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How to unlock your starseed mission blog post by Caitlin Dianna Healers Rising Academy. This photo depicts a galactic being with light language and intuitive gifts

How to Unlock Your Mission

akashic records children mission purpose starseed Mar 17, 2023

“I don’t feel like Earth is my home.”

It’s a common experience for starseeds, lightworkers and empaths. I hear it all the time from my clients and students. 

It’s this lingering knowing that there is so much more to you than this physical reality. Like no matter what obstacles and challenges you’ve overcome, metaphysical books you’ve read, and mindset exercises you’ve done, you just don’t belong here. You never fully feel settled in.

And you still don’t understand:

Who you truly are

Where you’re from

And WHY you’re here 

I’m going to share something with you that may be a tad shocking: This unsettled feeling of not belonging was originally something you installed in order to guide you to your mission. It's just been distorted over time.

Go ahead, truth test that.

I’ll do you one better: What if behind this story, you also cleverly installed a map to guide yourself to the understanding of what to actually do with everything you’ve ever been and are becoming? And you just need a reminder of how to read it?

Let’s explore the 3 places to look to uncover what you’re here for. 

1. The First Mission

First, we want to look at what we need to clean up in the family line in order to liberate ourselves and our ancestors from the recurring trauma, conditioning, and disease loops. As we clear and dissolve the cords and contracts holding together our intergenerational trauma, we make way for a new story to be woven for ourselves, our children, and future generations to experience. (Yes, even for those who choose not to have children.)

Until we release the baggage, there won’t be space for the new way forward to settle in, and our systems will still be holding–and repeating–those stories that played a part in creating the trauma we experienced in the first place.

Can you see how this is not only playing out in your own life, but everywhere on the planet?

Until you finish mission number one, which is liberating yourself and your family line, everything else can feel like it’s just a pipe dream and that it isn’t coming easily for you. 


2. Choosing Evolution vs. Revolution

We need to understand that many of the things we are still holding onto or choosing are merely because they are familiar, not because they actually light your soul up or make a tangible difference in getting yourself ahead.

And I am not immune! In the early days of my business, even though I had really started to figure out who I was and what I came to this planet to do and had a glimmer of the magnificence that my soul is, I would still sometimes choose contradictory experiences that did not align with the direction of my soul plan. Like deciding to open a day home while running a healing business.

I know what you’re thinking: “Caitlin, what does opening a day home have to do with teaching people how to amplify their intuition, heal their bodies, and step into their missions as healers?”  

Umm, literally nothing!

I was choosing to go back to teaching and taking care of little kids because that story was running in my Akashic records.

Your uncollapsed Akashic records are that powerful. And because they are at a frequency that is more recognizable and easier to ride out than the higher frequencies of our galactic field, they can easily lead to familiar fallback plans when we are not cognizant of paving our way forward. 

I’ve done this when working with horses. I’ve also done this when I thought I wanted to be a midwife. For me, these were revolutions. Repeating cycles from past lives. Whereas stepping into my role as a helper, mentor, and healer in my business was the path of evolution and made the biggest impact I could have asked for, but felt less familiar and comfortable (only until I was able to track these records and collapse them, so I no longer had to play out the same old story lines from my past lives).

This is why I am such a huge proponent of the importance of learning to track and work in your Akashic records.

You can ask yourself, What fallback plans do I have running where I would be settling for something that isn’t aligned with my soul’s desired growth and expansion? Show me the point of origin.

If you need to, consider working together with a practitioner who can help you close up any past life stories and exit strategies that are preventing you from really stepping into your encodements for this lifetime.

3. You’ve Been Training Your Whole Life For This

One of the most understated yet potent exercises that you can do is to reflect back on the nature of who you were as a child and everything you’ve already been ‘in training’ for throughout your entire life.

Everything you’ve done and experienced and the ways you’ve shown up throughout your life are clues to how you designed your contribution to this planet. 

From the time I was small, I have always been a helper.  

If you're crying, I fix you. You need something? I’ll find a way if you can't see the solution. If you’ve lost something, I’ll go find it. 

I was always a seeker. If people were stuck, I was a question asker. If there was something in front of me that everybody else was stuck with, I would find a way to make it work. I would find another solution. I can always find the path of least resistance.

So I became a master question asker, fixer, helper, healer. I was also incredibly industrious. 

I have been entrepreneurial since I was little. At 11 years old I started a babysitter's club where I started getting all of my friends into little jobs so that they could start to make money. I just sat back and answered the phone and then farmed out my friends to people who needed a sitter after seeing my poster at the library.

I started a birthday party business because I loved lighting kids up, and I was good at it. I started teaching riding lessons because I can build up everybody's confidence like nobody's business. It was something that helped save my life and I started to pass that on. I started teaching animal communication through the horses because it was a gift of mine and I could change how people were interacting with these animals to get a better result.

Now from this very young age, I had an incredible imagination. My nature was a storyteller. I always loved singing, dancing, and giving people something to think about. It is something that comes naturally to me. From Disney to Musical theater, I am your girl. 

I have been in front of people learning to public speak and how to transfer tones my whole life. And how did that play into my mission? I pay attention to the energy that's going on around people and I've learned through how I use my voice and my energy to open up the field for people to transfer downloads, to activate their soul story, while clearing out the trauma and drama loops from their system. 

These are all the ways I've been training for my mission my whole life. 

I was also training my whole life through trauma. I was born into a family where I was definitely born to stand out. I experienced physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional abuse. I experienced having a walk-in and an original occupant with me. I experienced being bullied. I experienced having sexual abuse in my teens and early twenties. 

It was a part of my training because when someone walks into my office, I can pull from these experiences in my book of life to help them through.

What I learnt was that I've put these experiences into my reality to be able to serve the number of people I can serve. 

So what have you gone through that was actually not your trauma, but in fact your school? What have you experienced that has prepared you for this starseed mission and to help you serve on a larger scale? What are some of the perceived ways you are different and unique from your family? Where were you meant to stand out and change the narrative for what has been possible so far?

Within these questions lie the keys and codes to take you that next step further in your service to humanity and the collective awakening.

There are 7 key Missions for starseeds and lightworkers. More than likely you choose one (or more) of these main missions as your reason to come to earth.

Find out yours by taking my free quiz: What's Your Starseed Mission?