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health & body resonance fields Jul 27, 2020

If any of you are remotely close to where I began on this journey not so long ago, you may be experiencing a myriad of issues within your body that can leave you feeling broken, hopeless and unfixable.

Mainstream meta and healing told us that we could just learn and use Reiki to eliminate the pain, the mental strain or the disease within our self.

If we just found the right deck of cards with the perfect message, we could infer what the issue was and clear it from the core.

If we fixed the diet, the movement and the happiness factor, finding our joy - we would be whole.

If we found our passion and purpose, that was the ticket out.

The search for our Guides to hopefully heal us came up short, with cryptic messages one could only dream of understanding.

Leaving us alone.

But your body has never abandoned you. Nor was it ever working against you. It was SHOWING you everything you've ever wanted to know.

There is a map that has been available to you the entire time. One that is so accurate that it is surprisingly being overlooked especially in Allopathic Medicine (think hospitals/ western med) AND in Complementary Medicine, and even still in Energy Healing.

You may have been told you are unfix-able. That you will have your label or diagnoses your entire life. Yet, what if that simply is untrue?

What if your body knows the disruptor codes to begin reverse engineering what it created, and could re-inspire perfection for your unique body?

Well it can. And it happens with learning how to portal in from the physical symptoms, through the 5 layers of the body, uniting the understanding in consciousness to create a quantum leap. And around here, we lovingly call it, "Flow, Body"!

Allergies, weight, dis-ease, pain, autoimmune and even cancers are an outward expression of a disruption in at least 2 of the 5 energy bodies that our system uses to communicate on.

Using the beginnings of the D-Codes, we learn to follow the map your body has laid out, to unlock the flow, freedom and ease you've been craving.

Your body doesn't have to be your burden. It can be your temple, your safe place, and your foundation.