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All Practitioners are up to date with certifications and have completed their respective course with exemplary results. For more information on the Levels, click the button below.

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 Advanced D-Codes™ Practitioners

Benita Wallis

Cadillac, SK, Canada

Benita is a D-Codes™ Advanced Practitioner and QHHT Level 1 Intern with her Reiki Level 2 and Access BARS™. She loves to bring hypnosis, mediumship, and animal communication into her healing sessions. With her straight from the hip style, she works with animals, kids and adults either in-person or via distance.

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Faith Cisakowski

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Faith Cisakowski is an Advanced D-Codes Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, & Access BARs practitioner with an affinity for following the puzzle in a body to help her clients, adult, child or youth, access freedom and flow in their lives. Faith's keen interest in nutrition, homeopathy, and alternative medicine supports her mission to help her clients find their joy.

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Samantha Ross

St. Albert, AB, Canada

Samantha Ross is a Certified Advanced D-Codes Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master. She combines her knowledge of therapeutic body work, with quantum healing to create amazing results.
Her goal is to light you up and help you find that place of absolute comfort in your body, so you can unlock your mind and step into your magic.

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D-Codes™ Level 2 Practitioners

Denise Ruddick

Aggasiz, BC, Canada

Denise Ruddick is the perfect balance of sugar and spice: a nurturer at heart who is not afraid to ask the tough questions that many healers dare not touch. As a D-Codes Level 2 Practitioner with her Reiki Master and Access BARs, she loves to bring sound healing into the mix to help her clients amplify their personal healing. Denise offers distance and in-person sessions in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley area of BC, Canada.

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Krystal Vasquez

Bristol, PA, USA

Krystal is a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner, metaphysical shop owner and lover of Quantum healing techniques. Using all the tools in her toolbox to help clients release themselves from blockages and move towards their greatest trajectory.

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Krystee Sager

Elmira, NY, USA

Krystee is currently a DCodes level 2 practitioner. She is also a Reiki Master and certified practitioner for Access Bars, Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and aromatherapist. Her passion is providing you with the tools and support you need to live your best, healthiest, life possible- body, mind, soul and energy!

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Jill Henderson-Grainger

Westlock, AB, Can

Jill is a certified level 2 D-code practitioner, access bars practitioner, who has an ability to get to the root of the challenges her clients face. Jill is specialized in working through the Akashics, Galactics and is talented in seeing walk ins and attachments. Jill is also talented with children & youth.

[email protected]

Level 1 D-Codes™ Practitioners

Allison Taylor

Calgary, AB, Canada

Allison is a certified D-Codes level 1 practitioner, a Reiki Master, an Access Bars practitioner, and carries a Trilotherapy diploma. Allison loves to help people who feel overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out to find deep peace and healing in their own body, heart, mind, and soul.

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Amanda Hobbs

Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Amanda uses a combination of tools to help support her clients on a mental, emotional and physical level. She’s been certified in D-Codes Level 1, Access Bars, Reiki master, yoga, prenatal yoga & hot stone massage/yoga. She is passionate about creating a safe space where her clients report feeling held, supported, nurtured and heard. She leads others to follow the gentle whispers of the body through intuitive movement, and has the ability of seeing the truth in any given situation. Amanda uses the Akashics to help dive deep into trauma and wounding to help lighten the load.

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Amanda Quick

Durango, CO, USA

Amanda’s mission is to inspire everyone to come out of trauma, remember their magic and trust their own intuition again. She is extremely quick and efficient as she follows the energy in the Akashic Records clearing out the patterns that block our bodies, minds and souls from being able to thrive.

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Angelica Medieta-Sweet 

Kingston, ON, Canada

Angélica Mendieta-Sweet is a certified D-Codes Level 1 practitioner who loves helping people recognize their potential. She brings an encouraging and calming energy to her clients and supports them as they move into their ideal trajectory. Using a mix of tools like Akashic reading, tarot and oracle cards and intuitive coaching, her clients are able to clear out stagnancy, address trauma and work through fear and dis-ease holding them back. Let her help you rediscover your radiant self so you can step onto your path confidently and with a light heart.

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Breyanna Wilson

Seattle, WA, USA

Breyanna Wilson is an intuitive life coach and tarot reader who is ready to help you get to the core of your issue and release it once and for all. She brings a beautifully grounded presence to her sessions allowing each of her clients to heal with ease.

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Catlin Smith Power

Virginia, USA

Catlin is a certified Integrative Reflexologist, Reiki Master and D-Codes Level 1 practitioner working towards her Level 2 D-Codes certification. She loves connecting with her clients, supporting them on their journey of personal growth and healing.

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Cindy Goldstone

Alberta, Canada

Cindy is a Reiki Master, D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner and Access BARs Practitioner. Cindy creates a beautifully supportive environment for her clients to unfold as they go through their healing journey. A fantastic listener, she is able to help you sort through what needs to be clear and healed to allow you to move forward on your path. 

[email protected]

Claudette Carlson

Preeceville, SK, Canada

Claudette Carlson is a Reiki Master, D-Codes Level 1 Certified energy worker. Using a mix of tools like mediumship, energy work, and intuitive life coaching, she brings a safe and calming presence to all of her sessions, helping her clients to move out of feeling stuck and finally being able to see the bigger picture for their lives. She has had great success working with women who have had fertility issues, but also specializes in relationship dynamics with children and families

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Justin Wesenberg

Cochrane, AB, Canada

Justin helps spiritual seekers discover who they are, why they're here, and how they can connect to Source.

