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The easy way to start a healing or wellness practice in your community.

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If you identify as intuitive, spiritually awakening, or a healer, you know that you came here with a divine purpose to help usher in a new way forward on Planet Earth. 


You’ve heard the call to uncover and step into your purpose. Maybe you’ve taken some trainings or certification courses to help develop your skills and knowledge and discover who you are as a helper.

And perhaps you’ve even started up a healing or coaching practice, or maybe you’re just thinking about starting one.

But if you aren’t getting that aligned, easy momentum as you try to find more one-on-one clients, or if it all feels too big and overwhelming that you just don’t even know where to start, you might be skipping over one key element:

Starting a grassroots movement to connect in person for growth and healing is the best way to build an authentic and aligned wellness practice.

The calling to hold sacred space courses through the veins of the Circle Keepers here to unite our communities once more on this Earth plane.

If you're like many of the intuitives and healers I’ve come across over the years who have Sacred Circle Keeper written into their purpose, you’ve likely been feeling the call to step out as a helper or healer in some capacity for a while now.


You probably...

  • Have dreamed of having a retreat center or healing space, or hosting transformational retreats around the world
  • Are a natural facilitator or mediator–people in your sphere come to you to help them sort out problems and find clarity
  • Have a deep need to build kinship and community–bringing people together and helping kindred spirits connect
  • Love to cultivate safe spaces to evoke certain emotions or experiences, from full body relaxation to deep inner awareness or even creative and fun exploration
  • Understand that being a Leader doesn’t mean being the “boss”–it’s about supporting others to find their own true north
  • Are extremely gracious with sharing knowledge with everyone you can and love being that support for humanity

These are all signs that you are in the right place, and beginning (or amplifying) your sacred Circle is precisely where you're supposed to be right now.

Starting a Circle is the fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to step into your PURPOSE as a Healer and start making a positive impact WITHOUT needing any expensive certificates or long training programs.


When we begin to lead purposeful and transformational in-person Circles, we curate a space for people to be seen, heard, and held. As we curate that safe space, meaningful connections and friendships are built. These relationships lead to a deep knowing that we aren’t alone.

This is how our community heals.


Our Circles are so much more than just teaching a skill, or exploring the realms of healing and spirituality. They meet the foundational need that all humans require to have rich, meaningful and deep relationships.

They give us all the space to unwind what is no longer serving us and realize that our dreams are totally possible, when we’re supported.

The abundance and ease that we find when we realize a key piece of our true calling is to facilitate these transformational Circles is pretty freaking cool.


And if you’re a Circle Keeper at heart, it’s going to be way easier and more aligned for you to start and grow a Circle than starting with one-on-ones or building an online course.

Circle in a Box gave me the confidence to step into my mission.

"I was just starting out my business and I was looking for ways to connect with people in my community. Hosting circles did just that and so much more.

Circle in a Box provided me with all the materials I needed to get started and truly allowed me to step into my power and create the business that I had always dreamt of. If you are considering starting a business or hosting circles, I could not recommend Circle in a Box more!"

What is Circle in a Box?

Circle in a Box is my answer to the Question, "How do I get started leading Circles?"

Inside You'll Learn:

  • What your leadership style is - the authentic vibe of your Circles and how to bring that out in each event
  • Who needs your Circles - who they are, what they're walking through and how you can best support them
  • The matrix of a Circle - the key components and flow that leads participants to the intended outcome
  • How to price your Circles - the energy exchange they need to open up the gateway to their transformation
  • How to find Circle participants - where to look and how to invite them to your next Circle

It's so easy, you can host your first Circle in 4 weeks or less!

Training Series Outline

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned hosting hundreds of circles over more than 10 years and organized it into a short and simple (yet totally in-depth) 4-part training program that you get instant access to when you sign up for Circle in a Box.


Discovering You As A Facilitator

Who is a Sacred Circle Keeper, and what is their role? We’re diving into the power of Circles and the ripple effect of choosing to step into your purpose as Facilitator. Including how we can start to break the chains of poverty among the magic makers.


Finding The Vibe

Each Circle is going to have its own vibe and attraction factor that will be as unique as the host holding the Circle. We’re getting crystal clear on who needs your magic and the transformation you can help them experience–and how to communicate that.


Designing Your Circle

We’re getting into the meat and potatoes of designing your Circle. When, where, how, and what–all the logistics that go into designing the Circle content and getting all the preparations in place ahead of time so you can be present with your group when it’s go-time!


Finding Your Peeps

Unfortunately, “Build it and they will come” only works in the movies. People are busy and getting their attention can seem like an uphill battle. But it actually doesn’t have to be. I’m sharing my favorite places to find the right people who want to come to your Circles.


6 Complete Leaders Manuals

...that walk you step-by-step through some of my most popular Circle activities, guided journeys, and expansive discussion prompters that will have your participants raving about your Circles and coming back every time you host a new one. 

Circles included: Strengthening Intuition, New Moon Intentions, Full Moon Release, Working with the Elements, Crystals & Gemstones, and Tarot & Oracle Cards.

PLUS I've included a fill-in the blanks template so you can make your own Circle manuals! You'll find it inside Lesson 3: Designing Your Circle.


I've taken the guesswork out of getting started, so you can focus on service. 


To make sure you're supported on all sides, I'm throwing in these extra goodies to help you not only call in the right people and support them all the way through but take your Circles to the NEXT LEVEL.


Calling In Your Circle Guided Meditation

Listen to this anytime you need to reconnect to your mission as a Circle Keeper and energetically invite the next group of people who are ready to work with you!


