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The Evolution of Healthcare in the New Earth

health & body mental health Feb 24, 2022

I’ve been reading more deeply on the evolution of medicine and this idea that if we just find the right drug combination, we can outrun disease. This way of thinking has been perpetuated in modern medicine for so long that sometimes we forget to stop and question, not only is this true, but is it even necessary anymore?

And at the same time I was diving into this topic, the Minister of Health in my province of BC passed a mandate that all healthcare practitioners need to be fully vaccinated in order to stay licensed in their professional field within their boards. This list included Naturopaths, who’s professional methodology and practice are based on Terrain Theory.

Terrain Theory states that if a person is healthy, the viruses and bacteria that we come in contact with in our daily lives won’t be able to take up a home within our body. That the body is designed to deal with these invaders, as long as the system isn’t strained by massive toxic and/or disease loads. What increases health is focusing on supporting the physical body to do the job it was designed to do in the first place.

By their very nature, Naturopaths don’t prescribe to the idea that drugs can outrun disease.

If we look at health from a more holistic lensing it becomes clear that disease can only set forth when the terrain (the internal parts of the body) is in incongruence or in trouble.

When we experience disease, sickness, or distress in the body, it’s a symptom of a malfunction at a junction somewhere within the terrain that needs to be addressed, not medicated.

If we seek health on a level that can be maintained long term, we must move past our willingness to treat the symptom without looking beyond it to get to the root cause of how that disease was able to make host in that body in the first place.

Nutrition and physical wellness are of course areas to look to improve and maintain healthy terrain. What foods and drinks are you consuming? How are you moving your body? How’s your sleep and rest? What products are you using on your skin and hair or in your space, and how do they impact your health? Our environment must also be examined, both from a physical point of view and a mental check in point to ask ourselves, is this a space that is supportive to my well being on all levels?

And getting honest with ourselves about the stories and emotions we are holding onto and the beliefs and limitations we allow to pull us off course need to be placed with equal importance on our plan to improve our overall health.

I think a lot of those in positions of power within industry and in our governments, specifically our health ministers, are looking at this the wrong way and missing the point entirely, that if we were truly living holistically, we most likely wouldn’t be sick in the first place.

If we look closely at those who strive to maintain health on all of these levels, such as Naturopaths, we will see they’re not the ones seeking out traditional medical intervention in the form of medication or hospital visits (outside of random accidents). They are self-sufficiently able to maintain a healthy terrain in their bodies, which are able to deal with the invaders quickly and efficiently. These should be the kinds of people and professionals we look to when designing healthcare initiatives and considering blanket mandates.

The people who don’t understand holistic health have no business dictating health to the people who do.

So, how do we begin to shift the narrative? How do we influence healthcare and the ones who have pull in how our society operates into starting to see the intrinsic connections within the body and our environment to take a more holistic approach?

We become the living example.

We take responsibility for our bodies and say enough’s enough. We show up for ourselves. We commit to cleaning up our own terrain. To getting rid of the excess weight, the toxins, the emotional baggage, and we stop projecting our wounding and the way things have always been onto the people and the planet.

We commit to our own health on all levels, and we clear any limits in our minds that prevent us from believing we are worthy of living the life we desire.

Our drive to have a better planet has to override any of the old stories we have been telling ourselves about our limitations. Our dream to be more, to create more, to open space for more, needs to start with us on an individual level. Whatever our excuses are, it’s time to face them. Whatever brings about our setbacks and spins and self-sabotage we need to stop avoiding and heal them.

Whatever it is that we crave or resist, it’s time to ask more questions and find out why. What am I really hungry for when I seek comfort in food or substances instead of things that will nourish me? What is my body saying to me? What am I missing? How can I change that and commit to myself on all levels?

We have to be willing to face ourselves in the mirror and get radically honest, then pull up our sleeves and do what needs to be done to get there.

I am just one person, but I am committed to show the way forward because I know what is possible when we give our bodies the support they require. My drive to create a better world outweighs any story I’ve told myself. I’m not willing to let myself down on this one. My future self is counting on me.

xo, Caitlin