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The Top 5 Ways We Sabotage Our Healing

d-codes healer health & body Feb 05, 2021

I know that a lot of Starseeds, a lot of healers, a lot of Earthseeds have been searching and searching and searching for information and they have so many tools at their disposal and yet life hasn't improved.

They’ve got all these healing modalities under their belts. They're doing the gratitude work, seeing healers, practicing the affirmations, putting the stones on their chakras—doing everything right and yet life is still not how they want it to be.

Their bodies aren't how they want, their finances haven't changed, their health still sucks, their relationships are frustrating the bananas out of them, they're still haunted by their past wounding and things just are not improving.

It gets to the point sometimes where people actually go, "Well I guess this stuff isn't even real. I guess it doesn't work."

Watch the full video stream of this conversation on my Youtube channel here.

And here’s another one—this one is so annoying—we think we're going forward, we've finally got it figured out and we’re making progress, and then we get smacked back down when an old trigger we thought we cleared rears its ugly head again.

The cycles keep repeating.

You might have even gotten into what I call 'healer hopping', where you go to one healer and the thing doesn't fix right away, so you hop over to the next one's office and it doesn't fix, so you hop over to the next and we are jumping around from thing to thing and yet nothing anybody says or does shifts it.

So we start to think, "Am I that much of a puzzle? It can't be this hard. Maybe I'm unfixable."

Why does this happen? Why do we get into this stream of consciousness where we know everything is possible and everything is just energy and a range of experiences, that we can choose our own reality and create as much as we can destroy if we desire. How is it that we're still stuck and so wounded as a human?

I have some theories on this that I've picked up working directly with over 3,000 individual different clients. Not even counting the repeat sessions. Over 3,000 different people have come through my doors and I have seen some really interesting patterns within the humans of who flies and who doesn't. Who fixes their stuff and who stays exactly where they began.

So today I'm sharing the top 5 things that hold most of the clients I see back from actually healing.


1. They’re trying to heal problems within their bodies and minds that aren't even theirs.

The number one problem I see in all of my clients is they are trying so hard to heal things that aren't even theirs to begin with. It doesn't originate with them, they didn't start it, they didn't create it. It's something they picked up from someone else along the way because we are psychic sponges walking around all day every day picking up other people's problems and hoarding them in our bodies.

We take everyone else's stuff on and instead of discerning through if it's even ours the moment it comes into our fields we buy it as our own.

Case in point: I had a client this past week who has been filtering for someone in his life for a really long time, and it had manifested as a cancer in his body. The cancer isn't even his. By the end of our 45-min session his tumor had shrunk by more than half. How is that possible? Because it wasn't even his frequency to begin with.

As soon as the body can recognize self from non-self, it can clean up and heal anything.

So many of us are living out someone else's timelines. We are living out their life plans and Akashic Records rather than our own. Think about this: how many times have you thought, 'Oh my god, I sound like my mother!' We mimic others all the time.

The problem becomes as soon as we stop discerning between what is ours and what is not and our brain says, "oh this pain is mine. I have a headache." or "My back hurts." over and over again.

The brain cannot tell the difference between truth and lie.

The brain's job is to be as efficient as possible. It doesn't discern truth from lie. The consciousness that is You does that. So when you buy a thought, a feeling, an experience as truth, your brain does too. And then the body has to follow: chemically, hormonally, neurologically, and immune system -wise.

When we think a thought more than once our brains lay down neural pathways that trigger a cascade effect in the body to create that reality for you, faster each time.

That is the number one thing I see that holds people back.

I have a super simple tool for this. Are you ready? Here it is: "Truth, is this even mine?" This question will save you lifetimes upon lifetimes of pain, of trauma, of animosity.


2. They're addicted to their discomfort.

In humanity, we have been conditioned to be creatures of comfort. We build patterns, habits, rituals, and ways that we ingrain our day-to-day movements. People actually become addicted to their discomfort because it's familiar.

And so when we think about creating something totally new and stepping out into a new level of being, we freak out! It's hard and it's scary. And then we make up a false reality about what's going to happen if we change our ways.

Some of us even feel a little bit lost when we aren't experiencing the chaos and the discomfort and the pain of what we're used to because it's our normal operating system. Actually, it's your body's homeostatic level. Which means your body has taught itself how to be okay operating in that situation, in those circumstances.

So, not only does our brain buy it as true and normal, so does our hormonal system. Now not only do we have a soul and a brain that are buying into this discomfort pattern, we also have a body that is following with the chemicals it produces sending signals to keep these things in place.


3. We want to be really good at something the first time we do it.

We have this idea that the first time we try something we should be able to do it perfectly. We automatically go, "Okay, if I'm going to do this I'm going to do it right and I have to be perfect. And if I'm not perfect then it must not be the thing for me."

