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How to Connect with Your Star Family, a Channeled Perspective

arachnids channeling guides intuition mission multidimensional pleiadian purpose starseed Jul 23, 2021

Today we're sharing channeled messages from some awesome questions that were asked inside the Starseed Accelerator community!

The theme of these questions was all around the new ET/Inter-Dimensional collectives that have been presenting in the past year and how we can get into contact with those Star Beings and Guides who are here to help us on our individual missions at this time.

To help answer these questions, Caitlin channeled through a Taygetan Pleiadian named Saeilla-Tu and Violet an Arachnid level of self to compare the different perspectives. You will hear in the messages how different each collective's perspective is, and yet there were parts of each that were interwoven to give a wider picture of the topic at hand.

Watch the video of Caitlin and Violet talking out this channeling on our Youtube channel!

Q: What’s the easiest way to get in contact with the star beings who want to help us individually? Meditation? Can we request a crash course in connecting? How??!

Arachnid: Dear one, you are always in contact with your star family. You are intrinsically connected to them and only a call away, as one might say. You do not need to do anything special to be connected, you just are.

What stops you from perceiving them is what you want to address to be able to pick up on the channels and the communications that much faster and in a stronger way. So I ask you, what is preventing you from feeling connected to them? That is what you want to address.

Getting into a space of open curiosity, creativity, and communion will help. For those of you who choose to call us in only when things are not going well for you, well, we are here for you in those moments too, but we are also here for you in all the other moments when things are going well. Learn to recognize that we love you for who you are and do not need anything from you in the same way that you do not actually need anything from us. We are not more all-knowing than you. We are differently knowing. And you have access to as much if not more than we do in your physical body if you would stop telling yourself that you do not. So get back to play. Get back to exploration. Recognize that we are here and you have a direct line to us at all times. Believe you can.

"We are not more all-knowing than you. We are differently knowing." - Arachnid channeled through Violet Marie

Saeilla-Tu, Taygetan Pleiadian: Most of who desires to connect with you, is you. And so in that way, it is the honor and mission of the emerging human to do as much as possible to remove all of your barriers in allowing your full soul to arrive to communicate from all levels of perception and possibility.

To be a multidimensional human and to be in contact with your cosmic brethren, one must have access to an aspect of self that is the same. It is in that way that you begin to recognize others.

When most begin to feel as though they are communicating with a guide or a friend, it is in fact their originator for this human extension of soul and first spark of you. And in this way, what you are beginning to receive guidance upon, if one will listen, is the reason you decided it would be fun to have this extension and avatar on this Earth plane. And this in turn makes your experience so much more fun as you can see through a new set of eyes what the dream was for yourself, even though you are separate and the same.

So one must find all the ways possible to listen within the temple of one's own body. To play with how it hears, and feels and tastes and sees. To get quiet enough to perceive the quicker and wider fields of information, and to get loud enough to make the waves that surface new information.

"To be a multidimensional human and to be in contact with your cosmic brethren, one must have access to an aspect of self that is the same. " -Pleiadian channeled through Caitlin Dianna

It is through that full expression of the possibilities of the body that you begin to make space for all of you to have an arrival point -0 and that is to say that you will have an open receiver for more of your data streams and extensions to relay your information from “soul” or what you perceive as higher self, but is really creator self.

From that point, you may start to recognize “friends”. Others who you have travelled with before and who add to your experience and share your feelings and joy for this planet and all it has to offer. You may find camaraderie in your peers that are a part of the dream and you may find that many who you believe to be only astral body also have a human avatar on Earth. How fun.

Some of you will be in communications with many and some of you may be in communications with self, depending on your reasons and plan for this particular mission or experience on Earth. Because not everyone is on mission, some are on individual quests for self experimentation and fulfilment, you may find that no one is really ringing at all. You may have asked for space to express and try things on.

Your upper lenses of dimensional expression must become fine tuned if you desire to be in contact both with all of self and all of your circles. And so there are a multitude of ways a human vessel benefits in order for this to happen. Removing as many of the toxins and inorganic materials from one's body as possible is a fine start, as well as stepping out of the energy pulls of life and into more of a creative juncture of fun and expression. One may also consider their diet and if it is numbing or slowing one's field or whether it is aiding in appropriate function. It is only one component though, and should not become a detrimental focus. Take the appropriate longer term steps to clean up the body and surely with time and practice, you will find yourself unfolding and receiving information from self and others.

