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The Nordic Pleiadian Perspective on the Education System

channeling children education pleiadian starseed Jun 02, 2020

Channeled June 1st, 2020

Seialla-Tu, Nordic Pleiadian: Ah, Greetings! It has been a time since we have been together, yes? Thrilled to see how far you have come since we spoke last.

Caitlin: I'm happy to be reconnecting. I remember the first time we met and I was so surprised at being able to SEE you. 

I am here today to get some further perspective for members of our community on the happenings on the Earth plane and what you may be seeing from a different lens.

What is happening with our education system is that we are taking children out of the classrooms and into the online digital spaces. I know in my own family, this has not been positive and we have pulled our children from having to do any formal school work at all.  We are instead focusing on enjoy nature, building forts, and spending time as a family. 

What, if anything, would be a better way to step these kids back into school that would aid in the current shifts on this planet?

Saiella-Tu: That is likely the best choice for right now. With the revolution waves upon you, these children will not be well off in the institutions that are currently set before them on this planet. Even with a fantastic teacher as there are many and we know they are doing their best, they are still bound by the rules of what to teach and how to preach it. Yes, that is the word we want to use, we saw your grimace. What is missing in the Child's upbringing is the distinction between grounding to this existence on the planet and then shifting back into high gear when their mental-emotional bodies are ready.  

Children of the Earth in the modern schooling systems are mostly missing the connections to the Earth's heartbeat itself and the elemental realms that allow them to feel safe, stable, and maintain their energy fields on their own. 

We know that the pressure you have put upon yourself to have a fast-paced, hard-working life means oftentimes the children feel like a burden and sending them off for those hours in your day feels like such a relief, but it is indeed regressing their souls in a not so supportive way at this time.

If one was going to sync up to the revolution without losing the beautiful gains that can be made in your technologies, one would be creating nature-based programs where the whole child is honored from the consciousness to the mental-emotional, to the physical body. 

These schools will be popping up more and more, but for now, you may look to the Waldorf model as an inspiration for what is possible. Rudolf Steiner was a philosopher and theologian that was riding the idea of quantum growth and what it takes to allow this natural unfoldment and progression without trauma to the soul in youth.

You may notice that some want to start their own schooling system. This is fabulous and we would caution you again to not deny the technology but instead look for how to use it in ways that promote inspiration, world-centric thinking with it, rather than the AI type obsession that is the current fascination on your planet.

Caitlin: Thank you, this gives us much to contemplate as we find our way forward. 

Thoughts to ponder...

How does this transmission resonate (positively or negatively) with your own beliefs in how Education should be delivered?

Would you prefer independent schools that deliver their own regional programming, or should it be overseen by governments?

What do you believe children truly need to thrive into adulthood?