Where intuitives & starseeds learn to master their human matrix and lead a magically inspired life. 

Inside the Healers Rising Academy, we not only provide you with the tools, resources, and information you need to live in alignment with your soul’s calling, we show you HOW to weave it into your every day so you can live a life of magic, expansion, and ease!

Where intuitives & starseeds learn to master their human matrix and lead a magically inspired life. 

Inside the Healers Rising Academy, we not only provide you with the tools, resources, and information you need to live in alignment with your soul’s calling, we show you HOW to weave it into your every day so you can live a life of magic, expansion, and ease!

FINALLY Say goodbye to the overwhelm of your healing journey. 

Join the Healers Rising Academy

As a spiritual seeker, you know there’s a better way to live than what most humans are currently experiencing on this planet.


You naturally seek out information to uncover your true nature, expand your perspective, and see the bigger picture.

Your soul probably lights right up with anything that amplifies magic, intuition, being a better human and steward for this planet. Us, too. 


But if you’re like the thousands of starseeds and intuitives we know, you’re probably not experiencing that total healing, abundance and flow state you know is possible for your life.


Your health isn't up to snuff, your relationships might be struggling, your household may be chaotic, and your bank account probably doesn’t look as full as it could.


Up until now, we’ve been stuck:

  • Consuming ALL the information we can get our hands on but not knowing how to put the puzzle pieces together to create lasting change
  • Going all in with a metaphysical modality (or three) in hopes that it would be THE answer to all of life's problems
  • Doing all the “right” things to take care of our body yet we aren’t seeing the external results we desire
  • Trying to fit ourselves into a box of what the perfect “enlightened person” should look, talk, and act like instead of embracing who we really are
  • Dodging toxic positivity landmines left and right as we try to find our soul fam
  • Wondering how many negative events and “life lessons” we have to suffer through before we can finally be free. Come ON!


There is SO MUCH TO LEARN, where do you even start??!

We’ve created a pathway that has helped thousands of people just like you to sync up with your soul’s blueprint by learning how to fully ground into your personal matrix and reconnect your subtle energy bodies so you can clearly see the next step forward and heal everything you’re ready to leave behind.

In The Healers Rising Academy, we take a wholistic approach

Expanding our Perspectives

We're here to break free of the thought programming and mainstream meta fluff! 

We'll help you to:

  • become the observer and free being you were born to be
  • dispel the "common sense" that may not even be true
  • question everything from a space of welcome neutrality
  • and truly embody what it means to think outside the box

Why? Because no great mystery was ever solved by thinking, questioning and acting the same way over and over again.

Reconnecting Our Matrix

Learn to work in sync with your body as you listen to the subtle cues it is sending you all the time. We'll show you how to: 

  • bio-hack your system to prevent and reverse disease and disorder
  • create ease in your accelerations and transitions
  • understand the physiological effect of energetic density and what your symptoms are trying to tell you
  • install the foundations your body needs to shift from a survival to a thrive state

Our human vessel is our own little metaverse, and we can't leave the body behind as we reach for higher planes of conscious awareness. We'll show you how to slow down to speed way up and accelerate into new timelines.

Fortifying our Fields

We want you to become un-f*ckwithable! Soul sovereignty and freedom is achieved when we:

  • learn and apply the clearing and healing techniques that actually get results
  • are able to hold our energy field without struggling with energy pulls
  • can have true, respectful communion with our guides, family, friends and others on this planet
  • have kindred souls in our corner to share our magic with, challenge each other to grow, and become the sacred witness

We'll help you to come back to your centeryour own true northso you can navigate life without the constant energy drain.

Raising our Consciousness

As we clear what’s been holding us back, we make space for new awareness, new missions to unlock, new levels of evolution.

By expanding our consciousness we: 

  • bust through the status quo! We begin to download the new way forward
  • accelerate the timelines not only for ourselves, but for everyone we touch
  • become the Wayshower for others still battling the shadows of self

It truly is "as within, so without". As we overcome our blocks and limitations ourselves, we begin the dance of sacred reciprocity and ripple our understanding out into our community. Change begins within.


Our mission is to take the overwhelm out of your healing journey and get you unstuck and unblocked so you can rise into the Multidimensional being you truly are.

Say no more - I'm ready!

An epic journey of transformation.

"I finally found a place I can explore my starseed self, my angelic self, my higher self and all my selves. All made reality with a bunch of practical guidance, tools, and support that can be easily fit into my everyday life. All that 'woo-woo' meta stuff that doesn’t make sense, suddenly does.

Continuous coaching and guidance from a supportive team of magical beings! I’m so glad I found home."

