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Are you the Walk-in?

akashic records starseed walk-ins Oct 26, 2019

Recently, I was discussing the concept of Walk-in's in my Facebook community (Magic Beyond Boundaries) as so many of the people I'm coming across lately are coming into this Earth plane as Multi-dimensional or Star-seed Walk-ins. This can be an extremely confusing position to be in for such a Being, as the amount of conditioning, trauma and human systems we have been asked to plug into from the time we are born can absolutely lead us astray from our knowing of who we are.

2020 UPDATE: Watch my Youtube video "The 5 Types of Walk-Ins" here!

These terms may seem like a foreign language, so before we go too far, let me explain what each of them means.

This is where we have more than one soul in a physical body. You could be the walk-in, or you could have one with you. There are a couple of different scenarios of HOW this can happen that I will outline in another piece down the road.

Having lived many lives exclusively (or almost exclusively) as a being from one particular collective such as: Plaiedian, Arcturian, Angelic etc, who has chosen to incarnate as human in this life-time.

This is a Being who has been a part of many different collectives, races and dimensional planes. They will have 4 or more easily identifiable collectives that resonate with them, but do not necessarily feel "aligned" to just one.

Here are some things that might help you to understand if you might be the Walk-in: 

1) You feel like the black sheep in your family
When you look around at the behaviors, personalities and patterns of your family members, they all make sense together, while you seem to be some strange anomaly staring in from the outside. Getting along with them often comes with the word civil with a Capital C and avoidance is usually best case scenario.

2) You may look different from your birth family
Sure some similarities can be found, but if no one was the wiser, they wouldn't be able to tell you were from the same family tree.

3) You don't believe in what your parents believe
Often seekers, rule breakers and those questioning the mainstream presentations of what we are supposed to believe, those that are the Walk-in will question the rigidity and structure those around them align with. They are often Atheists or spiritual seekers.

4) You went through a lot of pretty traumatic stuff... BUT...
Lots of walk-ins come into pretty messed up family situations. They often have been apart of the abuse cycles, but as adults, it doesn't register the same way as someone who is ancestrally tied to this particular family line. They know it happened, their body remembers, but their mental field and emotional/ spiritual body are "beyond" the triggers. They don't read the situation from the viewpoint of the victim.

5) You have a BIG (mysterious) life purpose
All Beings who are the Walk-in have one major thing in common; that they feel they are here for a deep rooted purpose that they often find to be extremely elusive. This one uniting commonality is the contracts or bindings that they agreed to or used to incarnate here in human form. 

If you are a Walk-in, you will also have a part of you that usually shows up as some kind of health concern that feels foreign, unsolvable or like it will just never have an end. You may have a pain spot in your body that no matter what, never goes away. A literal thorn in your side. You have something that we call an Original Occupant, who is the Being who "belongs" to the Ancestral line that you came through to heal.

Often, the very first thing you must do if you are the Walk-in is to discover what the final cords, contracts and agreements are that you came to help your family with. Once you finish this out, which is way simpler than it sounds might I add, the next step is to free the Being that gave you a ride onto this Earth plane.

This process is extremely cathartic, often being wrapped in waves of emotional release and a feeling of FINALLY. Freedom. Space to breathe - move - create. To finally really own your own body, mind and soul. To know what it is to take up space and begin to PLAY on this planet. 

Stepping into who you truly are and beginning to understand your true energetic signature is the sigh of relief many have been waiting for. It can open us up to new possibilities, allow us to access greater levels of our magic and how to be better alchemists who can move past the fear and into play.

If you resonated with the above information, you may be the Walk-in and you're likely reading this through to the end because you're ready to do the work to free not only yourself, but the family line who asked for your help in the first place. Step into your knowing and role as the WayShower and Liberator. You're ready. You CAN do this. 

I believe in you. 

Reach out if you have more questions or want to dig in further!