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If you're like many of the Starseeds & Intuitives I know, you've likely been

spinning your wheels in circles, not making the progress or the impact

you came here to make. 

Up until now, we've been: 

  • mistaking past-life trauma for our intuition, allowing fear and conditioning to call the shots in what we do

  • taking others word for it - allowing gurus to tell us what the awakening process should look like and what's true/ what's not

  • in information overload, quite possibly resulting in a lack of action from not knowing what to put into place or how to actually apply it to life

  • trying to fit ourselves into a box of what the perfect "woke folk" should look like, sound like, eat and move like

  • focusing on the "love and light" concepts and avoiding the shadow work 

  • and compartmentalizing our magic - only using it when in a circle or class or perhaps in private, and not weaving it into everyday life

You may have even forgotten that you brought your own brand of magic and possibility to share with others on this planet as a part of the original dream for this earth plane. 


Our mission here in Healers Rising is to help you put everything you know (and are still learning) into action to create the real and lasting results you've been craving so that you can step back into your mission and fall in love with your purpose. 
Say no more - I'm ready!

In The Healers Rising Academy, we take a wholistic approach

Expanding our Perspectives

We're here to break free of the thought programming and mainstream meta fluff! 

We'll help you to:

  • become the observer and freelancer you were born to be
  • dispel the "common sense" that may not even be true
  • question everything from a space of welcome neutrality
  • and truly embody what it means to think outside the box

Why? Because no great mystery was ever solved by thinking, questioning and acting the same way over and over again.

Fortifying our Fields

We want you to become un-f*ckwithable! Soul sovereignty and freedom is achieved when we:

  • learn and apply the clearing and healing techniques that actually get results
  • are able to hold our energy field without struggling with energy drains
  • can have true, respectful communion with our guides, family, friends and others on this planet
  • have kindred souls in our corner to share our magic with, challenge each other to grow, and become the sacred witness

We'll help you to come back to your centre, your true north, so you can navigate life without the constant drain.

Raising our Consciousness

As we clear what’s been holding us back, we make space for new awareness, new missions to unlock, new levels of evolution.

By expanding our consciousness we: 

  • bust through the status quo! We begin to download the new way forward
  • accelerate the timelines not only for ourselves, but for everyone we touch
  • become the Wayshower for others still battling the shadows of self

It truly is "as above, so below". As we overcome our blocks and limitations ourselves, we begin the dance of sacred reciprocity and ripple our understanding out into the circle. Change begins within.

Grow your own way.

"Healers Rising feels like home. It’s a space with like minded people who understand our spiritual path and never judge you. Whether you move slowly or at the speed of light, you are encouraged, cheered on and challenged along the way. The amount of learning and growth that happens here is worth exponentially more than the monthly cost, and the feeling of belonging and having worth is priceless!"

Open the gateway to healing.

"Healers Rising came into my life at a time when I wasn't sure which way to turn. It gave me the opportunity to join Flow Body, which gave me the tools I needed to heal not only my physical symptoms/body but how to disconnect from the mental symptoms that came along with it. I have learned to become an observer which trickles down to every aspect of life for the better. Healers Rising has given me the tools needed to open the door to my gifts rather than being fearful of them. I appreciate this community so much and really enjoy learning from not only Caitlin and her team but the whole Healers Rising community."

It's a place to keep learning.

"I love the monthly topics where I can keep working on new skills or reinforce ones we’ve already learned. It keeps me on track so I don’t lose focus. I love the support. I love the safe space of the community. I love the resources like energy updates, meditations, and intuition challenges. Thank you for this group!"

Breakthroughs are now the norm.

" I can honestly say that every single day I can come here and learn something new and I have made it common practice to have one magical experience or breakthrough in my growth daily.
In this group I feel safe to not only be myself and speak of things that are outside the norm, but that I can learn from and really respect the advice and experiences each member brings forward.
I sing the praises of this group everywhere I go and I always am sure to let people know that my favorite thing about this space and learning from Caitlin is how real it is. We talk about some pretty wild out there things and yet, there is no fluff and fantasy. I can take the teachings and stories and apply them to my life.
There is no mask or acting, just real people committed to making this world, their family line and themselves a better version than it was yesterday.