We will avoid practice.

Learning to stay on top of your emotions is a practice. Learning to clear things is a practice. Healing is a practice. And you might not be good at it the first time you try it.

I wasn't.

Four years ago I was the epitome of a hot mess. I was an emotional basket case. I couldn't tell my feelings from someone else's', my body was sick all the time, I was allergic to everything, food went right through me, I was constantly on an emotional hamster wheel. I had no control over self. And so the first time I tried an energy healing technique it didn't work. I sucked at it!

I was only looking at the loudest symptoms that I was experiencing rather than the bigger picture, and I was expecting to be a master at healing the first time I tried it.

When we are looking at the healing puzzle and we are taking the science out of the spirituality and the spirituality out of the science, we are missing the key.

And that's what allopathic medicine is based on: looking at things at an atomic level and figuring out how to either increase or decrease the signal. Whereas when we look at something from the complementary medicine perspective, we look from the consciousness down.

Truth be told, we can't leave either of them behind because science is spirituality and spirituality is science. Everything is on a quantum physics scale. And so you cannot have one without the other.

When we are looking at this healing puzzle, the next thing I see that holds us back is we forget we are human.

We chose this physicality this time where we have to express and alchemize differently than we have in other timelines and other bodies. Therefore we have to learn to master this one.

So let's say I believe that nothing is ever going to go right for me, that I have bad luck. My brain and my body have also bought that idea as a fact. And so my body is constantly keeping my hormones in a cycle to keep that thought in place. And so I can't just override or clear the thought, I also have to address the body's physical manifestation of it. They go hand-in-hand.

This is one of the things I am adamant about teaching my D-Codes students. Because we often come into energy healing and we want to leave the body behind. We can't do that. We have to bring it with us all the way through.

Someone said this to me years ago and it was profound for me. They said, "The consciousness that you used to create the scenario you are in now is not the consciousness you can use to get yourself out of it." Which means that your entire operating system—your environment, the way you think, the way you move, the way you act—has to be completely different from what got you into this mess in the first place.

A lot of us are sometimes afraid to make those big leaps and we are getting super reactive. We think it means we are going to have to leave our partner or move across the country or quit our jobs. And in some cases it does. But a lot of the time it just means installing a boundary or cleaning up our cluttered home. Or if we want to get stronger we can't keep watching Netflix every night and expecting our muscle mass to increase. We have to actually get up and lift some weights. Because we are physical. We can't leave anything behind.

And so it's not that you're doing it wrong, in truth you are doing a lot of things right.

It’s just that we are forgetting or missing one or two things in the sequence—there's just a bit more required that you haven't seen yet to complete the full shift.


4. Comparison-itis

Comparison is the killer of all consciousness. It absolutely is, because as soon as we are pushing up against somebody else's field and we are trying to be exactly like them, we are now trying to mimic them, and we're leaving a part of ourselves behind.

And then when it doesn't work, because we don't have their source coding, we don't have their experiences, we don't have their conditioning, we get mad. We get frustrated and we feel like we aren't enough. And then we create false realities about our worth and if we're even in the right place instead of actually going, 'what's true for me'.

The number one thing I ask my students and community members to do is to show up in your authenticity as who you are.

And don't even think about turning into a chameleon or trying to be like anyone else in this circle. Because your source coding, your experiences, your lensing, your perspectives and the lessons you have to share are so relevant to the entire tapestry we are building.


5. Trying to hold an ideal of what a spiritual person thinks, talks, acts, and looks like.

When we first get into spirituality, almost all of us (myself included) try to be this ideal of what we think a spiritual person is supposed to look and act like. We change our hair and clothes, we buy all the crystals and rock jewelry, we meditate and gratitude journal, we are 'love and lighting' all over everybody, we're signing off ‘namaste’, and we are jumping into yet another grid that limits our consciousness.

We have been seeking for so long somewhere where we fit in that mostly matches our ideals. But truly the space of consciousness that we all want to become requires each of us to hold our own authentic field.

And so everything in our healing work is about uniting the mind, body, and soul. And we gotta take this to a whole new level, new devil you guys because humanity is not getting it yet. A lot of the healers aren't getting it yet. The metaphysical community is not getting it yet.

It means that what we think and how we act and how we move has to be in alignment with us. Our core light.

Not the person beside us. Not the guru we're listening to, not the person who sounds the most convincing on YouTube. Us. Our frequency.

So I would love for you to consider doing a little bit of introspection on where you've left a part of you behind in your healing work.

When you were working on your mindset, were you also loving on your body? When you were taking care of your body, were you also supporting your emotional state? Or were you leaving those parts of yourself behind?

Because when you can start to recognize that and start weaving it all together, that’s the space from which we truly heal.

xo, Caitlin Dianna