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The Magic of Retreats

banff d-codes magic retreats women's circles Dec 11, 2019

Have you ever wanted to escape the everyday mundanity of life and get out into a new, beautiful locale; into the sun-soaked beachy heat or the fresh snow-capped mountains, a sprawling vista or bustling city?

Have you dreamt of spending an extra-long weekend away, cared for, and meeting and becoming life-long friends with your soul tribe in person while you hunt ghosts, learn new energy healing modalities and bring on new intuitive abilities, explore the area, shop and socialize, eat yummy food, and generally make magic?

Have you even ever imagined something like that for yourself? Really given yourself permission to want it?

Go ahead. Do it now.

Ask yourself, "Truth: would it create more for me to go on an intuitive development retreat with my soul tribe and come home a clearer, more magical version of myself?"

No? Then this post might not be for you!

If you got a big ole “Yes!” (like I did) read on, my friend. There’s something here for you.

A week ago, we got home from the Magic in the Mountains retreat in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada. This was the fourteenth retreat Caitlin Dianna has hosted, and my first one not just as a participant but as part of the team. I’ve been to one other Magic Beyond Boundaries retreat in the past, not surprisingly in Banff as well. Turns out it’s one of Caitlin’s favorite spots on the planet.

The energy vortex that is Banff is unreal. Unlike anything I’ve experienced before.

It asks visitors to step up, to be authentic, to follow through… and to be super curious. Those that hear the call and choose to follow the energy streams are rewarded big time. Those that fight it can have a very uncomfortable time in the mountains.

But it’s not just the Banff energy vortex that was so powerful on this retreat.

It was the group of women who showed up and held space for one another and the group as a whole. It was the container held masterfully by Caitlin Dianna, and supported by myself. It was the elementals that showed up to play. And it was each individual participant who opened up to the magic, chose to drop a gigantic portion of what had been holding them back, and step into who they really are.

"There is a palpable power that grows when like-minded Beings gather. The presence of triggers, mirrors and parallels create a rapid acceleration of the healing we are all capable of." - Caitlin Dianna

When your “YES!” takes you out of your normal, everyday environment and routine and you join a group of other Beings who are doing the same on a retreat for the purpose of shedding the old to make space for something new… that’s where transformation lives.

Going on a retreat forces you to get out of your regular routine and ask, “What else is possible?”

Every person who showed up left lighter, more herself than when she arrived. We were able to accomplish a year’s worth of personal healing and clearing work in 3 days. Many of us brought on new intuitive abilities, made contact with new-to-us collectives. We all were able to be truly seen and held in a safe space so we could drop the walls and clear out the energetic clutter. We made new friendships and strengthened existing ones.

And I am so impressed with every single person who showed up, including myself.

I could have never held space for so many people a year ago. I’ve been working diligently over the past 2 years, trudging away, clearing and collapsing the trauma, hurt, emotions, depression and anxiety, triggers, addictions, masks, cords, contracts, and Akashic records that had previously been holding me back…. And it all led up to that magical retreat in the mountains of Banff where I was able to support 19 other humans in their journey and have a blast doing it!

I am more excited than ever for the next retreat!

~ your friend, Violet

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