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 done by people acting as a group.

We were never meant to go through the Awakening process alone. In Ancient times, and when new souls are born in other galaxies, a Mentor would step forward to nurture, support and ignite the innate curiosity of the becoming Being. 

Rather than dictate the experience, they would hold a beautiful space for the unraveling of self, and for the quantum possibilities this Being could choose. Invitations to explore, ancient wisdom, light codes, and cultural knowledge was shared. 

We're creating the world we want to see here in the 'Healers Rising Academy'. We're bringing back mentorship, a safe place to land, the invitations and the play to waking up to your infinite potential.

We're here to help you step into who you came here to be.


Hey StarSeed!

I'm so excited to walk beside you as you unravel the layers of everything you are and came here to be!

As an Academy member, you're about to step into a world of possibility, the love and support of a vibrant community, and you're about to meet hundreds of our Galactic and Elemental friends along the way!

As a cosmic freelancer, I work with over 60 72 different Collectives regularly, and counting! I am passionate about reuniting you to your lineage, your ancient wisdom, and your full potential! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a fellow StarSeed step into their soul mission.

But there's more... to thrive as a StarSeed here on Earth, we get to learn to fall in love with the body we're in and rock the human experience.

It is my goal to help you ground the infinite cosmic knowledge into your human everyday life so you can live a life full of magic, wonder, expansion, and play!

Welcome to the new way of Awakening!

xo Caitlin
the starseed accelerator

"Healers Rising feels like home. It’s a space with like minded people who understand our spiritual path and never judge you. Whether you move slowly or at the speed of light, you are encouraged, cheered on and challenged along the way. The amount of learning and growth that happens here is worth exponentially more than the monthly cost, and the feeling of belonging and having worth is priceless!"

Nicole Allison


  • Real, tangible ways to know who you truly are, where you're from, your StarSeed mission and who you came here to be
  • (re)Connecting with your Star-families & soul groups (I'm already blown away at how many connections have been made!) 
  • Information on the stars, planets, galaxies, and their inhabitants without distortion
  • Guidance on how to activate your own abilities, so you can find the answers and connections you seek
  • Open minded exploration of what's really shifting on our planet - and how to navigate it
  • A sounding board for all your wild, weird, and woo dreams, thoughts, and visions
  • A space to nurture the healers who are able to make a real difference in this world--whether it's your own personal healing, or you stepping forward to work with others



Teaching you how to clear the way, so you can find your light and unique energy signature. We will give you the tools that will help you to uncover your soul mission and purpose for this life.


Introducing you to new Collectives every month. You'll get to know our cosmic brothers and sisters, download new gifts & healing abilities, PLUS you'll discover where you're from!


We're going to help you fast track your acceleration & awakening by igniting your intuitive & psychic abilities! As your senses come alive, you'll be able to connect with your Guide team and remember who you are!


Activations & Accelerations - You'll be the first to know when new downloads are hitting this planet, what collectives are stepping forward and receive the codes to be able to work with them!


Welcome home! Our souls may just be old friends, and I'm ready to remind you of everything you are! Mentorship is the art of creating a safe space for the soul to explore and find their own way.


You're here. You're ready for this. I'll help you integrate the Cosmic downloads and figure out how to work your magic in your everyday life! Being a StarSeed is way more fun when you get to make the difference you came here to make!

"I love the support and guidance the group offers. It is a wonderful community of people from many walks of life who are drawn together in our search for our inner magic. Caitlin guides us with her loving, but take-no-crap approach. She leads us but makes it clear that we are responsible for our own growth. We get out what we put in."

Laura Young

How does this work?

How does this work?
  • Every month, I'll bring forward new Collectives for you to work with - and show you exactly how to connect!
  • Specially designed exercises & activities will accompany each Collective to help you activate  your psychic abilities and deepen your connections to yourself & your Guide team
  • You'll have new content added to your online digital library like meditations, journeys, mini courses & more!
  • SoulTalk Sessions where your questions can get selected for channeled guidance each week.
  • Energy Updates so you're ahead of the curve and know what's coming and how to ride those waves!
  • Priority Access to Caitlin Dianna in our virtual classroom, q&a's, plus support in the exclusive Facebook community.

Ready to Accelerate?

Ready to Accelerate?

You can join us in the Academy by choosing a monthly or yearly enrolment option below.

Once you've signed up, you'll get to join our exclusive Facebook community, and we'll activate your growing digital library! 

You'll be able to join us as we step into the magic of Ancient Lemuria & Atlantis, AND Opening to Channel in the beginning of August. It doesn't get much better than that for timing!

Whether you're brand new to this realm or an experienced healer, I'm ready to meet you where you are and support you along your path. 

See you on the inside!

xo Caitlin

Ready to Accelerate?

"Healers Rising has expanded my knowledge exponentially! It's comfortable & easily relatable. It's awesome having connections across the world. All the workshops & materials included make it well worth the monthly subscription! ❤️"

Becky B.

Upcoming Astral Travels

Here are some of the stars we will be visiting and working with in the coming days!

Oh, You also get...

Academy members receive 10% off of sessions with Caitlin, as well as on online courses & classes. You will also receive 5% off of retreats & in-person workshops. Thinking about D-Codes? You get 10% off and did we mention you get first dibs on these spaces as well? Sweet!

"Healers Rising came into my life at a time when I wasn't sure which way to turn. I have learned to become an observer which trickles down to every aspect of life for the better. Healers Rising has given me the tools needed to open the door to my gifts rather than being fearful of them. I appreciate this community so much and really enjoy learning from not only Caitlin and her team but the whole Healers Rising community."

Whitney Penney