As spiritual seekers, we know that we're never done learning. But that doesn't mean we wait to start living.

It’s not about getting to a space where you ONLY ever experience the good times and positive emotions (you’re not a robot after all). It’s about having the tools to move you through any situation with ease, so you can get back to soul sovereignty and be unf*ckwithable.

We're going to show you how to do that in your first 8 weeks (or less) inside the Academy.

FINALLY the momentum you’ve been looking for!

As an Academy member, you're getting...


  • Live healing circles and masterclasses to explore the monthly themes and topics, such as “The Art of Letting Go”, “Quantum Leaps vs. Taking the Long Road”, “Creating a Vision for your Life”, “Parenting Starseed Children”, and “Weaving Inner Dream Worlds into Reality”
  • Step-by-step instructions to FINALLY clear anything that’s holding you back, from relationship struggles to financial blocks and everything in between
  • Two online digital libraries FULL of over 300+ hours of intuitive development lessons and existential deep dives (goodbye Google rabbit holes to nowhere!).
  • An ever-growing stack of guided rituals, meditations, journeys, tarot/oracle card spreads, and connection activities to inspire you to connect in with your guides, higher self, and friends on the other side to build authentic and deep relationships with your spirit team
  • A private and super-focused community of the most supportive, fun, and friendly people just like you who are here to hold space for you as you uncover who you really are beneath all the density, projections, expectations, and false realities that have been placed on you—AND to cheer you on as you step into the magic of the life you designed for yourself
  • Plus, be the first to find out about new classes, retreats, and opportunities to get together with your tribe!


Even if you only devote a couple hours a month to it, you will be amazed at how much progress you'll make!


It's literally changed my life.

"Joining HRA has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life, it has literally changed my life in so many ways I never even imagined possible. Through the circles, discussions, and classes offered in this community, I have learned so much and continue to learn every day.

I feel grounded, balanced, and at home truly. It has been a rebirth and a remembering of my true soul essence, and I am incredibly grateful for this guidance and continuing journey."

Hey, I'm Caitlin and I'll be your Guide on this Journey...

I work as an Interstellar Bridge supporting awakening humans in the beginnings of their personal healing journey through to advanced practitioners looking to make quantum leaps with their healing abilities.

My goal is teach you how to access all the levels and layers of you, opening you up to the ancient knowledge that courses through your veins.

I believe in removing the disempowerment programs so prevalent in the metaphysical and spiritual communities. I will never tell you to just turn inwards, or to find the answers within yourself. Instead, you'll find tried and true resources, exercises, question prompts and ideas to unite you with the knowledge you seek.

As a multidimensional accelerator, it is my privilege to walk beside you as you reconnect to your higher self and the Light in you!

xo, C

Your library comes packed with a ton of foundational and explorative topics, everything we’ve ever covered in HRA from the very beginning, and everything we’re going to cover in the future.


Here's a sneak peak at just some of what's inside!

Your Starseed Lineage

Fully awaken your human body to your intuitive abilities, purpose and mission for this lifetime! Connect to your Multidimensional levels of self.

Channeling Your Higher Self

Connect with your own inner being, that larger part of yourself that knows why you're here, what makes you who you are, and what you desire most.

Flow Body

Learn to work in sync with your body as you listen to the subtle clues it is sending all the time. Food sensitivities, weight, allergies, energy levels and more are addressed.

Collective Connections

Connect in with specific Galactic and Telluric collectives with videos, activities, and connection exercises!

Money Magic

Money is just energy, so why do so many people have issues with it? Learn how to blow up those abundance blocks and clear your field to be in sync with money.

Crystals & Gemstones

Unlock the magic and healing you've been asking for as you work with a variety of gemstones and crystals to support your dreams and goals.

Ancient Egypt

Immerse yourself in the magic & mystery of Ancient Egypt! We will be working with beings like Hathor, Isis & Osiris to uncover your soul's truth.


Lost Earth civilization, sunken city, or something else entirely? We're diving in to see what we can uncover to support us in our forward trajectories.

Light Language

Access the power of your voice and creative expression and allow your own light codes to flow through you in this 4-week course with Aurora Light.

Astrology 101

Let's look at Astrology in a new way! Colbe Barrett takes us back to basics to break down the stereotypes and start looking at our natal charts with a fresh perspective.

Numerology in 2022

Uncover the lessons you've come into this life to learn and how the energy of 2022 is lining up to support your unique mission in this course taught by Ann Perry.

Animal Communication

Come into a greater understanding of the animals around you when you open up to their communications and the messages they have to share.


PLUS the most recent Starseed Accelerator content is added to your account as a special bonus!


