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Is it a Sign from Your Spirit Guides?

ascension awakening guides intuition magic Feb 12, 2021

Feathers, pennies, faces in fire and trees, clouds that look like UFOs... are these signs or something else?

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We've all seen the websites and charts that list the meaning of specific repeating numbers, feathers of a particular color, and animals crossing our path.

Could they be right? Are these signs from our guardian angels or ET beings in the sky? Or could they be coincidence?

When it comes to receiving signs and symbols, what we want to start doing is tracking the information rather than making assumptions.

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A lot of the mainstream information we get around these potential signs and symbols give very specific meanings to them: like if you get a white feather it means a message from the purest angel beings of peace, love and protection. Or if a squirrel crosses our path it’s a sign we need to have more fun. Or when you see repeating 1’s it means you are on the right path or awakening something new.

But if squirrels are common in your neighborhood or you have a feather duvet that sheds, does it really mean that?

There are so many meanings being attached to the different experiences that we have that oftentimes we leave the truth of it behind. And we buy someone else's projection of what that particular event we just experienced is supposed to mean for us, thus creating a false reality of what's actually going on.

We can miss the messages when we take someone else's word for it.

There are millions of other beings on the planet living their lives just like we are, and not everything is about our own singular experience.

Continuing with the feather example, if I don't have a feather duvet or pillows or a coat or anything that has feathers and I'm sitting at my desk and all of a sudden a feather appears, that could be some kind of a sign.

It took some serious spiritual energy to get that feather to manifest in my office where there are no feathers anywhere in my home. But I probably don't want to go look up what that feather means on some chart on a website right away. Rather, I want to sit with it and notice any emotions and thoughts that come up in my body first. And then ask some questions.

"Whoa, that's cool. Where did this come from? What is this about? Truth: is this an answer to a question or a prayer I recently had? Truth: did my kid bring this home from school?

Now if you're walking in the park and come across a small pile of feathers in your path, it's probably not about you. A bird was probably preening.

But you could do a common body exercise with the bird to find out about their life or download information on what is happening in the world from their perspective. But what we don't want to do is assume it's a sign from our guides that we are on the right path, if we haven't asked the question first.

We have to be careful that we aren't assigning false meaning to every experience we have and living in a space of dissociation from reality. Because there is so much more available to us in this experience than constantly following information from beings outside of self.

Signs are relevant when we've asked for them or when they're completely random and don't make sense for your physical location.

This is the same when we're looking up into the clouds. Have you ever looked up at the clouds and seen images, faces, UFOs in the cloud formations?

Sometimes clouds take shapes, and because of the way our brains work, they sequence it to the most relatable thing it can understand. Our brains are designed to make connections, whether those connections are real or not.

UFOs will use all sorts of technology to change their appearance in the sky. But clouds also have natural ways of moving. They can build mini tornadoes, put gaps in spots using the magnetosphere and the air currents and the various electrons and neutrons and particles that make them up and affect them. Our eyes will try to shape it the best way we know how so we can try to understand it. And sometimes it really is a spaceship or being presenting to us.

A lot of the time we assign false meaning to things because our brains actually got in the way.

Isn't that obnoxious??!

What this is doing is causing a lot of people to think they're getting visitations and answers to things and bypassing their own knowing and their movement forward.

Signs and messages from our team genuinely do happen.

Beings will take the energy and shift it just enough so that your brain catches those waves to help you build out the picture, and then it's your job to open the communication. So you don't want to stop at the initial sign.

There are fire sprites and earth keepers and rock people and other beings and energies like this that can show up in the flames and rocks and trees around us, and it's possible to see their faces.

So how do we know?

If a being is presenting to you or giving you a sign, you will be able to track it forward.

So we need to bring in our intuition and a bunch of questions to help us with this forward tracking. These are the questions I always start with:

  1. Is there something or someone here trying to get my attention?
  2. Do I need to do anything with this? Or is this just for my awareness?
  3. Is there a tool I can use to start pulling the data? <--you might want to grab tarot or oracle cards to ask questions about it, a pendulum, or paper and a pencil to start doing some intuitive writing

We don't want to stop at seeing the sign. They're meant to be a springboard for you to track forward from and start taking actions you need to take to line up with your mission and get the changes you want to see in your life.

Another thing we don't tend to do is give ourselves the space to sit with the signs and notice what is coming up for us when they present.

Many of us have a hard time actually sitting with it. Receiving the sign and just holding it. Seeing what else comes up. We immediately jump into asking someone else what it means to get that external validation.

It's so necessary to sit with it and allow what else is coming to come in. From there if you get pulled to look something up then follow your intuition. But if your go-to is to look it up on the internet or ask someone else you are overriding the message.

It's about following the intuition and that gut feeling moment to moment instead of trying to force something to fit.

We need to do a better job of being a detective rather than somebody who needs conclusions.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to shift our intuition and to connect with the potential messages coming with these signs and symbols is to do a body scan.

You can start at your feet and work up or move down from your head. Notice if your heart is fluttering or your stomach is doing a flip-flop. Do you have head pressure? Did the temperature shift?

Take the time to notice what’s coming up in your body. Because that’s going to give you information on what’s coming next. And it has the added bonus of giving you that time to slow down and sit with it.

Being able to just sit and hold and be calm, and sometimes be in nothingness, is a really powerful place to be when working with all of these signs, symbols and messages.

xo, C & V