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{Walk-ins} Original Occupant: Do I Know You?

akashic records multidimensional original occupant starseed walk-ins Aug 17, 2020

This is part 2 of a series of blog posts that were inspired by one of my clients' amazing questions after her session.

You can catch up on Part 1 here.

For this blog post, I think it will be best served as a Q&A format to give context, and perhaps ignite further inquiry from our community. I will share one question and answer per post over the next few days, so be sure to check back for more.


MM: If you are the Walk-in, does that mean you have a soul bond and share DNA coding with the Original Occupant? Do you have history and past-lifetimes together? What would your Akashic & Galactic Records say about your relationship to one another?


My Response: To answer these questions we may need to understand that there are a couple of possibilities (that I've seen thus far) of the dance between the Walk-in and Original Occupant.

When we refer to someone as "The Walk-in", what we are really saying is that either within the Akashic, Telluric or Galactic Realm, they have been hired to support an individual, soul group, or ancestral line with a particular task.

Most beings at their core, are generous, in service of others, compassionate and love to exchange information. Payment typically does not come in the form of money for these services on the Earth Plane, but rather in the form of imprint records to digest and integrate.

The helper contract can be made in one of these levels:

The Telluric Realm - 2D, Elementals, Minerals, Land Connections & Earth Keepers. Help here would be to bridge a re-connection and fix damage, trauma or wounding sustained within these frequencies or collectives.

The Akashic Records - 4D, Duality, Gridwork. Contracts made for these levels are most prevalent, and include family line and ancestral healing, the ending of karmic cycles, and liberation of Beings from archaic grids.

The Galactic Realm - 5D and above, Restoring connections to galaxies & levels of self, multidimensional accelerations, liberation of souls back into galactic forms. And of course, reconciliation between levels of self, between collectives, and providing the coding for accelerations.

The helper Walk-in is often first tasked with the Akashic work, and then will bridge into either the Telluric or Galactic realms with their work IF they have gotten to the activation point within their own journey here on this Earth.

MM: Do we share DNA bonds with the Original Occupants?

Yes, some. We have to, as they are programmed into the consciousness of creating the human body.

There does seem to be a variance factor between contracts made in the Akashic levels with another highly integrated human, vs. a contract with a Galactic Soul to begin the advanced work. It seems that highly integrated human walk-ins are further on their path of development, but have not yet remembered their star roots. They will take more of the genetic sequencing and display genetic disruptors in their own systems, mimic family traits and patterns, and even develop the same illnesses. This of course can all be reversed once one remembers who they are.

Galactic & Telluric Walk-ins on the other hand, will awaken from a very young age with an incredible other worldly intelligence. They tend to not display the wounds, traumas or patterns and will begin the differentiation process of self vs. non-self using something call the "Morphogenetic Fields".

If one was a highly integrated human coming in as a helper, it does not mean one couldn't accelerate and remember more of who they are. There is simply just a bit more density to clear up on the way to uncovering this information.

MM: What about your past history with the Original Occupant or Ancestral line? Is this your first time? How did you meet?

First we must remember that very few of us are fully human in origin. There are people we call the Background people who don't have much depth, but otherwise, we all began as souls somewhere else!

If what I've stated here is true, we could postulate that your souls have known each other from other timelines, star-gates and planetary belts. And if it's possible that many of us are still living some parallel lives, we perhaps have been monitoring our extensions of self in other locations.

In simple speak, these relationships are not random, and it definitely isn't a Walmart aisle we stroll down to find "the one". Never has it been more true to say, "we're in this together".

But wait, wait, WAIT! Caitlin, you're saying that the Original Occupant who isn't a part of my Akashic Ancestral family, might be from my soul group in the Tellurics or Galactics?! Yes, that's EXACTLY what I'm saying.

It's kind of smart that we didn't tie all of our karma in every single collective together to our soul fams, right?! Otherwise, how would we get out of these pickles when the experiences don't quite go right?

The saying, "don't put all your eggs in one basket" absolutely applies to this scenario!

So yes, you "know" each other on a light-body level or in Galactic or perhaps even Telluric form. You won't recognize their human lineage, it won't fit with yours. You chose different lines.

The Original Occupant healing is the gateway back to who you are. It is one of the access points to the door of the 9th dimension and beyond.

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