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We Aren't Really Here to Learn Life Lessons

akashic records ascension awakening fifth dimension galactic federation of light guides mission multidimensional purpose starseed Jan 15, 2021

The Earth School metaphor is widely talked about in the meta world. And yet, it's not entirely true. I know, it shocked me when I discovered it myself!

But as soon as I did, all the awareness I had been struggling for for why my clients and students weren't experiencing freedom in their lives just dropped in and clicked into place within my own Starseed blueprint.

This is part of what I came here to share.

A lot of us are searching for the wrong things. We're looking for, who am I? Why am I even here? And Earth isn't my home, so how do I get back to where I belong?

But that's not what you signed up for.

At some point you would've made the choice to drop into this human experience because you were here to be a helper or a sharer.

You wanted to bring what you knew, what you had trained in, what you had experience with and to start sharing it with the humans that are caught in the haze.

The haze is the Akashic Records, which are this karmic, cyclical debt that was implanted approximately 8000 years ago in the human concept. It came in after Atlantis and Lemurian timelines.

Because the haze is so thick, at this point it’s like a really bad game of telephone. If you’ve ever played that with a group of children you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

What’s happened is the original message has been passed on, changed, distorted, diluted, moved, distilled so many times, that there is no longer a truth point to it.

It’s hazy.

And so it makes it very difficult to see what’s actually true for us and to access those levels of awareness that we came in with. It’s very confusing.

What’s happening between the window of 2017 and 2024 is, that haze is collapsing. So it’s never been more important than now to completely collapse and clear out our Akashic Records. They’re no longer relevant for how we’re going to be moving forward in humanity.

You can think of an Akashic Record like a pattern or a cycle of everything we’ve ever thought important and everything we said we were going to do, and every cord and contract we’ve housed between us and the people we decided we were going to come here with.

This is not how Earth was originally designed to be.

Earth was supposed to be this playground where we could all come together and exchange codes and information in the same type of body so that we could pick up the same tones and then take it home. Spread it back through our other avatars so we could share interstellar information.

That's really morphed, hasn't it?

We've heard many healers and teachers talk about what Earth is supposed to be. They talk about it as a school, as lessons that the individual is here to learn. And that is not the case. That is not what it was supposed to be. That is an implant record we have bought into, and that is what we are here to collapse before 2024.

In the Interstellium Alliance, which is hundreds of collectives who come together to share information and to work together within the different galaxies, earth belts, planetary systems... they have this really interesting way of working together.

Many of the races that we think are light-bodied are not, they have physical bodies like us. What has been difficult is that the same languages aren't spoken everywhere in the galaxy and their bodies are designed so differently that they don't all read or emit the data in the same way, and so the information was not easily able to be relayed from one to the other.

The original Earth dream was a more effective way for all of them to share information with one another, because as humans we are in a common body. And they've been trying to drop this information through to Earth's collectives for a long time.

So now we're all here on Earth in the same kind of bodies, as humans. This is where the "we are one" comes from. Now we can pass information with ease. We no longer have to figure out all these strange convoluted ways to pass information back and forth into entirely different body systems that process so differently. We don't have to fight for it.

Or at least, that was the plan.

One of the things that has happened over centuries is that because information has gotten distilled and because we have been reincarnated into the same patterns over and over and over again, it becomes really easy to create a false meaning of what we are doing and why we are doing it. And it becomes really easy to look at what is the individual's experience rather than the bigger picture.

And so, when we have readers and mediums and spiritual teachers saying that we are here to learn these life lessons, and that there are core life lessons that people come to learn, what they're doing is assigning false meaning to the repeating cycles that the people they are reading for are showing them in their energy fields and their Akashic Records.

They're not going behind that consciousness to see that these people have been stuck in the akashic wheel and that they are literally contracted and bound to it. Instead, they're going, oh well you haven't learned your lesson yet, you must be back on Earth to learn to do XYZ.

And while learning is part of the original dream—it is one of the reasons that many starseeds come here—it's the cycle part that is the distortion.

So, Earth School isn't necessarily what we've been told it is.

There are parts of it that are true, and in my experience and tracking and channeling so far this is what I've seen:

What's true is that we did come to Earth originally to learn from other races and species and to experience life in a different way. But as soon as it becomes a cycle, a repeating pattern, and especially when it's running through a family line from your grandma to your mom to you etc., that is showing us where you are bound into karma and where there is a distortion in your mission patterning.

So we need to go behind it and go, When did this human get stuck in this timeline? What is the Point of Origin, what contract do we need to collapse to give this person back their freedom?

And if you're getting this information what you want to do is truth test it: Truth is this a lesson that I chose? Or is this a karmic cycle that I am stuck within that I need to collapse?