It's a place to keep learning.

"I love the monthly topics where I can keep working on new skills or reinforce ones we’ve already learned. It keeps me on track so I don’t lose focus. I love the support. I love the safe space of the community. I love the resources like energy updates, meditations, and intuition challenges. Thank you for this group!"

Grow your own way.

"Healers Rising feels like home. It’s a space with like minded people who understand our spiritual path and never judge you. Whether you move slowly or at the speed of light, you are encouraged, cheered on and challenged along the way. The amount of learning and growth that happens here is worth exponentially more than the monthly cost, and the feeling of belonging and having worth is priceless!"

Let’s Go!

No matter where you are along your spiritual journey, you CAN accelerate into the life of your dreams.

If you’re ready to move out of feeling stuck, blocked, afraid and alone and into your soul’s true calling, I can help.

After guiding thousands of awakening humans into stepping into a life of magic, I’ve put everything I know into an easy to follow, step-by-step process that guides you through releasing the bindings and limitations that are slowing you down so you can embrace your own magic.

The foundations are the same for everyone. The way you show up to it is unique to you.

That’s the Healers Rising Academy.

How to enroll in Healers Rising Academy

Step 1:

Enter your details below and select either a month-to-month tuition OR get 2 months free by choosing a yearly tuition plan.

Step 2:

On the next page, activate your library portal, which is where you'll find all the lessons and resources to help you fly! You'll also gain access to the group forum. Follow the steps and then come meet us in the HRA community!

Step 3:

Check your email! (even your spam/ promotions folder - we land there sometimes!) We're sending you some important tips on how to make the most of your membership you don't want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students freaking LOVE it in HRA!

You don't have to take our word for it. Read a few of their mushy love letters to the Academy below!

"Healers Rising came into my life at a time when I wasn't sure which way to turn.

It gave me the opportunity to join Flow Body, which gave me the tools I needed to heal not only my physical symptoms/body but how to disconnect from the mental symptoms that came along with it.

I have learned to become the observer which trickles down to every aspect of life for the better.

Healers Rising has given me the tools needed to open the door to my gifts rather than being fearful of them. I appreciate this community so much and really enjoy learning from not only Caitlin and her team but the whole Healers Rising community."

"For most of my life I felt I could never truly 'show myself' to the world.

I was a people pleasing, anxiety-ridden gal who was afraid of saying, doing, or feeling the wrong things according to others. I wanted things to get better and I didn't know how.

As soon as I joined HRA and started applying the tools and teachings, my life began transforming in miraculous ways. I no longer experience debilitating panic attacks, I've shed 20 lbs of stubborn weight, my wealth (yes, wealth!) and health have increased, and I have found a safe space to rediscover and expand my intuitive gifts.

The best part? I am my most confident self! I am living and loving life on my terms! Words will never be enough to express my gratitude for Caitlin and the supportive HRA community."

"I can honestly say that every single day I can come here and learn something new and I have made it common practice to have one magical experience or breakthrough in my growth daily.

In this group I feel safe to not only be myself and speak of things that are outside the norm, but that I can learn from and really respect the advice and experiences each member brings forward.

I sing the praises of this group everywhere I go and I always am sure to let people know that my favorite thing about this space and learning from Caitlin is how real it is. We talk about some pretty wild out there things and yet, there is no fluff and fantasy. I can take the teachings and stories and apply them to my life.

There is no mask or acting, just real people committed to making this world, their family line and themselves a better version than it was yesterday."

"I joined HRA after listening/watching a few of Caitlin’s YouTube videos and I haven’t regretted it for a second. This is where my daily life changed.

I went from experiencing a lot of anxiety, emotional roller coasters, fear and unexplained pain in my body to now having an incredible flow of communication with my body, working with and through emotions as they come up quickly with ease, finding all the space in my body to breath into, and an excitement to push into what were previously uncomfortable situations.

I’ve built a relationship with my body and no longer think it’s working against me or what I want. No more excuses!"

"I joined HRA after the Starseed Accelerator in August 2021. The level of support within the community is unreal.

I feel like I'm learning so much but also like there is a never ending supply of new information. I'm really enjoying taking my time to move through the plethora of lessons, giving myself the time I need to integrate and really bring the education to life.

In the couple months in the community I feel much lighter, balanced, and confident to tackle whatever is bubbling to the surface to be worked through. I feel myself inching closer to reaching evermore potential and growth with each interaction with not only the group but what's being facilitated within myself.

It's as if I'm being brought to meet myself face to face and I think I'm really starting to like who's looking back."

I'm Ready! Take Me to the Signup!