Series Designer 

Turn one-off topics into a deeper dive series to be delivered over 4 (or more) weeks to provide a deeper dive into the content your Circle is craving with this template.


Sacred Retreat
Planning Guide

I'm sharing my top tips and secrets I've learned hosting more than 15 magically transformational retreats in this step-by-step Sacred Retreat Planning Guide.


Inviting Members to Sessions with You

Remember how I said starting a Circle is the easiest way to get paying clients? You can absolutely invite your Circle members to work with you one on one. I'll show you how.


Circle in a Box makes leading easy!

"For anyone new and feeling a bit nervous about their first circle, I see you and totally understand! But you will be so amazed at how easily things will flow! Especially with content, wording, and activity all laid out for you from Circle in a Box!

I never thought I would have enough confidence to lead a room full of people, and now I'm amazed at how much I absolutely love doing it - and my people are loving it also!"

I've been leading intuitive circles and retreats for more than a decade.

That’s actually how I began my own journey into self- and outward-centered healing. It also happens to be what started my business and propelled me to a now 7-figure annual income.

But the real reason I’m so darn passionate about helping other healers, like you, grow their own Circles is because gathering people together in circle is one of the most profoundly life changing and rewarding experiences you will ever have. It is nurturing our bonds as people, as humans, that can and will dispel the pain, drama, and trauma that I witness daily in so many around me.

My wish for you is that you experience the same (or better!) healing, joy and deep levels of connection in your own Circles that I have.

I've taken over a decade of Circle content and I'm beginning to hand it over to you, my friend, so that you can lead with confidence, wisdom and the knowing that you are held, seen and supported as you rise into your role as the vocalizers and keepers.

So to summarize... here's what you're getting in Circle in a Box:

  • 4 training videos (Discovering You as a Facilitator, Finding the Vibe, Designing Your Circle, and Finding Your Peeps)
  • 6 complete Leaders Manuals with everything you need laid out in order to lead 6 magical Circles (Strengthening Intuition, New Moon Intentions, Full Moon Release, Working with the Elements, Crystals & Gemstones, and Tarot & Oracle Cards)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks template with instructions for designing your own Circle manuals
  • A handy workbook to help you plan out and design your Sacred Circle as you work through the lessons in the library
  • BONUS 1: Calling in Your Circle Guided Meditation
  • BONUS 2: 4-Week Series Designer
  • BONUS 3: my Sacred Retreat Planning Guide
  • BONUS 4: Inviting Members to Sessions with You guidebook

And it's all organized into an online digital library you get INSTANT ACCESS to the moment you sign up and can reference any time.

Circle in a Box has everything you need to start your Circle in 4 weeks or less.

And you get instant access today for just one payment of $111 CAD.

Alright, that all sounds GREAT, except...


> "I can’t afford startup costs for a business."

Starting a Circle is one of the most affordable ways to start a purposeful and profitable healing business. Hands down.

Besides some creative and intuitive supplies (that you probably already have on hand) and potentially snacks if you want to provide that for your Circle, you don’t need to shell out much if anything at all to get started. You don’t even need a website.

There are a ton of activities you can do with a small group for free. And asking participants to bring a snack option is a great way to save even more and make everyone feel like they’re contributing. Win-win.

It’s totally possible within your first Circle to have fully paid for your investment in Circle in a Box and be ready to move into profit by Circle #2.


> "I've been struggling to find paying clients for my sessions."

If you’ve been trying to start out with one-on-one healing or coaching sessions and just not getting the momentum you’re looking for, that’s a really good sign that switching to an in-person Circle model would benefit you.

In fact, it’s the exact method I started my business with. All you need is 3-4 people to start who are looking for that in-person connection and opportunity to get out of their house and meet some other kindred souls. And inside Circle in a Box, I share all the ways I’ve been able to find paying clients who are looking for exactly that.


> "I don't feel like I know enough. I'm not ready."

I've come across so many people who haven’t even gotten started because they feel like they’re unqualified and not ready yet.

The truth is, starting a local circle is the fastest, most affordable, and easiest way to step into your Purpose as a Healer and start making a positive impact, today. Without needing any extra training or experience. I would argue it’s also the most authentic way to get that real world experience that will have you feeling totally confident in your leadership and healing abilities.

And you can get started on your own for free right now and be successful. If I can do it, so can you.

But that doesn’t mean you should have to do it alone. Getting support and guidance from someone who has come before you, made a bunch of mistakes, fixed them, and gained massive results is invaluable.


> "Nobody else is into spirituality or intuition in my area!"

Are you sure about that? Until people feel safe to share with you, you really don’t know what they’re into.

Oftentimes those who appear the most closed off are just wearing a mask to fit in or stay safe. Being a community leader means being willing to be a little bit vulnerable and go first, so others can find their way. They might just be waiting for someone like you to come out of the spiritual closet so they can find their tribe.

Okay, I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

My clients LOVED my Circle!!

"Keeping it short and sweet! Held my first circle on Saturday to complete and total RAVES! Many thanks for making me look so good to my clients, Caitlin!"

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It's Your Time, Circle Keeper!

Whether you’re just getting started or been at this for a while, you CAN build an authentic and fun business that actually makes a difference.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels not making the impact or the profit that you’re meant to, I can help.

After humble beginnings leading a Circle of 4 ladies in my living room once a month to now running successful programs helping thousands of intuitives and Starseeds unlock their own purpose, I’ve put everything I know into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that guides you through everything you need to build and grow the most transformational in-person Circles ever.

Circle in a Box has everything you need to start your Circle in 4 weeks or less. And you get instant access today for just one payment of $111.

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