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Finding Home: A Channeled Message from the Sindari

channeling magic multidimensional starseed Mar 05, 2021

Sindari (angelic-fairy hybrid race)

Channeled Transmission by Caitlin Dianna on February 27, 2021

Hello dear ones. Thank you for desiring to connect and repair or bridge your connections with many of the hybrids here that have been outcast or pushed out. We feel we may be able to offer some healing perspective on the energy of feeling lost, alone, out of the loop or in general like you do not belong.

Does that sound like a good direction for us to go in this conversation for your people today?

In a way all of you here today are somewhat of a hybrid. You've walked in another body and you feel like you don't quite fit in the one you are in. You are a bridge to this earth and a bridge to beyond but where does your soul really lie? That can be a struggle for many to understand but what we have found most helpful is arriving to where we are most conscious in each moment and choosing to be alive in that realm.

Originally we were in an inner earth realm similar to what you have in your Earth, yet ours is in another galaxy parallel to yours. Now we are in another space which may be familiar to you and we often bridge into your realm through the Nibirun fold.

You do the same sometimes through your sleeping and waking states. You will travel out to what is home for you and arrive back to where your soul is embedded for this time of your life.

That is a fascinating topic indeed. You bi-locate in order to gain perspective and semblance of reality of the place you are in.

One feels lost when one is trying too hard to connect to something that is not accessible in the consciousness state they are in, rather than trying to connect with what is directly in front of one's face.

As an example, some of you feel lost right now but you are in this circle, you are home and you are found.

And yet you still feel alone.

Why is this? Because you try to walk the in-betweens of this world and the next, never really arriving in either. You must learn to live where you are planted and to thrive.

To find the joy and the kismet connections between your other human kind.

This is where the magic is and how you will find your vibrant thriving state.

It may take some time to lay down your armour and judgements of the world around you, but when you do, you will see how magical the place you live in is at this time. So many of the humans do not realize what is right there, accessible to them in this plane and they long for another where an entirely different experience is to be had.

You chose Earth for a reason, it is your turn to love it, to learn it, and to figure out how to work with it to the best of your abilities with your fellow human kind.

Q: A lot of the feeling of being disconnected or alone comes from the feeling of not being connected to where we came from or our soul family. Is there a way that we can line up with who we are, where we’re from, and the beings that are here supporting us?

To find home first you find friends. You have each brought with you a fragment of the whole of what your source point looks like and when you converge in that common spark, it will automatically reconnect you. You cannot stay isolated if you desire to seek this information. You must step into circle and find your kindred.

It will become a state of knowing, rather than something you fight to obtain.

When you find the timing of that convergence point it is automatic, like your heartbeat. A rhythm that is unmistakable.

And it will be true and unshakeable

Do not seek a name. Seek the resonance, the remembering and the feeling. You will see it first in a friend, and it will refract into you.

Q: What’s coming up is a lot of reasons why that’s not possible for some people, blocks, things like money, time, not being able to gather… how do we start looking at these and clearing them out so that we can actually line up? Because it sounds like what you’re saying is we need to come together with others.

Nothing in your perspective that you have created to keep you isolated is real.

Everything you create as a block is what you have erected as a holographic mistruth to keep you separate from others and joy.

And so therefore, you must be willing to collapse your old ways of knowing and being to find the resonance of your truth and source point.

Your money is a mirror and resonance, and dear Cailtin will tell you it's not what you think it is. And you could create it out of thin air. But in truth, one must find their friends, and over distance still works you know. Energy likes the Internet.