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How to Develop Your Psychic Senses

health & body intuition magic psychic development retreats Oct 19, 2020

I want to talk about this whole idea of developing our psychic senses (or our "clairs" as I call them).

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There's so much pressure I find that has been put on, ‘Well, you have to develop your clairvoyance, and you have to get better at clairaudience, and your clairsentience should be working fully for you to be a good healer and psychic or intuitive…”

What I think a lot of us don't realize is it doesn't have to be that hard. And truthfully, it's not really any different from what you're already doing.

To turn your psychic gifts all the way up, this is all you have to do: You just have to let your senses fully come alive.

What do I mean by that?

I think all the women who came with me on my last retreat in the magical Rocky Mountains of Canada will tell you how quickly your senses can turn up if you just ask for it.

So I'm going to tell you a bit of what happened that day when we went to Bow Lake in Canmore, Alberta to give you an idea of how you can take yourself on a sacred journey just like we went on from wherever you are in the world. Because it's so simple to do, it's easily replicable and you don't have to be walking with me to be able to achieve these results.

I didn't know many of the women who came to Canmore this last go around personally. I'd not traveled with most of them or met them in person and hadn't even had individual healing sessions with many yet, either. Everyone was new to me.

The first night at our opening circle the majority of them shared that their goals for the retreat were to be able to turn on and up their psychic senses. A lot of them felt like they weren't quite getting the messages, or they weren't quite good enough at it yet or things weren't filtering in properly and they weren't quite tuning in the way they thought they could.

And maybe you're in this boat too where you're walking down this path and you're learning all these cool things and you are like, "But I got nothing."

But it looks and sounds really cool! It's definitely something we want to harness but we're not necessarily lighting up and having all these downloads and the epiphanies and all these abilities turning on that everyone is speaking about in mainstream meta. And then we go, "well maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm the problem. Maybe this isn't for me. Maybe it's the wrong place, maybe I shouldn't even be doing this stuff... maybe I am not a chosen or gifted person."

We start going into all this crappy inner dialogue and we end up slowing ourselves down. Because the more we talk about ourselves in that light the more we start to create this vortex around ourselves of numbing.

We slow things down, we shut them off, we push them out and we don't continue to bring our senses alive.

And so when I got together with this group I knew my first goal had to be first and foremost I have to teach these guys how to come back alive. Like their entire systems need to sing and need to be humming. We need to have all the pieces talking to each other.

And how you do that is first through the 5 senses all of us learned about in Kindergarten.

Our teachers said to us back then, "Did you know that you have five senses?" And our minds were blown by the idea that we can see and hear and touch and taste and smell.

Did you know that's all your intuition is—your five senses but just heightened?

Think about that. All these big names that we give to our psychic senses are just a heightening and an extension of the senses that are already naturally ingrained into your body.

That's it.

So if that's true, all we need to do to get stronger intuitive abilities and be reaching into these other subtleties is we just need to kick our already existing senses up a notch.

And the best way to do that is to go into an environment that’s very quiet people-wise but absolutely alive vibration-wise.

So think about the places you have near you. The best place I find to do this is somewhere with varied terrain. I mean going for a nature walk with trees, and rocks, and mountains and a lake. Or desert, and cacti, and caverns and a stream. Or ocean and sand and hills and flowers. Places where you have multiple elements that you can interact with as you walk.

When we did this trip and we were out at Bow Lake, before we even got onto the trail I said, "We're going to truth test everything. We're gonna see where our bodies want to lean in or lean out. We're going to walk consciously down this trail to see what we find. We may not know the answers to every question that comes up, but we're sure as heck going to be able to feel it. That is the goal."

So what we did down the trail—and you can do this too with your kids if you have children, they just love it—you just start walking. And you pay attention to the places where you want to fall into it, or the places you feel a little bit pushed out. The places where you feel like you're rushing towards and the places where you feel like you might be a little bit watched. The places where you notice temperature changes, changes in sensation, changes in smell. You can ask your nose to pick up a deeper level of the scent.

We can ask our bodies to amplify our senses to the stimulus around us.

This is how we start training the body to pick up those heightened, elevated senses to get ready for the things we want to be able to track later.

We ask it to come alive. And one of the worst places to do this is at home in your comfort zone.

So go walking. Find somewhere close to home, even if it's just around the block. You can truth test in front of people's houses! And check in as you walk by do you want to rush past or do you want to linger? Do you feel like someone is watching you or do you feel like you could yell and no one would notice? Do you feel, hear, see, smell, taste any differences from one place to another?

