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How to ACTUALLY wake people up

awakening health & body Mar 08, 2023

Have you been trying to wake people up and let them in on the bigger picture of what's actually going on on the global stage?

Does it make you want to bang your head against the wall when you’re unable to get through to the people in your family and circle, leaving you to wonder, “Why aren’t they receptive to the greater picture?”

If that’s you, then keep on reading!

Today I’m sharing three specific points that are exactly what you need to start focusing on in order to make the maximum impact in the global awakening of humanity. 

1. The understanding gap. 

Have you ever been in a situation where somebody is trying to explain something to you but their knowledge of it is so far advanced, or so far away from what you currently know that you just can't grasp onto the concept, and it makes you feel small, stupid, or inadequate? Or like, maybe they're just crazy. Like, “What the hell is this person talking about?!”

Picture this: an extreme prepper comes up to you and they have prepped for a big nuclear blowout doomsday scenario. They’re stocked with 3600 different seed varieties, 16 things of water purification, concrete slabs and Oreos in Mylar bags. 

And they look at you and they're like: “YOU NEED TO GET ONBOARD BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!! THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!”

Would you feel excited to start preparing and aligning? Or would you feel almost scared for their sanity and mental health?

This discrepancy comes down to the understanding gap. We can’t speak to people a million miles ahead of where they’re currently at and expect them to grasp it. 

Instead we must look at how we can explain it, or plant seeds of consciousness that allow them to actually hear the message we’re trying to convey. One simple way you can incorporate this into your life is to do a quick tune in and ask: “Truth, how can I share this in a way that they can best receive it?”.

2. The push block.

If we take another highly debated and controversial topic, the Covid-19 vaccine, and look at how many of you readers may have had a gut instinct when this was being rolled out. On the flip side, how many family members, colleagues, or friends of yours felt very strongly in opposition to your inner knowing. Many people’s relationships suffered greatly due to this huge divide. 

When someone confronts us with information that goes against our own beliefs or moral compass, our immediate response is to block them from pushing their agenda on us.

Especially if it’s done in a way where the person is using a control drama on us, either making us wrong for our perspective and choices (Interrogator) or being aggressive in their delivery (Intimidator), or both.

See, the problem lies in being resistant to bridge the gap in understanding between them and us to get closer to where they're coming from.

Instead of putting them into a defensive position on the issue, we want to give them a voice and validation for their reasoning for the decision they’re wanting to make, whether that is morals, financial (say, risk of job loss), or even in protecting their loved ones.

As Wayshowers, it is our job to understand them first, so that we can open up a dialogue that allows for movement, which ultimately allows all of us to leave the interaction feeling positive and hopeful.

The problem in all those failed attempts at communicating arises when we don’t close that understanding gap and get closer to where people are coming from and instead force them into a defensive position against us.

Awakened people are flexible, and we can move to help others start learning to shift when they aren’t awakened yet and do not have a really wide view of this planet. It’s much easier to sway with them than trying to force their rigid beliefs or move their stake in the sand against their inner timing.

Any time we're in a state of feeling like we are correct over others, we're immediately contributing to that block, that push, that fight, which ultimately means no one's going to ever hear the other person's point of view.

Every time we push, people go into block. 

This is one of the biggest pitfalls in the spiritual community today, where many of us feel like these people need to join us and believe us. We're doing the exact same thing that all these other people that we call inflexible or ‘asleep’ are doing. We're not allowing other people to just be who they are and just observe it and understand it.

 If you actually want people to start moving who are inflexible in their thoughts, you have to become more flexible in yours and be willing to receive more of them.

I have seen extended family members who all chose to get the vaccine. My gut instinct was this is not a smart idea. Something else is going on here. Not for us. No thank you. Now, if I had gone to my family and I had said: “You guys are stupid, here's what I think is going to happen…” Even with all these articles of people demonstrating the risks involved with the vaccine, all it will really do is create the push block of resistance. 

And so if I didn't come closer to where they were at and hear where their hearts were as to why they thought they wanted to choose what they were choosing, I'm not actually going to be the face of inspiration or ask the right question to have them thinking in a bigger picture, in a more grounded way about what they're choosing.

3. Being the example.

When we are the epitome of unhealthy, eating junk food, our skin is unclear, we are overweight, sick or battling pain, fatigued or depressed, then we are not the voice of reason others can hear, because we are not leading as the inspiration of what is possible when we lead an aligned life.

I know, that may be confronting. And hear me out: I'm not saying any of us needs to be perfect in order to help others. But when someone is giving advice on a topic that they not living proof of, that creates a discordance in their message that others cannot hear. 

This is why I won't take health advice from people on the internet who are not healthy. If I can read things in their face like dark circles around their eyes, forehead creases in their intestinal lines, acne,  jawline imbalances, I know that they're not balanced and their advice is not actually coming from a place of intrinsic knowing and biological correctness, but instead from a place of following fads or still being in the testing phase of this information themselves. 

And so if we want to be the advisor, we have to be living in the highest expression of inspiration that we can be.

That doesn’t mean you have to be perfect before you can support someone.  who we are today is not the same as we were a year ago. Or a year before that.

As we evolve on our journey, the different milestones we hit along the way will become different levels of inspiration to different groups of people.

We can’t expect ourselves to be at a level of perfection right out of the gate because we're all in this continuous mission of unwinding deep programing and unbecoming. And that is enough!

To lead into the new paradigm, we want to look at how we share these messages of awakening and this broader way of thinking. Showing up in a more sacred and divine way means closing  the understanding gap by speaking in a way others can hear the message. That takes down all the pushes and defensiveness through recognizing where someone’s heart is. And by being the example of what is possible. That is how you REALLY get through to people and invite them to see something they maybe haven’t ever considered before.