What are the D-Codes™?

The D-Codes™ are the Gateway between our 3D experience and our Morphogenetic Field. This field connects to our blueprint and our perfectly whole and healed self. Everything we are, everything we are to become, and everything we are here to do is in this space.

The D-Codes™ are currents of energy that open the channels for our soul to fully settle into the body. The frequencies that transmute pain, disease and old stories harbored in our cells, for good. They attune us to our multidimensional experience.

Each code line runs with its own harmonic tone to reconnect the subtle energy layers of the body. Encoded with exactly what each body needs in that moment, the codes dance in the most delicious way through the energy field - allowing the body, mind and soul to truly unite on all layers and levels.

Level 1

Learn to heal yourself by clearing out the 4D Karma loops once and for all. You'll complete your Ancestral healing and unlock capacities you didn't even know you had!

Level 2

For Healers ready to take their clients through to full quantum healing results. Activate all 12 Dimensions and strands of your DNA, opening you to the Halls of Amenti & beyond!

Advanced Practitioner

Apprentice with Caitlin and gain access to the knowledge of full body resets & accelerations. Become the bridge between our time on this Earth & our bodies in the Sky.

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D-Codes™ Level 1

Immerse yourself in the magic and unlimited possibilities that unfold as we step into D-Codes™ Level 1. You don't have to want to be a professional healer to take this course. And if you do, this is the foundation of the D-Codes™ Practitioner Pathway. If you have wanted to truly heal, this is the place you need to be!

As a student, you learn how to master your own field. We'll show you exactly how to step up and out of the trauma cycles, so you can rise into the wayshower you came here to be. You're going to learn how to:

  • Track, clear and unwind emotional, mental & physical pain & discomfort in the body
  • Use the Akashic Records to collapse common patterns, cords, contracts and karma
  • Clear the family line of Ancestral Karma
  • Activate and work with the first 7 Dimensional Lenses
  • Activate your body to remember how to run The D-Codes. We'll show you how to run them for everything!
  • The body never lies - we'll show you how to break down exactly what is right in front of our noses! You'll learn how to get to the root of an issue and not get distracted by the symptom.
  • Speed up acute & chronic injury healing, reduce pain and swelling, and support lymphatic system restoration
  • Track metameres and work with the 5 subtle Energy Bodies
  • Best of all, you're learning how to do this for yourself, as well as others! Win, win!
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D-Codes™ Level 2

Accessing our ability to create Quantum results for our clients begins to take shape in the D-Codes™ Level 2 program. We become the bridge between this human reality and everything that is just beyond what the eye can see.

We're making real changes for people, which means we're about to perfect our craft. You're here to be the invitation of flow, freedom, sovereignty and choice. You're going to learn how to: 

  • Collapse complex Akashic Records and remove people from the karmic wheel
  • Effectively clear spaces of entities, portals, and Karmic loads
  • Facilitate Walk-in, entity attachment, tech & transponder removals
  • Reverse allergies & contagious dis-ease plus recalibrate the hormonal system
  • Access the 8th through 12th Dimensional Lenses and the Halls of Amenti to reconnect fully to your unique blueprint and your healing team within the Galactic & Telluric realms
  • Tune into the body systems & rhythms to correct issues and imbalances from the point of origin
  • Inspire the conscious creativity of the immune system
  • Start or expand your healing practice
  • Gather in-person with Caitlin and the rest of your peers for a full 5-day retreat-style workshop to get fully hands on!
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D-Codes™: Advanced Practitioner

In the Advanced Practitioner program, become Caitlin's Apprentice. If you're stepping into the Advanced Course, you're here to create massive level changes on the issues humans experience that everyone else says are unfixable.

You're ready to do the unexplainable and know being a healer is your mission in this lifetime. You're going to learn how to:

  • Work with all types of Walk-ins now including: original occupants, non-human origin, tech packs and light-beings that require to be crossed over or dismantled
  • Get in the trenches of the Akashic phenomena to remove PTSD loops
  • Facilitate past-life & galactic life regressions, soul recalls, and multi-dimensional accelerations
  • Support clients who have been on medications for dis-ease or a diagnosis to clear the point of origin, detox and become med-free
  • Reverse addictions: behavioral, mental/ emotional & chemical dependencies
  • Support with end-of-life energetic transitions & terminal illnesses
  • Reverse auto-immune disorders & cancers
  • Complete full body Quantum reboots, including negative feedback loop corrections
  • ...and so much more

The Advanced D-Codes™ Apprenticeship Program is by invite only to certified D-Codes™ Level 2 Practitioners.