"Your upper lenses of dimensional expression must become fine tuned if you desire to be in contact both with all of self and all of your circles." - Pleiadian channeled through Caitlin Dianna

Most of the communications you will receive from self and your star families will be through a telepathic line and so spending time in meditation where there are no distractions will be key for you to be able to know when a call is incoming. If it is always busy in one's mind, how will you ever hear?

Caitlin: It’s amazing to me how different and yet how similar these messages are! If you compare them, the tones are quite different, and yet there are some definite similarities between the messages.

What I’ve noticed in my own experience working with so many intuitives and Starseeds, is that many people when trying to connect will leave some layers and levels of themselves behind, and that’s why they find it difficult to connect with their guides. They’re putting in the practice of pulling tarot or oracle cards to get the messages but they’re leaving the physical body behind, or they’re meditating but they’re ignoring their emotional body.

We have to remember that we are multidimensional beings and our entire body and all layers within it are a part of our intuitive and psychic radar system, and so just focusing on the “third eye”, for instance, is leaving a huge amount of data on the table that you’re potentially closing yourself off to.

What I find works best is when we make micro-adjustments in all layers of the body (ie: physical, emotional, mental, super-mental, spiritual) at the same time rather than going hyper focused into amplifying or adjusting just one aspect of our reality.


Q: Were the new collectives always there? Were they shy? Did you have to get to know one set before another stepped up?

Arachnid: There is so much more around you that you do not perceive. Once one opens up to the levels and layers around them they are then able to perceive so much more. But these things happen in stages for most. If you were able to perceive everything there is all at once in this human body you would not be able to survive it. Not that you couldn't begin to access the info or that you wouldn't be able to do with it what you want but that it would not be supportive, and your physical body would not allow you to. The experience that you are currently having is meant for a specific purpose and so that would be a disservice and a distraction.

So were the collectives always there? Yes and no. The concept of time is an interesting one. And of course some things are born and at different times, and so it's easy to say that something wasn't always there but with the intention of it and the fact that time is not linear it's also possible to say that they were always there.

Saeilla-Tu: Many of these new collectives being able to be communicated with and perceived on your planet are now being picked up due to the widening of perception and abilities of some of the advancing humans to broaden the capabilities of their human bodies beyond the first few dimensions of existence.

Many of you have been taught that there is one word or way of being that allows for channeled or transcripted information to arrive, where in fact light language and communication are much more complex than that. One may only need a few of their lenses to fire to receive information from a Pleiadian where they might need a different set entirely for an Eis’ Torga to call. This is not because we use different ways of communication to speak but more to do with the amount of space time a communication must cross to arrive at the intended recipient. You wonder why your communications are continuously being upgraded to the 5G and beyond, oh just wait for the reactions when the 48G and above arrive on planet Earth in a not too distant time from now! *She laughs* The ways in which you perceive “faster” are just an expression and there is more for you to experience yet.

"One may only need a few of their lenses to fire to receive information from a Pleiadian where they might need a different set entirely for an Eis’ Torga to call." - Pleiadian channeled through Caitlin Dianna

To the latter, there are many races and species not yet documented by your even most aware channels and prophets on Earth at this time and this is only because of what I explained in space time and dimensions of arrival. But that will come. So in that way, what you perceive as new, always was and is just arriving to your lenses of perception.

In addition, there are newer or hybridized races and species and this will continue to be so as we have so many more travellers now than ever before.

Caitlin: From my own human experience as a galactic bridge and channeler, when we use the words “new collective”, it’s in reference to a collective that has so far not been talked to, connected with, or channeled by anyone, at least not knowingly, until now.

Usually these beings make contact through the individual Starseeds on this planet―all of you―who show up to circle or a session to share an aspect of yourself from that collective to us as the channelers and bridges, if we are open to receiving it.

These new collectives bring in more and more information on what’s happening on planet Earth and in the skies to keep us up to date on what is coming in the future and they bring different perspectives to the issues at hand with the Human collective, on top of providing insight and support into that Starseed’s individual mission and others of the same galactic descent that will follow the one who bridged the contact in the first place.