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Supporting Starseed Children on Earth

channeling children education pleiadian starseed technology Jun 26, 2020

Saeilla-Tu, Nordic (Taygeten) Pleiadian

Channeled Transmission: June 22, 2020


Saeilla-Tu: Greetings from Taygeta. I see we have many new beings joining our channels now and that is a beautiful thing that so many are opening to the frequencies. I am Saeilla-Tu, an Ambassador for the Nordic Pleiadians or what some refer as the Taygeten, which we prefer as it is clearer as to the location of this communication.

Your young star children are the focus this week of my encounter with you here today and I wish to share some insight on their development into multidimensional human form. First, we must remember they are not that much different than you because to get such a high vibrational and intelligent soul to Earth, a vessel of at minimum a close vibrational match is required. This was not the case some years ago where we first started seeding the planet again through human vessels and Walk-ins. But for these particular children coming in with very intact memory, it is indeed the case.

For our Educators, and we prefer the term Story-tellers, the role is to inspire the imagination to seek realms beyond this one. To ignite that innate curiosity and to allow these children the space to begin designing from the internal dream, out into the manifest world. The Story-teller weaves in the lore of magic and play, where the Being becomes the artist of their own adventure.

Do not underestimate the intelligence of the design of the factors that allowed the memories to cross the Earth plane. A parent will want to see their child as gifted when it is the seeding of all star-children. It is important to not create an identity of uniqueness or begin the competition for the mental gymnastics that is so common in our small folk on the Earth.

It will be tempting to fall back into patterning to step into the race of most intelligent child but I think we can all agree that your current scholastic intelligence has only gone so far and many of you will acknowledge that much was not the best use of your creative space or time.

These children are unfolding and we must let them do so on a natural rhythm. Delayed education entry as to foster childhood, avoidance of extreme routine or pressures will be helpful in grounding their essence here into this body.

The Story-Teller must also endeavor to provide an opportunity to activate the lenses that parent perhaps has lacked or been unable to nurture due to their own conditioning or misfire of the morphogenetic fields. With young star-children, we do this through their sound, their play, imagination, and an invitation to bring their dreams into reality.

The stories we read must add dimension without repetition as a Programmer would choose. Rather, the child is able to portal into the elements in the story important to their own soul. There is an artist your friend Caitlin here knows that is in her intellect. (Caitlin: I think you’re referring to an Author with the last name Joyce) S: Yes, that is the one. He takes the reader through the most wondrous adventures with unlikely realities and this is the perfect way to stretch the creativity.

Caitlin: One concern or blame I have heard from parents and educators alike is the dependence on technology. Is this something we need to be concerned about in your perspective?

S: Young minds should not be near the Programmers until after the onset of first quickening. (I think she means puberty). The programmers often inlay repetition within certain picture shows that entrance the synapses to create pathways that eliminate the creative and instead are constantly firing to try to fill a need. We see this in children where there is extreme seeking behaviors and that they want to plug into the Programmers rather than use their own potentiality.

C: Is this ALL tech?

S: No, the ones with repetitive quick programming where curiosity is not engaged. A sign perhaps you’ve seen it in your own child where they will come to go further with the story with you, or perhaps want to ask questions about what they were watching or learning about may not be of the main Programmers design. We believe your app developers with the quick click are the ones one should avoid as the Story-Tellers and Nurturers of the young Starseeds.

C: Thank you Saiella-Tu, I appreciate your perspectives here.


You can hear more from our Taygetan Pleiadian Ambassador, Saiella-Tu, on the our children's education in this blog post from earlier in the month!