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{Walk-ins} Who Stays and Who Goes?

akashic records multidimensional original occupant starseed walk-ins Aug 13, 2020

We have noticed a drastic increase in the number of Walk-in souls coming forward over the last couple of months, which I have no doubt is in part due to the catalyst of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic that all of humanity is experiencing in 2020.

To catch up on the Walk-in conversation, you can check out my blog post "Are You the Walk-In?" from October 26, 2019 and my Youtube video "The 5 Types of Walk-ins" from June 16, 2020.

To dive deeper into the Walk-in phenomena, I'd like to share one of my clients' amazing questions after her session as I have a feeling that many of you share the same wonders.

For this blog post, I think it will be best served as a Q&A format to give context, and perhaps ignite further inquiry from our community. I will share one question and answer per post over the next few days, so be sure to check back for more.


MM: If I came in at birth, why am I the walk in and not the original occupant? Was this designation (who would be which) something that was decided and contracted before birth? Caitlin explained it like I was hired, and I’m here to clean up the ancestral line. Is it part of our agreement that says once I clean up the line I will release her? It feels sort of presumptuous to me to say that I stay and she goes.


My Response: First, we must make the distinction that the Original Occupant (OO) is directly linked to the genealogy of the parental lines on the physical, mental, supramental, emotional, and spiritual planes. The OO carries the familial cords, contracts, shared Akashic Records and lessons. Basically, they hold the family line data.

The Walk-in will have something called "implant records" which is like a holographic understanding or experiencing of the family's records, without having lived them. They are linked to the genealogy only by the physical 3D experience, with implant understandings for the mental fields and beyond.

A family line may choose to hire, or work with, a soul who is able to bring more of their memory through the Bhardos veil (think the spiritual amnesia we experience) here on Earth. This Walk-in to the family will have been asked for support in one or more areas to help the souls native to that particular family line with a liberation or healing project. An example we see frequently is in the case of sexual trauma generation after generation, or narcissist-empath loops, or perhaps oppression and energy draw situations where the soul family is bound and contracted to a nefarious entity group.

The Original Occupant will already be coded to reincarnate onto this planet and into that family line, through an ancestral cord that the souls keep cycling through. (e.g. your uncle could have been his own great, great grandfather, and yet now he is the son of his grandchild.)

In order to bring a Walk-in through, we have to do a soul braid whereby we combine a small section of our being to be able to "piggy back" through the birth process. (Ever wondered why so many women think they are pregnant with twins?!)

However, it is not the Original Occupant who brings a full-bodied soul fragment through, it is the Walk-in.

The Original Occupant will bring through their Akashic and karmic cycles, particularly strong throughout childhood and on through young adulthood. At that time, it is the Original Occupant who is controlling majority of the experiences, registering data from the events, and storing any emotional trauma or triggers. Many of us will have memories of having an invisible friend, or hearing a voice. What if that was you, the Walk-in soul, speaking to the Original Occupant and helping them to get through? Likely, you will have a sensation if you are the Walk-in that you witnessed majority of the childhood and youth events, and yet even though the body you are familiar with as your own was there, you did not feel as though you were an active participant in the events.

Somewhere between the ages of 7 and 12, a trigger event happens where we have the first switch event. The Walk-in will take over control of the body, and the Original Occupant steps back. This will flip-flop multiple times over the course of the early years, until a final catalyst event where the Walk-in fully "plugs in".

At this time, we will see the energy of the family "black sheep", where the person begins to break away, feeling as though they must not actually belong to this family line. Their beliefs, actions, dreams and life choices will begin to reflect some clear differentiation from the birth family. The Walk-in goes on a journey of self discovery around the time of the Saturn Returns (28-32 years old, 58-62 years old) to catalyze their memories into action and reawaken to everything they are.

Somewhere in that period, they will come into contact with another Walk-in who has already done the work and understands Step One of the mission. They will re-learn how to work with energy and the healing to be done in this current human form, and begin the contracted soul family work. This could be cleaning up familial Akashic Records, eliminating old contracts, liberating souls from certain grids, and beyond.

This work becomes the obsession, for until it is complete the Walk-in will be unable to focus on their own dreams and true experiences for this Earth. Once the original contract work is complete, the Original Occupant is released to be crossed over so that they can go through a full soul integration, like we as the Walk-in have already experienced in human form.

The Walk-in remains in the human form to play within this Earth realm, perhaps focusing and aligning to a new mission, or creating their own way. Their individual soul purpose becomes clear and they will step into the creativity and alchemy that this Earth so beautifully offers.

It was the soul plan all along to give the gift of a full cross-over to the Original Occupant.

For when they are tied to the Akashic and Karmic cycles of the reincarnational loops, this is not offered. They have no choice but to keep coming back through this family line, repeating the same cycles over and over like a proverbial Groundhog Day.

This is why we see generation after generation repeating the patterns that came before. The whole, "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" statement fully applies. Once this soul line gets to cross over, they are able to integrate all they have experienced in human form and have CHOICE about where they go next. They become free.

Stay tuned for more in this series! Have a question about Walk-ins that you're dying to know? Send me an email and I'll add it to my list where it might get answered on my blog, podcast or YouTube channel!

xo C.