All Certified D-Codes Practitioners are up to date with certifications and have completed their respective course with exemplary results. We can wholeheartedly recommend any of these amazing Healers to support you on your journey.

Advanced Practitioners are working directly with Caitlin as apprentices in the advanced healing arts and have demonstrated continued ability to support clients with more advanced cases. Please choose an advanced Practitioner if you know you need support with chronic/ terminal illness, PTSD, debilitating mental health conditions, or similar. Otherwise, let your intuition be your guide and tap into the practitioner who you are drawn to!

How To Choose Your Healer

Take a deep breath and without thinking too hard, scan each of the profiles of our Certified Practitioners. Use your knowing to follow through with the healers you feel connected with.

Click their "book with..." button to head over to their website or booking pages for more information. Choose the person you feel most connected with in this moment.

You'll book your session directly with the Practitioner you chose. Each of our healers brings such a beautiful & unique energy to their sessions - enjoy the magic!

 Advanced D-Codes™ Practitioners

Benita Wallis

Cadillac, SK, Canada

Benita is an Advanced D-Codes™ Practitioner, with QHHT ®, Reiki, Beginner Astrology and is currently training in Herbalism as well as Homeopathic Therapy. Known as our resident animal whisperer, few know that she has an unbelievable survivor’s story. She brings a straight-shooting toughness to her sessions that says "I understand, I've been there" a gentleness, sincere compassion that gives hope to what is possible on the other side with the skills and dedication to get you there too. She works with abuse, addictions, PTSD and disease.

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Faith Cisakowski

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Faith Cisakowski is a D-Codes™ Advanced Practitioner and Reiki Master with an affinity for following the puzzle in a body to help her clients access freedom and flow in their lives. Outside of energy work Faith has worked with children, youth and adults in social work, mediation, solution focused counselling and education fields and has a Bachelor of Secondary Education. Faith's keen interest in nutrition, homeopathy, and alternative medicine supports her mission to help her clients find their joy.

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Samantha Ross

St. Albert, AB, Canada

Samantha Ross is an Advanced D-Codes Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher and holds a diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy. How the body systems work together really lights her up and she loves the opportunity to share this with you in a simplified way in your session. Whether she is working with clients with digestive or fertility issues, migraines, anxiety or end of life diagnoses, Samantha is there to nurture your soul and support you while you bring yourself back into balance.

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Certified D-Codes™ Practitioners

Allison Taylor

Calgary, AB, Canada

Allison is a certified D-Codes Practitioner, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner and has a diploma in Trilotherapy. Her inviting and fun energy and deep empathic nature allows her to connect easily with clients where she helps navigate intense emotions, see blind spots, and process and clear trauma. As an alchemist of healing, she loves unravelling the layers and empowering people by equipping them with the tools to stand on their own. She is a change maker, galactic integrator, and guide to those needing a partner in all areas of healing.

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Angelica Mendieta-Sweet 

Kingston, ON, Canada

Angélica is a D-Codes Practitioner whose motivation for intuitive healing work is a desire to help clients thrive and an understanding people need support to heal. If your life needs alchemy and fireworks, Angélica uses a mix of tools: subtle energy healing, life coaching, shadow work, and the aforementioned fireworks to help clients clear stagnancy, address trauma, and alchemize dis-ease. She brings calming energy to her work and can help you rediscover possibilities and express your innate potential so you can move forward with a light heart.

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Brooke Gyoerick

Prince Albert, SK, Canada

Brooke is a D-Codes Practitioner with Reiki and is currently continuing her education in a number of holistic services. She is passionate about guiding those who are ready to dive into their healing journey while simultaneously developing their intuition so that they can bring themselves into a thrive state in all areas of their lives! Helping to expand her clients' awareness and empowering them every step of the way, Brooke has a natural nurturing energy but is not afraid to give it to you with some spice if needed!

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Denise Ruddick

Aggasiz, BC, Canada

Denise Ruddick is an intuitive facilitator of quantum healing & growth. She's a D-Codes Practitioner, Sound Healing Therapist and experienced life coach whose passion is to create a pathway for her clients to see the possibilities & opportunities ahead of them. Denise bridges connections & clears the way so others can fly to the tune of their own soul song. She uses sound to curate a safe space, follow the puzzle of the client’s body & amplify their shifts and movement. Whole self balance and harmony is always the goal.

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Karen Coccia

Morris Plains, NJ, USA

Karen truly lives and loves this work. As a D-codes Practitioner, she easily navigates and reconciles records and loves exploring the galactics. A Reiki master, Karen is also trained in yoga and intuitive, crystal, and sound healing. She creates a safe space for clients without judgement, regardless of subject matter. If you’re looking for someone who can help you get to the root of an issue, release blocks and create shifts, Karen is here for you. Recent client successes include healing intense neuralgia pain & clearing serious nut allergies.

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Kati Beckette

St. Louis, MO, USA

Kati Beckette is an Intuitive Healer/ Life coach that is certified as a D-Codes Practitioner, Angelic Reiki & USUI Reiki who uses her skills in mediumship and gift for past life reconciliation through reading Akashic Records to help you heal issues with Karmic cycles and ancestral trauma. After 21 years of military service, she found herself diving into the world of quantum healing and is now on a mission to be a helper in the world, assisting others to clear trauma, achieve soul sovereignty and live a life of abundance and purpose.

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Samantha Rodeck

Ile Des Chenes East, MB, Canada

Samantha is an intuitive coach who is certified as a D-Codes Practitioner, level 1 & 2 Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and is an experienced leader who is passionate about working with driven entrepreneurs. If you’re someone who is struggling with lack of clarity, self-sabotage patterns, constant self-doubt in your abilities, chronic stress or anxiety then her custom coaching sessions are for you. Samantha’s problem-solving mind, her grounded presence, her deeply driven nature and dynamic style of coaching will leave you feeling clear, confident, energized and fired up about leading & building your business.

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Tracy Montgomery

St. Albert, AB, Canada

Tracy is an Intuitive Healer + Coach who is passionate about guiding others to develop their intuition, find their ‘inner spark’, and empower themselves to live a life they love, while guiding deeply healing and transformative experiences. Tracy is a Certified D-Codes™ Practitioner, SRT and S.I.T Practitioner, Reiki Master, RMT, holds a B.Ed and loves working with Akashic Records. As an Alchemist of many tools, Tracy will support you in finding the ‘root’ of what is blocking you from your healing and invite you to reclaim your passion, purpose and sovereignty.

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