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Why Your Healing Clients Don’t Return

business healer health & body mission purpose Nov 07, 2021

Over the course of about the last month, myself and one of my peers have been off the rails with cleaning up other practitioner’s messes.

A lot of these people have gone to see practitioners—and not just D-Codes Practitioners, this is a global thing—they’re going to see mediums or Reiki healers or Akashic readers, and I've even had a couple people that have gone to hypnosis sessions gone wrong, and then afterwards instead of going back into the practitioner’s inbox who they originally worked with when things aren't feeling right or settled or they have questions about it, they’re coming to mine.

And I thought this was a really interesting conversation to have with everybody, because so many of you are looking to be healers, or maybe you have your business already up and running.

I don't think we always look at the entire client pathway all the way through and the reasons why we don't necessarily get those repeat clients like we think we should, and also why clients “healer hop”.

What really grinds my gears, gets my knickers in a knot, just drives me nuts, is by the time people come to me, they're not coming to celebrate, they're coming because they're in a spin and something is not right, either in their body, or in their mind, or their relationships, or things just don’t feel settled after their last session with someone else.

The reason they come to me is they know I'm going to call it like it is and ask the right questions to get to the bottom of it to be able to pivot into help getting them back on course.

They know that.

The reason why they are not going back to the person who, at least in that moment they perceived didn't clean it up or finish the job properly, is because they’ve lost trust in them.

When you can’t see what is actually going on with that person, when you can’t help guide them through the reason they came to you in the first place to the other side where they’re no longer experiencing that issue and they feel complete, you immediately lose credibility. And you end up losing a client.

I think one of the things that is being done so poorly in the metaphysical arena right now is practitioners not following through.

Or maybe what you've touched or gotten into in their session, they couldn't comprehend it because it’s so far beyond where they’re at and what they can handle right now.

Yes, the client does need to have that follow through and accountability for themselves, too. They need to come along in the session with us, we can’t do it for them as healers.

But there's another side of it. There's another person involved in this particular interaction, and the practitioner and the client are equally responsible for the outcome of that session.

There's another form of bypassing that's happening in a lot of ways where the healers are throwing their hands up and saying, well this person was complicated, they had their barriers up, or they just didn't want to heal.

To be frank, that's not actually a common situation I find. By the time somebody is willing to give someone their money and time in order to help them with a problem, they're usually in a space of, even if they're difficult to understand, even if they're doing a lot of dancing around the issue, or they’re resisting looking at the root of the problem because it’s uncomfortable for them, deep down they really do want to heal.

They really do want to feel better and they don't want to be experiencing this anymore. and that's why they're actually reaching out and actively looking for someone to help them.

So the amount of times that I've heard people say, ‘Well, they just didn't want to heal,” does not jive with the reality of the situation, which is that the majority of people who are paying a healer to help them want to find relief.

Sometimes we forget that, just because that person gave us money and booked a session, doesn't mean they automatically trust us.

That’s the key to all of this.

I think this is where a lot of us as healers need to do a little bit of a self-check: have we laid the groundwork to truly bring this client in on the journey with us? Have we actually seen them? Can you completely bring forward everything that's going on with them so that they can breathe a sigh of relief and go, ‘They actually get me. They see me, they understand me.’

Because if that person has not had all of those markers hit they will keep you at arm's reach—and they SHOULD, because if you can't see the entire picture, you shouldn't be playing in their field.


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