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Sleep Paralysis

energy pulling energy vampires grey aliens health & body resonance fields sleep sleep paralysis Jul 30, 2021

Do you experience sleep paralysis? Waking up in the middle of the night, unable to move or speak, sometimes even seeing beings standing at the foot of your bed or crawling up to sit on your body. It can be downright terrifying, and for those who experience it regularly, these episodes make sleep time and rest very challenging.

Many people experience this phenomenon and want nothing more than to figure out why it’s happening to them and stop it once and for all. So today I’m sharing the top 4 causes of sleep paralysis that I see in my clients and students and how to start unwinding it so you can sleep soundly without the nightmarish interruptions.

Cause 1: a nervous system reset caused by a neurological condition

The first one I want to talk about is a completely physiological cause, because that can absolutely happen where it's not caused by a metaphysical reason. Although, the cause of the physiological condition could be metaphysical, but we’re going to focus on the person who has a particular condition that can heighten their chance of experiencing sleep paralysis.

Sleep apnea, rheumatoid arthritis, and those with the MTHFR gene do this all the time, where in the night their body powers down and does a hard reset. The problem is the first thing to come back on is usually the eyeballs and the brain and the rest of their body is paralyzed. It can also be caused by some hormonal malfunctions, but basically there are different sequences that aren't working properly within your body system and if you have a condition like this, your sleep paralysis is likely related to it.

Cause 2: Other dimensional entities using you as an energy source

Incubus or succubus entities, “Old Hag Syndrome”, these are what we often hear in reference to this cause of sleep paralysis, where you are in bed and get pinned down and unable to move by an entity that is using you as a battery source.

There are definitely entities that are not as pleasant as others whose sole mission in Spirit is to keep their own energy sources powered up by using people or other energy sources like a vortex or a portal that they latch onto. When they’re pulling energy from humans, they are looking for that big fear response where you get that jolt because it creates the latch for them to hook into your field and syphon your energy. You find yourself in a spin for the rest of that day and it feels very hard to center back into your body and be clear.

Cause 3: aliens using sex dreams to draw energy

This one is similar to the previous cause in that we have alien beings using us as an energy source, but it shows up in a very specific way. There is a subsection of the tall Grey hybrid alien species--not all of them, a section of them--that like to use sexual dreams and thoughts to draw energy. You know the ones, where your ex comes back around or it's somebody completely inappropriate in your life. Sometimes in those dreams the person dreaming becomes the conscious observer and they're like ‘Oh my God! I can see what's happening, I don't want this!’ and yet they can't stop it.

This situation is especially common for people who have experienced sexual trauma or are afraid of not having control over their body or being controlled physically or sexually by another.

Cause 4: the Watchers are collecting information from your system

Some of you guys may have experienced this particular situation, where you tend to wake up and there's this big tall figure at the end of your bed wearing a black top hat and it looks like they're just staring at you. It can be super intimidating, and they just hang out there and you often feel paralyzed in fear. They’re called the Watchers, but other people have referred to them as the men in black, the shadow people, or the black hat men.

The Watchers are gatekeepers for the Annunaki, but they don't tend to actually do anything to us. Why they're there is they're actually scanning information off of all of your tech sets. So anybody who is having those Watchers come into their space, they just scan all the data sets on any pieces of tech that you have running in your field, which could be transponders or implants.

What that means is you have some kind of relationship to the Anunnaki and you are feeding them information for whatever reason--could be good or bad, again, we have to remember that not all beings within the same Collective are good or are bad, they all have somewhat of an individuality in some races. There is a contract between you and them to provide this information. The contract could have been signed in this life or any other for a multitude of reasons, whether as self-punishment, through manipulation, or because these beings are part of your team and you are helping each other.

So, what do we do about this? How do we stop it? How do we protect ourselves from these beings who are coming into our space and messing with our energy and systems?

We don’t protect ourselves, we become aware.

Awareness is everything. Protection is outdated, it's one of the metaphysical bullshit myths that I wish everybody would toss, because if we started actually being aware of all the energy around us and consciously choosing what we interact with and how we navigate it we wouldn't be required to use those slightly slower vibrational tones to attempt to keep things out, and then the beings who latch onto the fear would have nothing to latch onto.

And I get it, I used to use protection all the time. I was the person I was walking around with black tourmaline and labradorite stuffed down my bra, and I was like doing protection bubbles and calling in all the Angels to protect me because I knew there was bad stuff out there trying to get me. I was totally in the empath loop so bad and I thought I had to put those barriers up and hold others away from me.

What I didn’t realize at the time but looking back now I do was that by shrinking and bubbling up my field, calling in Angels and other beings, and trying to use stones and other tools to save me,  I was actually just bringing all of those vibrations that I didn’t want, home.

I was putting up a big signpost on my field that said, I can’t take care of myself, I’m afraid, and I need saving. And that is the exact vibrational space that these energy sucking beings are attracted to and latch onto.

The other thing that many of us don’t realize is that when you're creating those protective bubbles and thinking that because you've set the intention that nothing is going to get to you that it means everything's going to stay out, well that only works if the resonance field within you no longer exists. Otherwise these beings and energies are still affecting you, you’ve just turned off your awareness of it and it becomes harder to clear that way because you’re putting blinders up.

So what we need to do to address the resonance field that is attracting these unwanted energies to us is start looking at everywhere we have big fears and are still acting from our traumas. Fears about worst-case scenarios playing out, fears about others having control over our bodies, fears about being taken advantage of, and traumatic experiences in our past (whether this life or another) where we experienced these kinds of situations and clearing that out of our Akashic Records.

In all of these cases, whether physical or energetically caused, we usually have to go into a full REM sleep to reset from the sleep paralysis, which is super interesting.

From there we want to address any and all contracts we may have with various galactic collectives, if that’s your situation. This is especially going to be the case if you have Watchers in your space. Doing this requires accessing our Halls of Amenti, which you can either do yourself or work with someone who has that capacity turned on to track the origin and clear it out, if that makes sense to do so. Because not all contracts or galactic relationships are a bad thing, so make sure to find all the details first.

In all of these situations, our best line of defense is to open ourselves up to complete awareness.

To seeing where we are playing into lower vibrational storylines, where we are allowing fear to drive our actions, and where we are giving our power away to another and then cleaning that up so we can be sovereign beings who are able to navigate life from a state of freedom.