peers and your soul fam are ready to welcome you home. Grab your spot and I'll see you on the inside! 

“I joined when the last Starseed Accelerator program launched earlier last year. Sometimes it felt like there was so much new information to take in and comprehend I was concerned I wouldn't be able to do it. Like it wasn't my "thing". That maybe I needed to stick to a more surface level of knowledge to carry on with.

But I decided to just take in what I can and hope the rest comes to me when I'm ready. Honestly one day it just clicks! When you up-level so quickly, you need time to catch up. It won't happen in a day. It's a lifetime of learning. You've got this! Take the pressure off and just enjoy the process and journey. I still have aha moments where I didn't understand a year ago but only now I can comprehend it. The best part of all of this, is we have each other to lean on.”
~ Kristie N.