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The Dark Night of the Soul

akashic records Jan 23, 2020

Often unrecognized and misdiagnosed, the Dark Night of the Soul is one of the massive awakenings that a Being walks through to begin coming back to their full multi-dimensional, self.

Meaningless. Empty. Without purpose or passion. These are the lies we begin to believe if we do not recognize the beautiful gift of the darkness.

Often labeled as Depression, sufferers can become very lost in this transitional period of their lives. If we look around within our family or friend circles, we are almost guaranteed to find a person or two who are in their Dark Night, with no end in sight.

Triggered by an Akashic memory, a place where we left off or have stumbled before, we can succumb to a massive wave of grief or frustration, as all of the emotions and stories we've already lived, surface once more.

I have gone through short-lived windows where I thought I might be in my darkest hour, but none were as impactful or transformative as the one that asked me to lay down all of the false stories I had made true about myself.

Spiraling down, peeling back and unwinding. It felt as though it would never end - that life would never have clarity or meaning. One foot in front of the other. Just focus. Just survive. Just try.

Seeking. Consuming. Watching. Grasping and trying all opportunities that felt they might reconnect me to my passion and purpose. Nothing. Sadness. Thoughts that overshadowed any thread of happiness or positivity. Isolation.

Too noisy. Too busy. Can't function.

Retreat, hide, pull back. Don't share - they'll only hurt you.
Don't look for acceptance, they can't give it. 
Inwards. Deeper. Darker.

Perspectives shifted from self-centric to world-centric. Attachments I had made to places, people, and things seemed meaningless. Beliefs that had formed the foundations of my movements felt hollow, without real purpose. I couldn't keep living, the way I had been.

Time to rise as a WayShower and Grid-weaver.


Connections. New perspectives. A deep sense of compassion and love for the people of this planet who were unaware that the sea they were drowning in was only asking them to dive deeper, like the black hole who emerges into a new galaxy on the other side.


New gifts and abilities; tools that would allow me to walk others through their Dark Night. A knowing so rich of my purpose here on this Earth.

Abundance. Joy. Space.


All hidden in plain sight, right behind the veil of your Akashic field