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Karen Coccia

Morris Plains, NJ, USA

Karen is a certified Level 1 D-Codes Practitioner, Reiki Master, and passionate intuitive healer. She is currently working towards her level 2 D-Codes certificate. Her passions lie in mindset and helping others to see all they are capable of when it comes to healing their bodies and their lives. She has a talent for connecting to her clients and helping them to clear the blocks holding them back.

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Kati Beckette

St. Louis, MO, USA

Kati is a D-Codes 1 Practitioner and Certified in Angelic Reiki 1 & 2. Kati's genuine love for humanity has called her to do this work. Her goal is to help with clearing ancestral trauma/drama in order for your body to heal so you can live your best life.

Contact: [email protected]

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Kristy Miller

Summerville, NB, Canada

Kristy Miller is a Reiki Level 2, SAC- Spiritual Alignment Connection, and D-Codes Level 1 Certified intuitive healer. Kristy’s approach, although direct, is loving, supportive, and compassionate, allowing the session to flow with ease. Using many tools, her sessions may include, mediumship, collapsing akashic records, clearing entities/walk-ins, intuitive life coaching, and clearing spaces. She especially loves to help women with their relationship dynamics/triggers, parenting, and clearing their homes to create a peaceful environment.

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Laura Olsson

Prince George, BC, Can

My passion is holding a safe, supportive space for healing, exploration and profound transformation; Unraveling the layers that keep us stuck, small and hiding, which in turn allows us to gain self awareness at the soul level and evolve into the life we desire. I am a Mom, a Nurse, a certified D-Codes Level 1 practitioner who is currently working on Level 2, Reiki Level 2 and Access Bars Level 1 Practitioner and a coach.

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Leslie Cantrell

Rockwall, TX, USA

Leslie can help you discern self from non-self, so that you can get your life moving in a way that's right for you. She loves working with tech and going in to galactic timelines or bridging people with their galactic team.

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Lindsay Nepoose

Ponoka, AB, Can

Lindsay is a Level 1 D-Codes Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, Level 1 Reiki Practitioner, and a certified Spiritual and Mindset Life Coach. She is passionate about helping others clear trauma from their mind body and soul with an affinity for those healing from narcissist abuse. Throughout this process, Lindsay helps clients find their way back to connecting with their true essence and step back into their power. Lindsay offers distance and in person sessions.

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Lindsey Patrick

Dallas, Texas, USA

Hello beautiful soul! If you feel I have codes to help unlock your healing, let's tackle it together! Its my primary goal to help you return to who you are and want to be! Whether it's walk-in removal, tech, or life coaching, I'm here to help! Let's make magic together!

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Lyby Slavik

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Aus

Lyby is certified D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner and Reiki Master, she holds a Meditation Diploma and Vegetarian & Vegan Nutritionist Diploma. She started her intuitive healing journey with the intention to heal herself and now passionate about helping people to find their way to heal and thrive. Nurturing and a good listener who follows energy in the Akashic records or Mediumship to help clients to find and clear the old patterns and what doesn’t serve them anymore. She holds space for clients to discover what their body requires to see their own magic again.

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Mitzi McMahon

Elkhorn, WI, USA

Mitzi McMahon is a Certified D-Codes Level 1 Practitioner, working her way toward her D-Codes Level 2 certification. Naturally curious, she listens for what's not said, probing beneath the layers to get to the root. Using energy work, sound, and intuitive coaching, she creates a nurturing and safe space for her clients to heal, grow, and remember who they came here to be.

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Rachel Zercher Marvin

Leesburg, VA, USA

I’m a certified Life Coach, Usui Reiki Master teacher, Intuitive psychic medium, animal communicator and energy worker. I hold certifications in EFT, Access BARS, and Level 1 D-codes. I use my skill-set to facilitate healing of past and current traumas on the physical, spiritual and emotional levels. Offered are in-person and distance sessions to best meet your individual needs.

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Roxanne Landry

Kelowna, BC, Can

Roxanne Landry is a certified Level 1 D-Codes practitioner (level 2 training) & Reiki Master. She uses high octane energy to help clear, while showing you how to burn it down on every level so you can step into who you came here to be.

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Samantha Grantham

Onoway, AB, Canada

Samantha is a Level 1 D-Codes Energy Healer, Reiki Master and Access BARS practitioner. She is currently working towards her Level 2 D-Codes certification. While providing a grounded space, Samantha filters through all the information and narrows in on exactly what needs to be cleared. Her passion is helping clients with ancestral line healing and Akashic Record clearing so they can get to a point where they feel more flow, lighter and empowered.

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Shannon Peacock

Bentley, AB, Canada

Shannon is a certified Level 1 D-Codes Practioner, Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach & Certified Goal Setting Coach. Shannon is working on her level 2 D-Codes Certification.
Shannon is incredibly talented in the Akashic Records and the ability to see how the past is influencing the present.

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Tiffany Patterson

Eureka, MO, USA

Tiffany is a Level 1 D-codes practitioner, working on her Level 2. Her style of healing isn't your traditional session, as she brings everything to the table that is needed to support her clients. Tiffany is a certified Usui Master/Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and certified Life Coach.

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Tracey Mckinnon

Edmonton, AB, Can

Tracey McKinnon has her certification in D-Codes Level 1, BodyTalk and Polarity Therapy. With intuitive knowing, of where to place her hands on a body, she can bring about great release for the client. She has brought this love into her remote work now as a Dcoder. She has helped many with releasing cords, contracts, emotions and collapsing akashic records. The endless quest to see energy pathways in the body, fuels her passion to help others in unravelling the quantum puzzle pieces and discovering within themselves, a place where life is brighter and lighter.

[email protected]

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Trish Tagle

Metro Area, New York

This is me, sharing my gift of helping you feel better through the distance. It brings me joy to know that I can support people and their physical bodies and in their minds.

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