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The Surprising Reason You're Facing Obstacles

intuition manifesting purpose Sep 30, 2020

Last week inside the Healers Rising Academy group I asked, “As a healer or holistic practitioner, if you knew the wealth was transferring to you over the next 3 years, what would you need to learn or do to get yourself out there?”

And I had over 100 comments ranging from things like, I need to get better at all the tech stuff and figure out how to market my business all the way over to clearing my limitations and needing to figure out my soul purpose and what direction I’m supposed to take it.

These responses did not surprise me.

The first thing all of us think as soon as we're about to pivot is that we have to do something big, make a big change, and learn something new to get new skills and tools before we can get to a place where we're ready for it to unfold.

But all of those thoughts that come up are just outward expressions of what you don't actually want to step into because of whatever fears of success or failure or the unknown or whatever you are still holding... Or because you're about to actually step into your biggest excitement and that's going to really freak people out.

The moment we start thinking, 'I don't think I'm supposed to be on this path. I feel like I should be doing something else...' our current conditions begin to amplify all the reasons that's true. It gets even more uncomfortable than it was before.

For example, one of my students has been taking care of other people's kids running a day home and has been wanting a shift for about two years now. Lately she keeps getting families and children coming into her day home that are mirroring all the reasons why she doesn't want to do this anymore. Everyone is showing up to amplify it for her.

She has had this idea to open a store for a while now. So what happens when she finally bites the bullet and decides to make this dream happen? Well, her two laptops stop working properly and are slow as mud. Her Wifi keeps going in and out, making it painfully difficult to set up a website or a Facebook business page. Then Facebook unrolls a new business page look that takes away the ability to make photo albums, which is how she was planning to highlight and show off her wares.

All these things start to come up and she gets hit with the thoughts of how hard this is, it's going to take too long, it's not going to be easy, and that maybe she shouldn't actually be doing this.

She was starting to take it as a sign that she picked the wrong path.

So I asked her, 'Why isn't this going yet? What's the holdup?' and she told me about all these things that have been coming up and getting in the way. I immediately saw a way around it. So I helped her set up a Facebook group instead of a business page because you can still have photo albums in groups, you can invite everyone you know and allow them to invite their friends and family, and she can completely manage the group from her cell phone. We designed her a group cover image and away she went.

She had all these obstacles start to show up physically and emotionally and mentally as soon as she came up with the idea to start the store. But when she wanted to overcome these she chose to have a conversation with me knowing that I am the kind of friend who sees possibility and doesn't allow obstacles to stop me, and we were able to move past it together. And then you know what happened? As soon as she got past the initial hurdle and got her group up and running, her Wifi magically stopped having issues and someone bought her a brand new laptop!

When we have an idea and a dream and we start putting it out there and we say (either out loud or energetically), "Okay, no matter what, I'm going to start shifting everything out of my way so I can step into who I want to be." Everything starts to line up for you.

Yes, some things are going to smack you, because there's a little bit of what I like to call “Residual Cleanup”. Which means that all of the things that you’re harboring under the surface that were going to sabotage you in the long run come up to the surface right away to be cleared out. For good.

And sometimes we read that as information or signs to not forge ahead. We go, 'this is telling me not to do it' when actually it's just telling you to clean it up. Get this done, wrap this up first.

Example from my own company: every time we make a big decision that we're going to shift ahead, as soon as we make that decision we have a ton of administrative little headaches that come up to the surface and we have new systems that we have to put in place and loose ends to tie up and reconcile before we are able to move forward.

And what we've discovered is this is something we can use as a check and balance to say, "Okay, if you're going to grow, make sure you have these foundations in place now before you get bigger or they can turn into a much bigger problem later on. Make sure you're ready for it. Make sure that you're not going to be stressed and resentful and scared when the big stuff comes. Let’s nip these potential issues in the bud before you take off."

How many of you are trying to build a business and your incomes and client bases are not at the level you want them to be at?

And you're going, 'I know there's a market for this, I know there are people that need what I have to offer, and I know I could be doing a full-time income, so why am I just not getting the clients or finding the jobs?'

How many of you don't have your calendars booked in advance, or your courses filling up? When these things are happening there's clean up that needs to take place.

Here's the problem in humanity. Or at least, one of the major ones that I can see. Most of us make a decision, and then we never move. And then the next piece of information we need for the piece of the puzzle can't come in because we are not in flow. We're in a holding pattern.

Our bodies then literally show us all the things we've been in avoidance of making a decisionone that then manifests into physical pain, discomfort, and excess fat.

Here's what I know about you. You're not here because you want to stay the same. You're not here because you want tomorrow to look exactly the same as yesterday. You're here because you want to grow and get pushed.

So, thinking about all of this... how many of you are holding onto a dream that you are not taking action on? Or still wondering am I even good enough, is this what I'm meant to do, is this my life purpose?

Just take a second and truth test this: Truth I have a singular life purpose.

What did you get?

(Want to hear the message about Purpose that I channeled from Bashar? Watch the video here.)

So if it's possible that we don't have a singular life purpose, could it be fair to say that the series of events that unfold over the course of our life are all part of our divine plan and purpose?

To go back to my student’s example, maybe part of her purpose is to start a shop and run that for the next 5 years. But maybe in year 6 it's gonna evolve into something different. Does that mean all the things she did before weren't part of her life purpose? Hells no!

Everything we experience is a code, a grid, a collection of information to add to who we are, who we want to become and what we want to get out of this lifetime.

And so the more things we avoid because we aren't sure if it's "The Right Thing", the more of our codes we avoid that we actually wanted and needed to pick up along the way.

The stepping stones you take are incredibly important because they're part of a sequence. And that sequence of events takes you from a state of being unsure of who you are to knowing what it means to stand on your own two feet as a sovereign being. And from there we can start to see that we can be that in literally any job or role we desire to play with and still be totally free.

So that's the key: it's just going "all in" wherever you are at. And knowing the instant you get a move cue you get to follow it and go all in there to pick up the next step in the sequence of events of your life purpose.

So what beliefs are you currently holding that are preventing you from taking action on your dreams? What nudge of inspiration or ideas have dropped in that you haven't moved on yet? Where did you stop yourself from going in the direction of your purpose because when you decided to pivot, a bunch of Residual Cleanup surfaced to be dealt with first and you maybe took it as a sign to stop moving?

xo, C.