And without having to answer all the questions, just be present to it.

Just notice it.

I've said this before, you know, mainstream meta has done a wonderful job of making a lot of people feel incredibly inadequate.

We put all these titles on all these things we're supposed to be able to do if we are Magical AF. But rarely do you get to find out how to truly come alive.

There are a lot of sort of, kind of helpful activities we can do and exercises we can practice but they don't fully help us integrate anything, because all they do is get us into this memorization zone.

What we need to get to is the space where we're stretching our senses.

Where we're asking, "Hey eyeballs, right now you can see this much light, but what would happen if I was willing to go on this journey and I was willing to see more? What if I could see the aura of the forest? Or the aura of my friends? What if I could see the energy off of every vehicle and building? What if I could see how the trees and the mushrooms and the lichen were talking to each other? What if the rivers had a song I could hear?"

I would love for you to just start being where you are and strengthen the senses you already have.

And you already have most if not all of the psychic senses. Clairvoyance means to see. Clairaudience means to hear. Clairgustance means to taste, clairalience means to smell, clairsentience means to feel, and claircognizance means to know.

Don't we already do these freaking things? So why do we think we're not magic?

Why did we have to take these senses that we already have and give them a new label and make people feel inadequate because their radar doesn't work the exact same as someone else's?

My radar is not your radar. The way my body receives, translates, works with energy and information is not going to be the exact same as how yours is going to do it. Maybe we will have some similarities, but you are not me and I am not you, and thank gawd because this world would be so cray-cray if we were all the same. It would be boring.

If my radar was exactly like yours none of us would grow. None of us would challenge each other, none of us would reach further.

And so we need to honor self.

We had a conversation about this in circle at the retreat and I thought it was so fitting because we were talking about how each of us gets information.

I personally have very strong hearing. I am an amazing eavesdropper, I have been since I was a child! So all I had to do was strengthen that a touch to be able to hear everything on the other side. I have always just been able to feel things and know things, so all I had to do was acknowledge that and keep working with it. And I've always had an incredibly strong imagination and been able to just pull things out of seemingly thin air, and so allowing things to just fall out of my mouth because I just know it—what we call claircognizance where you just know what you know—those are very natural for me.

I don't use clairvoyance as much as some other people. I can do it, but it's not as natural as my other senses. Whereas Violet, a member of my team here and she was on the retreat with us, she uses all of them. And she shared on the weekend a really important point: she uses all of them but she doesn't get to choose which on gets used when information comes in.

You have to remember that you don't get to decide how a being on the other side brings you data.

You don't get to decide how a portal is going to inform you. You don't get to pre-choose how a galactic being is going to make contact with you. You don't get to dictate any of that.

Your radar is like a receiver, and whatever channel is strongest, however it can manage to translate, and whatever allows the light and the sound to get through and whatever you NOTICE is how you're going to receive it.

And so we have to stop fighting to be a "clair-something" and instead we have to really start looking at, “How do I turn this whole system on and up?” Because you never know how the data is going to come, but I sure as hell want to have the body that can receive and play with it all. And I think many of you are in the same boat.

So, I want you to bring up all the ways you've tried to force yourself into the clair- box.

You could run some clearing statements and do some emotional release. You need to collapse that and just go back to your 5 human senses and light those up. All the way. Stronger, harder, faster.

How do you set your senses on fire? How do you take something that has been somewhat numb or turned off and activate it?

You have to start playing with stimulus. You have to change the algorithm.

As an example let's just pretend that since March until now you've pretty much been at home and you've had the same routine day in, day out. And life has pretty much been flatlined except for a few jumps here or there (heyo, new seasons of your favourite show on Netflix, or family drama).

Well guess what—if you just sit at the computer and decide you're going to be a better clairvoyant... well, no. It's likely not going to turn up at that point because your stimulus is probably still the same. We need to bring something new into the body, into the neurons, into all those light cones and rods in the eyes to wake it up.

So if you've primarily been inside, go outside. Go for a drive down a road you've never been. Eat a new food you've never had. Listen to some new music from an artist you've never heard before.

Go find a new trail or outdoor space. I don't care if it's raining or snowing—that's a new stimulus all in itself. Don't be afraid of the evolution of the seasons that's coming for many of us too, play with it, because that stimulus will be an invitation to the body to look at things, feel things, see things a different way.

xo, Caitlin

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