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September 2021 Energy Update

2021 ascension channeling dreams energy pulling energy update multidimensional psychic attacks sleep starseed Sep 10, 2021

Last week I was a cranky B.

And none of my usual fixes were working. Not yoga, not walking in nature, not even sniffing my essential oils. Nothing was moving it.

Anyone else?

This "crankiness" is typical for me when on a global scale we're about to do a big timeline jump. It also happens when a channeling is about to come through. But this time it lasted way past where it normally does.

Usually it's a day or two, three at most before the channeling comes through, but this time the anticipation was building for over a week.

It was not cute.

And I wanted to false target the edginess onto different people and situations in my own life and with what's happening in the world right now to make it make sense and validate how I was feeling.

It would have been super easy to sequence it down into the rabbit holes and blame game. I mean, there's an election happening in Canada where I live that's contentious AF. There's the covid and "vacation" (that's what we call the poke around here) and passport stuff happening that I could have pointed to as the source. And there are a ton of human rights and women's issues being highlighted right now too.

I had to catch myself each time. Because while these are super easy targets to point to to validate my emotional state, they weren't the actual source.

And then on top of that, my dreams have been nuts! And apparently I'm not the only one.

People are having really strange, vivid, stressful or scary dreams right now. Or having their sleep states interrupted more than normal.

I was tracking something with one my D-Coders about these intense dreams, and we were seeing these entities that we're calling "dream weavers" but not on a good way. (We don't have a name for them yet.)

They're kind of like these bots that are using those lower vibrational--lower frequency fields to create these webs in your sleep states that hold you in these traps in your dreams.

The ones where you're fighting or can't escape or getting into heated arguments, or running around in circles getting no where, and yet many of you can see that you're stuck in it but you still can't seem to get out.

Both of these scenarios, the crankiness and the stressful dreams, are happening to so many people right now. Which is a clue that something bigger is at play here, because if it was just me, that would be one thing, but it's not.

So, why is this happening?

Well, when I went into channeling over the weekend, I got the message that the last game in war is to try to make people believe they are still war.

Let me say that again:

The last game of war is to try to make people believe they are still in a war.

There is an imprint reality, a holographic reality, that is getting impressed on top of all of us who are willing to grab onto it that is literally just a mind trap.

The purpose of this holographic reality is to enslave us by deepening certain neural grooves to pump up these hormonal response in the body related to fear, anxiety, and stress. It's meant to elicit a fight or flight response, because as soon as our cortisol pumps up, now these entities have the bridge to start weaving our deepest held fears together and enslaving us, not only in our waking state but also in our dream state. So we get no rest, no rejuvenation, it's constant stress.

It's a war tactic.

And we have to be so careful to not allow ourselves to become mind trapped and enslaved in this grid. In this mass level psychic attack.

We have to look, at where my intention goes, my energy follows.

If we are listening to the news, reading and watching the reactions to the world events on social media and online outlets and from the people around us who are experiencing and then expressing these fear and anger reactions... if we are consuming media that is telling us how to feel or what to think--this can be subtle so we have to be uber-discerning--and then we are projecting our fears into the future of what we will and won't be allowed to do or how it's going to affect us and our kids and the planet and how life is going to be harder for us, we are right in that psychic attack. We're stuck in that grid.

Now, as intuitive people, we also know that we walk around like psychic sponges all day, every day. We pick up on the energy around us and can feel what other people feel. 

And so not only are we getting impressions energetically, we could also be filtering and bringing that through our system from others. Which only adds to the intensity.

Or even just holding it in our bodies, if it's not ours, is enough for all of those frequencies to start building, which allows those dream weaver bots to come through and start sequencing those webs, just like a program it's installing in your brain to trap your mindset.

We're in a really interesting time period where we all have to really take a step back and ask ourselves, what am I focusing on? What am I allowing into my field? And if I'm still getting caught up in these games and getting distracted by them, I need to stand down. I need to step back and come into my own little cave and I have to look after this temple first, my own body first, and just be okay here.

Now what I'm not saying is that we should ignore our calling to have a voice on a particular subject or sign a petition or vote differently or whatever it is. I'm not saying that at all.

What I'm saying is, we have to be mindful about why our energy is going in that direction.

xo, Caitlin